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Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen

Published on 2 years ago

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Ben Ben . 1 day ago
I love you Morgan Wallen you’re the best
Ronnie Gatling Ronnie Gatling . 2 days ago
U too mr wallen idk if some of you quite understand the value you hold in some of our life's thank you sir musis is life
BBQ Sean BBQ Sean . 2 days ago
Someone tell me what this means?
Thomas Moweryjr Thomas Moweryjr . 2 days ago
Yes sir I agree, and I'm upset about it myself.
Cory Burgin Cory Burgin . 3 days ago
Ashley Wright Ashley Wright . 3 days ago
Like the song mode anybody's in the world I said I wish I never died
Ashley Wright Ashley Wright . 3 days ago
You're the best single in the world
Stefani Richardson Stefani Richardson . 3 days ago
I’m kinda in love with him 🙌
Christian Watson Christian Watson . 3 days ago
Pure country
Davante Adams goat 17 Davante Adams goat 17 . 3 days ago
we listen to this song on the bus at alpine
Alex Gomez Alex Gomez . 3 days ago
He’s so talented…such a great artist
Emilee Myracle Emilee Myracle . 5 days ago
Morgan you have met my mother before at a Christmas party for southwest human resource agency ( the headstart ) in Henderson TN I think she said it was there she was so excited and I'm still jealous and it was like 2 years ago
Tres Z Parker Tres Z Parker . 5 days ago
Awesome. Yes. Keep this stripped. Nothing better for a song than singer songwriter and their choice of instrument. ❤️🎹❤️
Matthew Matthew . 6 days ago
Not gonna lie I’ve been listening to country music since I was watching Blake Shelton in Ada, OK at the theatre and this is probably top 5 favorite songs of all time.
Holly Helfert Holly Helfert . 1 week ago
This song is great
Jim Jim . 1 week ago
um.. Wow.
Victor Moskalski Victor Moskalski . 1 week ago
I love this song
Mary Black Mary Black . 1 week ago
Morgan I just can't get enough of this song 🤩🤩🤩🤩😅🤩😅😅😅 it makes me happy and sad I love 💕💕💕💕 every word you sang and more than my hometown just love ❣️❣️ them
Donny Pouncey Donny Pouncey . 1 week ago
Brandon Hancox Brandon Hancox . 1 week ago
I'm a huge country fan not a fan of Morgan Wallen but I love this song
Jon Thornton Jon Thornton . 2 weeks ago
Reiforces the Fact!
Christopher Brady Christopher Brady . 2 weeks ago
Country at its best .....
i hope you can see some young talent twisting words and give them a platform...Like Alli Walker..What a verse
Madeleine Madeleine . 2 weeks ago
True talent. Didn't need anything but your voice and you are even playing the piano. Love this song!
Jonathan Bunting Jonathan Bunting . 2 weeks ago
Very very perfect.
Love the ‘set’ scene, too. 🤘✊
Crusader Boi Crusader Boi . 2 weeks ago
Bet that girl regrets not going with him now 👀
YaYa YaYa . 2 weeks ago
All I ever say is I'm going to own some red wings one day! One day I'll be able to buy myself a pair.
kriS cheesE kriS cheesE . 2 weeks ago
I moved to Tennessee from California in November. My husband was reluctant to come, but planned on joining me in April. He passed away in March. This song rips my heart out daily. It's beautiful, but too close to home 💔
Marc-Antoine Blaquière Marc-Antoine Blaquière . 2 weeks ago
My favourite Morgan Wallen song !
Megan Paige Megan Paige . 2 weeks ago
My #1 since release 💙
ok ok . 2 weeks ago
The most bestes song iv see my hole life 😂
Richard Byrd Richard Byrd . 2 weeks ago
Great song.
Too bad he's a racist fool.
John Christou John Christou . 2 weeks ago
Julie Bowman Julie Bowman . 2 weeks ago
Gives me that post mark Birmingham kind of vibe.
Sterling Dorsett Sterling Dorsett . 2 weeks ago
To be this famous and still so authentic is rare.... Morgan is NOT a sell out in my opinion!
Mandy Cotto Mandy Cotto . 2 weeks ago
Love you Morgan
Andrew Martinez Andrew Martinez . 2 weeks ago
Please make a music video
Micah Williams Micah Williams . 2 weeks ago
This is how he played it at faster horses it was amazing
Regina Reynolds Regina Reynolds . 3 weeks ago
This is when he's at his best I live in eastern TN myself an hour north of Knoxville
Pamela Smith Pamela Smith . 3 weeks ago
Sad but Beautiful
You have an Awesome voice
Morgan 💯💯
James Cecil James Cecil . 3 weeks ago
All I brought back with me was a broken heart
James Cecil James Cecil . 3 weeks ago
I've been there several times
Kathryn Henderson Kathryn Henderson . 3 weeks ago
East TN 🍊
J Scatton J Scatton . 3 weeks ago
It’s rare when someone sounds better live VS on an album. Morgan is literally incredible.
C J Clifford C J Clifford . 3 weeks ago
Fantastic song 🎵 👌 👏
Otto Klarn Otto Klarn . 3 weeks ago
Sneakiest line in the whole song "She said: 'don't cowboys drink whiskey, so we drank bottom shelf'." Beautiful.
Dustin Johnson Dustin Johnson . 4 weeks ago
Ni gg a what
Alivia Bobber Alivia Bobber . 4 weeks ago
This song is my favorite song ever i mean it thank you morgan ❤❤❤
david kosak david kosak . 4 weeks ago
Love u Morgan
rrkevinschmitz50 rrkevinschmitz50 . 4 weeks ago
No need for another country song after this gem
Mathematics Tiffany Mathematics Tiffany . 4 weeks ago
I really did not like country music, however "Sand in my Boot " is my favorite country song, No other artist could sing this song like Morgan.

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