Play / Download Walker Hayes Kept His ‘Fancy Like’ Promise To His Kids
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Taste of Country

Taste of Country

Published on 9 months ago

Walker Hayes "Fancy Like" hit No.1 on country radio - and his six children were ready to celebrate. The way they celebrated however was unique.

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Ahead of the 2021 CMA Awards Hayes told us that several years ago he joked that if a song of his scored No.1, he'd let his kids buy holiday inflatables for the front yard. That was a promise they didn't forget and flash forward to the song's success and the singer now has seven inflatables in his front yard.

"Christmas came early with # 1 #fancylike." the singer wrote on social media with a snapshot of all the holiday decor in his front yard lit up.

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#CountryMusic #Nashville

Kristina Zubic Kristina Zubic . 4 weeks ago
Good on General Lela. A successful campaign.
Sherry Jacobs Sherry Jacobs . 1 month ago
Glad he's getting recognized. He's good.
Linda Wilkins Linda Wilkins . 2 months ago
I Love Yal Iam the oldest of 6 kids
Laetitia Lubbe Laetitia Lubbe . 2 months ago
His a GREAT family Dad for his kids and his wife is gorgeous...God Bless..Amen🙏🏻♥️🙏🏻
CommonSenseMaker CommonSenseMaker . 2 months ago
Beautiful family! Stay out of Hollywood so none of your brood will announce that they're gay, trans, or nonbinary......
Brenda Morgan Brenda Morgan . 2 months ago
Congratulations walker on your first number
Brandy Elkins Brandy Elkins . 3 months ago
Walker hayes is the perfect ideal husband! Like marry me walker and laney! I love y’all 😍😍😍
Cynthia Rosas Cynthia Rosas . 3 months ago
Everyone needs salvation here are the words of salvation please forgive me jesus im a sinner come into my heart and save me from my sin I no that you are the savior and I no that you died for me on calvary and I no that God raise you from the dead and you are alive and I thankyou for your salvation in Jesus holy name amen and its important to always ask for forgiveness every night 🌙 ✨
B Johnson B Johnson . 3 months ago
Good grief! I am homicidal towards Christmas blowups, actually toward all blowups. It's none of my business what people have in their yard. I know that; yet, I HATE BLOWUPS.
Lenox pl Lenox pl . 3 months ago
I mean apart from the song being a dumpster fire to listen to more than 3 times it’s pretty wholesome.
Erica Ridenour Erica Ridenour . 3 months ago
Love it.
jeffrey slater jeffrey slater . 4 months ago
Đầu nè
Melanitta nigra Melanitta nigra . 4 months ago
nut expert
keep'n it Redneck keep'n it Redneck . 4 months ago
That song is so fucking stupid that is the worst song I think I’ve ever heard thank God I don’t play that much anymore
Aidan W Aidan W . 4 months ago
Walker Hayes is truly the embodiment of Dad.
Alissa Swofford Alissa Swofford . 5 months ago
💯This is one of the BEST journeys I've ever followed!!! I also love that they produced their own army in the process!!!
Kathy King Kathy King . 5 months ago
I love this song ,in fact I love all of his songs .But what I really like about him ,he is a great family man !!!
Frances Hill Frances Hill . 5 months ago
Beautiful family. Love the way he loves and enjoys his family.
Matt Matt . 5 months ago
You know the kids are getting raised right. They didn't want a PS5 or an XBOX but something that will bring joy to others
Sherry Brown Sherry Brown . 5 months ago
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ love this song
Michael orawe Michael orawe . 5 months ago
I litteral snuck he’d phones to class and phone and linseed to that song
Brenda Rose Brenda Rose . 6 months ago
Love your blow ups. Good job
Willa Fitzgerald Willa Fitzgerald . 6 months ago
Love him and his family. All of his songs are great.
Kevin Hoeg Kevin Hoeg . 6 months ago
Awesome story! Love that song!
Ernie Hughes Ernie Hughes . 6 months ago
Hello Hayes family your Xmas house reminds me of the old girl nextdoor she's 86 years young every Xmas she lites her house up I tell her one year she's gonna steer a plane the wrong way but everyone smiles when they walk bye keep on keeping on ✌️❤️🇨🇦
virginia_in_the_rearview virginia_in_the_rearview . 6 months ago
He is an amazing artist, and a beautiful human! I've followed him for quite a while now, and I'm so glad he's finally getting recognized for his talent.
Renee Williams Renee Williams . 6 months ago
He makes life fun! God bless!
Bassassin Bassassin . 6 months ago
Obnoxious narrator
Elizabeth Williams Elizabeth Williams . 6 months ago
Walker and his family are doing it. Nothing but love for them all. 🥰🥰🥰
Carol Martin Carol Martin . 6 months ago
I love fancy like he is so awesome & his daughter is awesome n fancy like. GOD bless him & his family. Glad fancy like made it to # 1 an awesome song congratulations Walker Hays luv the blow ups
KBA KBA . 7 months ago
Geeez- gotta love these folks!!🎶💜
Geor gie Geor gie . 7 months ago
Love it
Maddie lain Maddie lain . 7 months ago
Walker Hays is my favorite Singer
Kentucky bluebirds Kentucky bluebirds . 7 months ago
Mike Mallett Mike Mallett . 7 months ago
love walker hayes 55 years i been likeing music now i love it thank you walker and family
Christina Cottrell Christina Cottrell . 7 months ago
That’s so awesome he has 6 kids! Seems like a great husband and father!
Kesia K Kesia K . 7 months ago
Correction, this song didn’t go viral because of TikTok, the song went viral because it’s probably the sweetest song in the world. I’ve listened to it about 200 times (not kidding)
lydia rose lydia rose . 7 months ago
U should make a song called the fancy bunch
Amanda Turner Amanda Turner . 7 months ago
aww amazing a little friend of mine would love this so much Courtney Radford im sendin you this for elijah hw would love and hed never leave their yard
Rita Flatt Rita Flatt . 7 months ago
Awesome job Dad, gotta stick to those promises to our children! Bless you! I love your music & I love your style! 💖❤🤗🎵🎶🧸🎈🪁👐🕊😘🎉🎊🧨🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
I’ve been listening to his album “boom” and damn, you can feel the love for life this man has. My favorites “Craig” and “becket”.
Karolyn Tierno Karolyn Tierno . 8 months ago
A man of his word gotta love him ❤️
No Ragrets No Ragrets . 8 months ago
God Bless 🙏
Ambre Baughman Ambre Baughman . 8 months ago
What a beautiful family man ❣️ #happyeverafter goals for sure 😊
God bless his family 👏🙏❤️
omnitrix1992 omnitrix1992 . 8 months ago
Climbing out yo windows, putting those inflatables up!
Annmarie Mellan Annmarie Mellan . 8 months ago
Wow 7 kids that's amazing. Good luck
Casey Woolley Casey Woolley . 8 months ago
Love the song
Amy Aydt Amy Aydt . 8 months ago
Hahaha that is awesome that he got the blow ups!!! He has his kids on stage! So cool! This song makes me crack up every time I hear it! It’s hilarious lol 😂
Danielle Clark Danielle Clark . 8 months ago
You are amazing Walker Hades I love your fancy like song
Mike Mike . 8 months ago
Walker Hayes connects with fans cause this is how normal people live. I got a feeling the millionaires who run the country music business look down on him. They would not get the whole Lowes/Applebees thing.

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