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Published on 1 week ago

Fortnite REVEALED The Future..
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Noblex Company Noblex Company . 8 hours ago
There Shoud Be A Xxxtentation collab concert and a technoblade irl skin Rip legend
KingTLG KingTLG . 19 hours ago
Red Kevin= stranger things event
shadow dweeb shadow dweeb . 2 days ago
Fortnite x DragonBall is here!!!!!
Sara Helton Sara Helton . 2 days ago
Sara Helton Sara Helton . 2 days ago
Sara Helton Sara Helton . 2 days ago
Sara Helton Sara Helton . 2 days ago
Sara Helton Sara Helton . 2 days ago
Sara Helton Sara Helton . 2 days ago
Sara Helton Sara Helton . 2 days ago
Svft_A3M Svft_A3M . 2 days ago
What do you mean marshmello was the first icon series
Fábio Vilares Fábio Vilares . 2 days ago
so that guy is the creative team for fortnite and hes a youtuber?
Aren Guler Aren Guler . 3 days ago
What about the old marshmallow skin but I think that was before ninja
ClearShotYo ClearShotYo . 3 days ago
NARUTO NARUTO . 3 days ago
When are they going to bring back Naruto and the Mandalorian
George Gardner George Gardner . 3 days ago
Anyone else want a legend of Zelda collab?
it's your boy gamer boyyy it's your boy gamer boyyy . 4 days ago
Idc about clombo
Fortnite chapter 3 Fortnite chapter 3 . 4 days ago
I perdicted Darth Vader in chapter 3 season 1
Galaxy gamer Galaxy gamer . 4 days ago
By the way I’m just saying the Merigold is actually just jueles
Noah Noah . 4 days ago
Imagine they leaked the entire chapter 1
Captain Marvel Captain Marvel . 4 days ago
Hope epic games no longer been ban in indonesia.....i know they idiot....eyes alwayas on the money... old . Fat and idiot +corruction
Djyllan Ambat Djyllan Ambat . 4 days ago
they might cancel it
Djyllan Ambat Djyllan Ambat . 4 days ago
dont do this
Kermitcrack09 Kermitcrack09 . 4 days ago
Based on how the origin is the cube king the red dice could of represented him.
Mauricio Kronenberg Mauricio Kronenberg . 4 days ago
Love your vids man you’re best you-tuber ever!!!!
Naz Khubsoorat Naz Khubsoorat . 5 days ago
I think that epic games takes ideas from the thumbnail YouTubers only, just think about it!!
sowdk1009 sowdk1009 . 5 days ago
but wait? where the first order troopers hopefully epic games are gonna realse the skins
SINKSY7 SINKSY7 . 5 days ago
y u changethu name
eioshen boboi eioshen boboi . 5 days ago
Bro you never fail to make great videos keep it up T5G
Zuzi Minarcik Zuzi Minarcik . 5 days ago
I so a big fan bro 😎 and your my brother bro because you R so good bro at video ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎❤️‍🔥❤️‍🩹❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝good health 👋🏻 and bro 😎
Fortnite Music Fortnite Music . 5 days ago
come on fortnite your rebuilding tilted but not bringing back klombos 😭😭😭
Judah Judah . 5 days ago
Yoboyronald1 Yoboyronald1 . 5 days ago
Please notice meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
enzie Slays enzie Slays . 5 days ago
Can not believe I'm going to be able to crank 90's with Goku and 1 pump ppl with Vegeta
uchiha uchiha . 5 days ago
Bro he hasn't posted in a year
Jayden Engelbrecht Jayden Engelbrecht . 5 days ago
Me want in man
TTVsoggytaco11 TTVsoggytaco11 . 6 days ago
i’m randomly saying this, I have Merigold and it was worth paying $15 because I wear her all the time
Matt Rat Matt Rat . 6 days ago
Astroneer 420 Astroneer 420 . 6 days ago
that click baited me into thinking they brought klombo ba k🤔 I didn't like that . I'm astroneer420 on youtube and I also make fortnite content minus the clickbait
Flying Shrek Flying Shrek . 6 days ago
I did not miss kolombo
King Nooby King Nooby . 6 days ago
bro we all wanted ninja vs tfue
King Nooby King Nooby . 6 days ago
Your all fiction Your all fiction . 6 days ago
Looking back on it the footprint was either klombo or a dinosaur
idk couldn't pick a name idk couldn't pick a name . 6 days ago
Don't care what you say I hate Naruto
Epic GX Epic GX . 6 days ago
Can someone please gift me venom or spiderman nwh, it's my dream to have those skins but I can't afford them!
My epic is Junjin2ce
Please consider 🙏
Ita Talor Ita Talor . 6 days ago
I am a big superhero fan and I can think of alot of sups that will never be in the game like ice cream man (yes he is real)
icexinfinity0 icexinfinity0 . 6 days ago
Bro Klombo was probably one of my favorite updates, besides the Iron Man POI being added mid-season during Chapter 2 Season 4. Like if you want klombo back (although you don’t have to if you don’t want to) 😭
Jeffery and Henry Jeffery and Henry . 6 days ago
It's not baby Yoda have you watched the show it's Goku. 😡
Chris Boudreau Chris Boudreau . 6 days ago
i found a guzzle juice while playing in battle lab. in AUGUST 2022
Homelessguyspamton Homelessguyspamton . 6 days ago
That should have changed the daily bugle to mustafar since it is chapter 3 season 3

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