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Stuff Made Here

Stuff Made Here

Published on 2 weeks ago

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I thought this would be an easy project to knock off my list after putting myself through the wringer with the automatic basketball hoop. I was wrong. This project is really hard. BUT that also makes it really interesting!

Some more details:
- The 5000 piece puzzle is the gradient puzzle from the play group:
- More about telecentric lenses:
- CoreXY belt design:
- Algorithm to determine point furthest from all puzzle edges

Stuff Made Here Stuff Made Here . 2 weeks ago
Huge thank you to everyone who helps support these projects via patreon. It makes it possible for me to spend so much time and money on projects like this. If you enjoy these videos please consider supporting them on Patreon at so that I can continue to make increasingly bizarre and interesting stuff to share with all of you :)
Jordan Janis Jordan Janis . 1 hour ago
When you finish it. Try putting “the infinite galaxy puzzle” on it. It would be interesting to see if it comes up with a solution, or keeps solving forever.
darkangel2347 darkangel2347 . 1 hour ago
AI has come a very long way in the last 30 years. But it took until 2022 for an AI bot to replicate something a 3 month old babies have known for thousands of years, It was the idea of holding an item in your hands and placing your hands behind your back. A 3 month old baby knows that the item STILL exists but cant's see it but for a very long time an AI bot would work out the item has simply vanished forever,
DJ Basestring DJ Basestring . 1 hour ago
awesome project, I'm really interested what kind of microcontroller you're using. looks a bit too complicated as an arduino project
Douglas Davies Douglas Davies . 1 hour ago
question... I noticed you often went between feet and mm, do you work in metric usually?
HunterFox HunterFox . 2 hours ago
It would be very cool to try with machine learning to see if you can improve the final result (easier said than done).
Cool video!
Mr. Fish Fish Mr. Fish Fish . 5 hours ago
Just casually builds a CNC table
Reyko Schachtschneider Reyko Schachtschneider . 5 hours ago
Cho Koon Cho Koon . 5 hours ago
amkarkare96 amkarkare96 . 6 hours ago
Love your videos. Can you have a video where you explain your personal journey, how you got started learning and building and solving?
Harshith Mohan Kumar Harshith Mohan Kumar . 6 hours ago
This is insane, these projects seem so intuitive and fun than how my university shoving algorithms and formulas into my head
Leon Bishop Leon Bishop . 6 hours ago
part 2 waiting room
Richard Silver Richard Silver . 6 hours ago
00:36 Does anyone know the name of that translation app?
odonnell116 odonnell116 . 8 hours ago
What kind of 3d printing is that at 1:35?
Scott Prian Scott Prian . 9 hours ago
Modern gamers, using bots to beat games for them.
Tom Noyes Tom Noyes . 9 hours ago
So cool, thank you
Wisp 894 Wisp 894 . 10 hours ago
is your wife the singer from pomplamoose
Nova Boon Nova Boon . 11 hours ago
Can't wait for part two in 3000 years.
Nio Martinez Nio Martinez . 11 hours ago
wait I recognized the music at 8:46 from the Action Lab cool cool cool
Matthew Watson Matthew Watson . 12 hours ago
Watching this made me wonder... if a single person can make something like this in three weeks, why aren't there more tasks in factories or shipping facilities that are automated? Sure there is some automation and it's challenging problems, but there's much brainpower out there to figure it out
Markus Eberlein Markus Eberlein . 12 hours ago
just wondering, with several smaller suction cups close together, would it still need the calculation for the perfect spot to pick pieces up or would partial low pressure be enough? And instead of a normal camera, something calibrated for a certain height, that would get rid of the 3D issues. And hopefully no piece is upside down.
Chris Musix Chris Musix . 12 hours ago
Stuff Made Here: build a super complex, artificially intelligent rig

Me: pay five kids a box of popsicles
Chris Guidi Chris Guidi . 12 hours ago
I like the fact the Mrs busts your chops just a bit.
Angry Fish Angry Fish . 12 hours ago
Making it start from the corners will probably finish it from 3000 years to just 15 minutes
Dave Privacy Dave Privacy . 13 hours ago
Wait, how was your algo so slow for 9pc? It only had to go through 4 orientations of 1 pc.
Ethan Bartie Ethan Bartie . 13 hours ago
what song is that at 15:30?
Earth Is Life Earth Is Life . 13 hours ago
Is this young Rick Moranis?
LumpyGravy LumpyGravy . 13 hours ago
This bloke loves a good gantry 👌
Miguelevision Miguelevision . 13 hours ago
You couldn't PAY me to solve a puzzle for 2 years.
Actually, stick a camera in there or let me stream it on twitch and it's on lol
George V Prochazka George V Prochazka . 13 hours ago
The guy has patience ...
Doug D Doug D . 14 hours ago
You kinda look like Rick Moranis (The dude from Ghostbusters)
AUGZUGA AUGZUGA . 14 hours ago
This is stupid. The proper way to do it is just lay out all the pieces, take a single picture or a scan and then instantly solve for the final puzzle. From there its just a question of moving the pieces into a correct order but no further processing is required. Doing it by scanning 1 piece at a time is idiotic
Zolen Zolen . 14 hours ago
The amount of problem solving this video likely had to sort through is amazing.
Filipe Psico Filipe Psico . 14 hours ago
It's impossible the level of genious you have to be to make these stuff, holy sh*
тдiм тдiм . 14 hours ago
dan parish dan parish . 14 hours ago
Imagine an all white puzzle where many pieces have sides that fit one another, but the other sides will only work in the puzzle if the single correct piece is matched. Might as well make the pieces identical on either side too where flipped pieces can still match incorrectly, oh and might as well throw in 2x the actually pieces required with false pieces in there to throw you off.
josiah0303 josiah0303 . 15 hours ago
Dude, you are a masterful problem solver!

If you would, build some software that will solve our US government’s problems. The American people will thank you!
Lorare Lorare . 15 hours ago
I wanna watch part 2
David Kwasman David Kwasman . 15 hours ago
I feel like the long term plan for Stuff Made Here is to develop a single stage 3D assembly bot. Once the puzzle assembly starts working, I feel like you can integrate the flying hoop tech to translate that from the 2D puzzle to a 3D system
Lord Tony Lord Tony . 15 hours ago
thought this was rick moranis for a second
belleyface belleyface . 16 hours ago
watching this makes me wish there was a collab between Stuff made Here and the Marble X musical project. if he can overengineer this, he can fix the engineering problems in MMX
Shizuka Akatatsu Shizuka Akatatsu . 16 hours ago
I can see one big problem with this robot: big puzzles are often cut with the same pattern multiple times to cut down on manufacturing costs, so the same piece shape repeats a few times.I have no experience in programming, so I can't tell how much it affects the software but I can imagine that this could lead to difficulties. If you want it to build a big puzzle with a pattern you would also have to include the colors in the calculation.
Abhyuday Abhyuday . 17 hours ago
Why seeing your videos....just overwhelming-ly excited myself....and compells me to do the same....cause why not...the process of making such projects are very much enjoying!!! 🔥🔥
Thanks for the video! 🌟
Paul The Brilliant Paul The Brilliant . 17 hours ago
Austin powers lookalike
ginklas lt ginklas lt . 17 hours ago
He is Che cheap version of hacksmiths. But he makes everything better.
Marcus May Marcus May . 17 hours ago
Next challenge: Make the puzzle self assemble
Do you work on nasa or something? Dang
MyCommentsRMaturelol MyCommentsRMaturelol . 17 hours ago
genius as always
Raphaël Ambrosius Costeau Raphaël Ambrosius Costeau . 17 hours ago
Hey, it seems like you're literally matching piece shapes to each other in the algo, but isn't that unnecessary? I mean each piece is basically a node with 4 connections, each of which could be "in" or "out". It sounds like a problem which would be unambiguously solvable with some graph theory math, which is mostly matrix operations, it's a piece of cake for 5000 nodes for modern computer. Although i'm sure you thought about it, why isn't it possible?

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