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Good Morning America

Good Morning America

Published on 2 months ago

The music superstar released the first single from her highly anticipated seventh solo studio album, "Renaissance," on Monday.

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Jorden Jorden . 1 week ago
Beyonce is so pretty and hope to God
Break my soul ❤️
Christiana Volante Christiana Volante . 4 weeks ago
I love your music Our Queen!!!❤
Latosha Ossai Latosha Ossai . 1 month ago
We wasn't together
.I was with him
Olivia Dehinsilu Olivia Dehinsilu . 1 month ago
What a tune loved this song already.
T.O.O. Smooth T.O.O. Smooth . 1 month ago
House music has never needed validation from pop stars. We have our own heros in the genre. House music is all about the underground.
Milagros Verges Milagros Verges . 1 month ago
90s club music ok the lyrics blah
PAT Wallace PAT Wallace . 1 month ago
About time.
peace Harmony peace Harmony . 1 month ago
I Love Christmas I Love Christmas . 1 month ago
I'm not surprised. With her vocals, and her musical
genius husband. I like the Disco/ Club vibe👍
Bryant Porter Bryant Porter . 1 month ago
shit is garbage.. f.o.h.
Regina Colemon Regina Colemon . 1 month ago
I love this new music by Queen Bey.
D Ireland D Ireland . 1 month ago
It’s just another HIT from Bey! Already know the album will be 🔥
ReaLer than you're momma ReaLer than you're momma . 1 month ago
Extra excited for this album it will be my third album I buy from hers.
Aaliyah Masterson Aaliyah Masterson . 1 month ago
Her new song is hot garbage 🗑 in July
Julie Jennings Julie Jennings . 1 month ago
Same Beyonce stuff...going to pass
bluscorpion bluscorpion . 1 month ago
Beyoncé knows where all the good music is: 90's music. House beats.
David Menke David Menke . 1 month ago
Beyonce is a great singer and entertainer. But dang she is overrated. The fact that her new single is a news story is just dumb. And the song isn't that amazing. Great sound, yeah. But I can think of a few hundred better songs with lyrics that are actually profound. What Beyonce and her entourage of producers and co-writers do is simply add music to the thoughts that many people are having these days. "I hate my job bla bla bla...I'm gonna be won't stop me bla bla bla". It's all so manufactured. And I am seeing tons of op eds just in the last week where alleged columnists write really, really long reviews of the new song and it's implications. That is also manufactured. Similarly, some university awhile back had a course that was devoted exclusively to conversation about her Lemonade album. I would ask for my money back if my college charged me to take such a class. Take Tori Amos, for example. Practically no one even knows who she is anymore. But her catalogue, repertoire, piano playing skills, on stage persona (mostly back in the 90s-00s), has performed roughly 1200 live shows, JUST finished her 11th world tour and the fact that she single handedly writes and composes all of her own music and can still play any request with minimal practice- AND writes stuff that... and I'm gonna get y'all really mad a million times more thoughtful than what Beyonce and her endless producers and co-writers puts out. Beyonce is an entertainer and package. She is a commodity. And she works it well. But she's overrated.
Jessica Lucien-Benoit Jessica Lucien-Benoit . 1 month ago
The only tthe y uut uI tube
Lala Lala . 1 month ago
⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️Soul Bearer The🗿 ♈️oice of /💠\ncestorś⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️
T Moore T Moore . 1 month ago
Real Music Hype Real Music Hype . 2 months ago
Very good, keep it up!
Internet Et l'Argent Internet Et l'Argent . 2 months ago
love her
Lorra Lorra . 2 months ago
Awe look!!! One of the wealthy elites singing a song from the perspective of us poor working class and then making millions from it. EAT.THE.RICH
Catherine Jones Catherine Jones . 2 months ago
I like the song 2022 world you want break my soul you go girl
Lady B Lady B . 2 months ago
Smiling...... Positive vibes
FLASH ABC FLASH ABC . 2 months ago
No she is not....House never died
John Smith John Smith . 2 months ago
Blocky you want im strong I already blocked you once why u can't let go n just cared a little no and I begged God to save all for u u still crushing
John Smith John Smith . 2 months ago
You so funny gonna say im hurt you just to keep my head underwater I knew you had no love cause when u love u send for it nice song have a great life if in any past life I apologize if I hurt u why u not leaving me alone
John Smith John Smith . 2 months ago
Im trying after you broke mine yes I am gonna die trying nephlim have souls how's that when they burned in the lake of fire
Sha H Sha H . 2 months ago
Queen Bey and Big Freedia did that! I love it!
Sarah Harper Sarah Harper . 2 months ago
I love Beyoncé, but I’m not a fan of this for her.
Marqurell Gentry Marqurell Gentry . 2 months ago
Tabitha Lynette Tabitha Lynette . 2 months ago
Shadowing. I see now.
Krystle Everett Krystle Everett . 2 months ago
And Rhianna got that same type of influence!
This is EVELYN CHAMPAGNE KINGS 'you've got to show me love"!!!!
Pareesha Slaughter Pareesha Slaughter . 2 months ago
Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas . 2 months ago
Song is horrible
Queen of the South Queen of the South . 2 months ago
Go Bey🌺🌺🌺🌺
The Lyons Legacy The Lyons Legacy . 2 months ago
Kwakucam Kwakucam . 2 months ago
Frankie Knuckles...
Shout Up to #CDeloresTucker! We feel your soul.
Kwakucam Kwakucam . 2 months ago
Shout out to Chicago House!!! Ase’!!
Beth Costa Oliveira Beth Costa Oliveira . 2 months ago
Rainha bey 👑😍
norman brown norman brown . 2 months ago
I love my GMA Group banging always.
No Fame Here No Fame Here . 2 months ago
One thing we need are laws in which a majority of the citizens should be able to vote into law. This ruling is catered to groups of people with influence.
stinkymolly1 stinkymolly1 . 2 months ago
sooo bad. 2 thumbs down
Alexander Simmonds Alexander Simmonds . 2 months ago
Micheal is sooo corny
Al Kearney Al Kearney . 2 months ago
Ptsshowbiztop5 Ptsshowbiztop5 . 2 months ago
I love this crew
mona cannon mona cannon . 2 months ago
Yaz!! Loving this throw back sound! The Queen never disappoints! You did that Beyonce!!

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