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Yaara Shalom

Yaara Shalom

Published on 4 months ago

Featuring the Hayes kids

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00:37 "Fancy Like"

Sharon Gaddy Sharon Gaddy . 1 day ago
Walker you are amazing father involving your kids in all your music,an dances you are definitely a loving family man...
Ilona Kampa Ilona Kampa . 2 days ago
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Elizabeth Williams Elizabeth Williams . 4 days ago
Nothing but love for you all.
Michael Dooley Michael Dooley . 5 days ago
You can tell the crowd loves this tune but are waiting for Walkers kids all six of them to come on stage a do the Fancy Like dance.❤️
Deborah Smouse Deborah Smouse . 6 days ago
Awesome just awesome !!
kaitlynn Hightshoe kaitlynn Hightshoe . 2 weeks ago
Mike Mangieri Mike Mangieri . 2 weeks ago
Loves the way he adds his kids rock stars
Cindy Schieber Cindy Schieber . 3 weeks ago
Gary Smith Gary Smith . 3 weeks ago
He is great!
Destiny Darby Destiny Darby . 4 weeks ago
i am 9 your song AA is my favorite song🙂🙂🙂😄😄
Destiny Darby Destiny Darby . 4 weeks ago
walker hayes you are my favorite singer EVER ! your consort was my first consort.
LaTorya Starks LaTorya Starks . 4 weeks ago
Don’t kill me I was watching you oh well I’m up I’ll see you later people 💋👩🏾‍🌾
Mike Mangieri Mike Mangieri . 4 weeks ago
Great to see how Walker takes family on stage and tour dad of the yr
Deborah Davis Deborah Davis . 4 weeks ago
Love you Walker Hayes and the family
M M . 1 month ago
I love how his kids arrive on stage dressed in regular, age appropriate clothing. Kudos to their parents!
Libby cranmore Libby cranmore . 1 month ago
I think that you and your family are just AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL. GOD BLESS YOU
Diane Birkey Diane Birkey . 1 month ago
I love this sing
Claire Brant Claire Brant . 1 month ago
Cảm ơn chị nhiều
Tina Rawls Tina Rawls . 1 month ago
Thank you for the music 🎶 awesome
thiessencarla2013 Thiessen thiessencarla2013 Thiessen . 1 month ago
Come to Alberta. We live in Red Deer, ab which is a city.
thiessencarla2013 Thiessen thiessencarla2013 Thiessen . 1 month ago
I love listening to your songs they make me happy
melinhouston melinhouston . 1 month ago
My kids disowned me for loving this!
Donni Martelle Donni Martelle . 2 months ago
Love this.
Tracey Wilbin Tracey Wilbin . 2 months ago
I love this song
Janice Nelson Janice Nelson . 2 months ago
Ember Courter Ember Courter . 2 months ago
Your songs Fancy like and I need country those are the best songs of yours
mzfestus mzfestus . 2 months ago
Hands down THE BOMB!!
Ember Courter Ember Courter . 2 months ago
I love your song Fancyb like
Ben Woodhouse Ben Woodhouse . 2 months ago
Love how much he gets the audience involved and how much they run with this 🤣
Marie Chadwick Marie Chadwick . 2 months ago
Go walker Hayes ✔
Leeanne Jackson Leeanne Jackson . 2 months ago
It's your kids and Maddie and you are very good dancers if you have a wife that's named Maddie cuz you are all very good at dancing and I want to dance like that someday
Sierra Brumley Sierra Brumley . 2 months ago
Did you see your text from me about your car payment yet did you get your message from me and your friend is doing so well at your house
Iron John Iron John . 2 months ago
I remember being in South Vietnam 🇻🇳 1968-1971 we had a similar tune we made up in the barracks and we hung out with almost 15 y/o Vietnamese girls one became my wife and our first child was born in Vietnam 🇻🇳
Haddie Clair Haddie Clair . 2 months ago
Fancy like Applebee’s
Jenny Privett Jenny Privett . 2 months ago
Walker Hayes is my favorite coui singer
Crystal Richard Crystal Richard . 2 months ago
Hell yeah I love this man wish he come to Wichita k s...... His the best
Christopher Marshall Christopher Marshall . 2 months ago
You are the best songs
♡Axaria♡PlaysRoblox ♡Axaria♡PlaysRoblox . 2 months ago
Good job walker I cannot believe how successful you have gotten just think when you first started how much you do for us and your kids
Donna Brown Donna Brown . 2 months ago
Wow I new they we're scared 😨
Klaudia Barnas Klaudia Barnas . 3 months ago
That one girl yelling singing🤣
halfpint halfpint . 3 months ago
This song has definitely been my all time favorite every since it came out.
Thank you to the Walker Hayes family.
Dayna Beauchamp Dayna Beauchamp . 3 months ago
C and b shorts C and b shorts . 3 months ago
I literally love how he’s a boy and he cares for his kids AND daughters most dads want boys and not girls proud of you!
Emily O'Neal Emily O'Neal . 3 months ago
But those babies, y’all!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bridgette Brinegar Bridgette Brinegar . 3 months ago
Such a Darling song. This song makes me smile everytime. Thank you
Kim Kim . 3 months ago
❤this song touched me!
Yolanda Vasquez Yolanda Vasquez . 3 months ago
I love his music he has a beautiful family
Lisa Wheeler Lisa Wheeler . 3 months ago
That was awesome
Lanie Kuzniar Lanie Kuzniar . 3 months ago
The older daughter she’s amazing 😻
eileen hoffmann eileen hoffmann . 3 months ago
His girls look exactly like his wife!!!

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