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Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll

Published on 2 years ago

This one is a little bit of a curveball for me. I don't usually do these stripped down acoustic videos, but writing this song made me feel something and I felt y'all needed some insight into the more vulnerable side of the music business.

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Melanie Brown Melanie Brown . 35 minutes ago
This song hits home
laura life laura life . 1 hour ago
Where you come from music is awesome love your daughter yall are beautiful
Daniel Daniel . 1 hour ago
This is top five I believe
Feathers and Fur Outdoors Feathers and Fur Outdoors . 1 hour ago
One of the best song out there
21Nekoda 21Nekoda . 2 hours ago
Jelly Roll: Something inside me is broken I hold on to anything that sets me free.

Me: Preach
Julia Fox Julia Fox . 2 hours ago
It will sell ... many people feel like this or are in recovery of self sabotage... like the song ...
Sheila Clary Sheila Clary . 3 hours ago
Omg yes! This song was amazing. I was captivated by it. Can't wait to see u on the 27th.
Destin McCall Destin McCall . 3 hours ago
After loosing my first cousin to a longtime drug addiction this song is very powerful ! Great song !
Rey Montalvo Rey Montalvo . 3 hours ago
Wow just wow dude this song awsome...
Jack Smith Jack Smith . 3 hours ago
I love this song I feel it in my heart
Ccg Znvvnb Ccg Znvvnb . 4 hours ago
This song hits home for so many people and families. Best one you've ever done. Love it..
Natasha Parsons Natasha Parsons . 4 hours ago
Please sing this in Newport or Covington ky at your concert puhhhleeease Ballads for the broken
Lonny Archuletta Lonny Archuletta . 4 hours ago
I think that the world needs more people like jelly role that aren't afraid to show there true feelings
21Nekoda 21Nekoda . 4 hours ago
121 million views and I heard this for the first time today in a bar. Went straight to the juke box. Soulful sounding voice.
Paula Simpson Paula Simpson . 4 hours ago
F… yah it should make the f……. Album!!!!!!
Shay Wilbur Shay Wilbur . 5 hours ago
My dartern like they song and. Sing. Jelly roll
CourtneyJean♡ CourtneyJean♡ . 5 hours ago
♡ U C.T.H
CourtneyJean♡ CourtneyJean♡ . 5 hours ago
Beautiful song, the strength and emotion in your voice is so intense.
Sarah Marcotte Sarah Marcotte . 5 hours ago
You've touched my soul with all your music . Your really tallented and sexy .... 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💯🖤💯🖤💋
MALACHI1 MALACHI1 . 6 hours ago
crazy redneck crazy redneck . 6 hours ago
Yo I swear jelly rolls the new Eminem lol no jelly bone m is my two favorites I swear
Canna Canna . 6 hours ago
This could be a classic!
zac james zac james . 6 hours ago
Man I hope to meet you sometime. Your song inspired me
naptown cj naptown cj . 7 hours ago
going thru divorce crying like shit
Mosez MCG Mosez MCG . 7 hours ago
I shall keep this simple. This song is simply fooking awesome his voice the lyrics it's just 👍.
Dave Talks Cryptos Dave Talks Cryptos . 8 hours ago
As a vet that has tried suicide many times, this song has brought me back a few times. the struggle never ends.
Russell Williams Russell Williams . 8 hours ago
I was stuck on pain killers after a motorcycle accident 5 years ago and the dr's I trusted have been throwing these things at me for a long time without a way out. With that said, I listened to this a month ago and from that day I told myself I would not be a lost cause and that I deserve to be happy as well! I will never go back and I enjoy no longer being numb to the ups and downs, rather I face them head on and now I feel as though I can do anything.

Hope all of you fighting find the strength to overcome whatever you are going through. Life is not easy but your not alone!
Burst_l Bruh Burst_l Bruh . 9 hours ago
It should’ve stayed unreleased
Gloria Aragon Gloria Aragon . 10 hours ago
Your such a beautiful singer . I listen to this song over and over . I cry always when I here it .
osualum93 osualum93 . 10 hours ago
Jelly Roll and Rag n Bone Man should team up for a duo.
Gary Gary . 11 hours ago
Definitely keep it man. I listen to this song damn near every morning on my way to work 17 hours paving. It's nice to see someone that thinks like me. Or at least understands .
Stormy Keifer Stormy Keifer . 12 hours ago's incredible and everyone's using it on their videos...ur beautiful 😍❤️
Janet A Janet A . 13 hours ago
Im a lost cause
Baby Dreamer Baby Dreamer . 13 hours ago
Why does this song hit me so hard! I play it over and over
gohoshane gohoshane . 15 hours ago
Kristina Kristina . 15 hours ago
I'm 44 dying from the liver. Just came across this song I would love this to play at my service
Kenny Young Kenny Young . 16 hours ago
Thank you
Gods Child Gods Child . 16 hours ago
No matter what you are going through remember that Jesus Christ not only loves you he died for you so you could be with the Father in heaven. No matter what you have done in your life the blood of Jesus can save you.
Stephanie Avery Stephanie Avery . 17 hours ago
I lost my husband 3 months ago to suicide. He struggled with alcohol addiction for many years. This song breaks my heart and I believe this is how he was feeling for quite some time and I had no idea how bad it was 😞. I wish he would have reached out to me or a therapist instead of keeping it all to himself. He may still be alive today. I hope that if any one feels this way that they reach out for help please. People really do care and there is hope. My son and I now have to endure a lifetime of grief, heartache and unanswered questions.
John Russell John Russell . 18 hours ago
I listen to this song first thing every morning and it's played a major part in me having 37 days clean today!!! If I can get clean then anyone can. My worst day being clean is much better then my best day using.
D -Roc D -Roc . 18 hours ago
I've loved your music no matter what kind you make you gave me kind words on your tour with it was in NC that moment has stuck with me and as I see you grow it makes me want too tks for all you do wish I could meet you again and talk
Aaron Salter Aaron Salter . 19 hours ago
bria haye bria haye . 22 hours ago
How did you know I was drunk and needed this song next?
teri s teri s . 23 hours ago
Great song! Remember many need a helping hand, a little kindness.
Chug Chug Chug Chug . 24 hours ago
I've been eating jelly rolls and gaining weight because of this song... 👍 true story
Mike G Mike G . 1 day ago hope you can talk with this guy, your good man.....its the vibe we need
Amber James Amber James . 1 day ago
@jellyroll love this song it gets me through my day somtimes I just turn it on and try to calm down
Lace Evans Lace Evans . 1 day ago
That's how I feel. I'm so damaged. Where is happiness? Where's my love that my man used to have for me. I thought he said it would be forever. Wtf?

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