Play / Download LeBron, Lakers engage in ‘productive’ dialogue according to agent Rich Paul | NBA | UNDISPUTED
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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Published on 2 weeks ago

LeBron James and his representative Rich Paul met with Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka on Thursday regarding James’ eligible contract extension, this according to Dave McMenamin. Paul told McMenamin that the discussion was “productive” and both sides will continue a dialogue. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react.

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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

LeBron, Lakers engage in ‘productive’ dialogue according to agent Rich Paul | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED . 2 weeks ago
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anthony cecil anthony cecil . 3 days ago
Lebron will never be the goat Shannon you're not blind
H0llyw00d Howard H0llyw00d Howard . 4 days ago
🫱🏾👀🫲🏾Watch This. 😂
Shuron Howard Shuron Howard . 6 days ago
It’s almost emotionally sad that Skip is this bad
Luka Muren Luka Muren . 6 days ago
Damn Skip makes loada of sence today
Conscious Rap Conscious Rap . 6 days ago
Where is the beautiful Jenny??
Marty McFly313 Marty McFly313 . 6 days ago
we gotta find Shannon a gf, his dating life is in shambles n he be sounding SALTY w/ these analogies
이향순 이향순 . 6 days ago
Not the Usher Unc! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Heart 4 YAH Heart 4 YAH . 7 days ago
Didn't the NBA season just end? Are not the GSW the champions? Isn't it football season? Then why is Skip and Shannon still talking about LeBron and the Lakers? These bums ain't going anywhere! They sound more like a singing group than a professional basketball team! Here's the name of their next hit song - 'I'll Never Get Another Ring.'
Grade A Pedigree Grade A Pedigree . 7 days ago
At this point I don't believe you haters problem with LeBron is about basketball. It's that he doesn't move the way you want him to! Be serious LeBron don't obey & please the haters & y'all hate that but you can't stop his bag so y'all can keep crying 😂
KeeseDaBeast KeeseDaBeast . 1 week ago
Alla james harden 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣 next segment
Rich Bickle Rich Bickle . 1 week ago
It made me a little uncomfortable when skip said Lebron and Russ were going to start sleeping together
Fritz Spry Fritz Spry . 1 week ago
Thats bc he destroyed MIAMI roster UNC
Grade A Pedigree Grade A Pedigree . 1 week ago
I really don't understand what skips problem is. I just think he just like some other white's, hates a successful black man who stands up for black people.
Evonna Meza Evonna Meza . 1 week ago
Skip just sto the hate
Arthur Mercer Arthur Mercer . 1 week ago
I would ask some Brian James traded away everything we gave you everything you ever wanted and since the bubble you haven't produced so basically he hasn't lived up to his part of the bargain so as far as I'm concerned as a Lakers fan they should trade him that's what I would do I'm sick and tired of the whole thing he got us one Championship thank you LeBron James I appreciate it but other than that he hasn't won anything he's no Kobe Bryant I tell you that much
James D Ravenell II James D Ravenell II . 1 week ago
Skip Bayless acts like a little girl when Shannon is speaking rolling his eyes as if he's annoyed lol dude you live to watch yourself talk about LeBron before the show after the show Skip just loves LeBron.
WeareMaryland301 WeareMaryland301 . 1 week ago
Why should a player give a two, three time billionaire a discount? Have the front office give back money to help the team play. Matter of fact, ask the owner to take a discount on their money. Kobe didn’t turn down any money...
Sl33pSkillS Sl33pSkillS . 1 week ago
Lakers are trash
richard antolin richard antolin . 1 week ago
You all need to ask the question if the fans even want him in LA. If you all ask me the stands will be emptied if hes still here this coming season.
Alex Smith Alex Smith . 1 week ago
I literally live in Florida and took a contract assignment in LA. LA is NOT good weather! Cold, muggy, high of 58 with lows of 34. What is everybody talking about????
DIGITAL7 Media DIGITAL7 Media . 1 week ago
As a die-hard Laker fan...last season made me not care anymore about anything the Lakers do.
Axolotl marshmello Axolotl marshmello . 1 week ago
Trade him. Lakers are the Lakers. Lebron will retire and be gone but the Lakers will still be there. I’d trade him for a huge haul of draft picks. He can’t give you another championship if it’s this messy. Business is business so c’mon, let’s do it.
dee jones dee jones . 1 week ago
my guy said usher watch this...ahh unc your to much...please don't change 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Josh Boyle Josh Boyle . 1 week ago
LeBron great player but just not the best it will never change.
iitssjay iitssjay . 1 week ago
When skip acts like he fallin asleep 😂🤦🏿‍♂️
jhoseph Levy jhoseph Levy . 1 week ago
Lebron will abandon his Team as usual hooefully no one picks him up to send a message
B 3 B 3 . 1 week ago
Shannon's gray hair is starting to show more lately.
GhettoBoyRichi GhettoBoyRichi . 1 week ago
Red-baitingSwine Red-baitingSwine . 1 week ago
Cavs have good young players!
Cavs + LJ + Bronnie
Cavs + LJ + AD + KI
Know ThySelf Know ThySelf . 1 week ago
Can you two please roll back the energy and the Biases. I like you two and want to continue watching you two.
Beau Foster Beau Foster . 1 week ago
LeBron should join the raptors
George Green George Green . 1 week ago
Skip LeBron averaged 30 bro..He is the last person to blame for the Lakers record this season.His only mistake was asking for Russ
Alex Holmes Alex Holmes . 1 week ago
@10:50. News flash Skip.... LeBron's not watching the show🤣
Joshua Raphael Joshua Raphael . 1 week ago
Shannon always has some amazing suits (5 stars) but I'm not so sure about this one. Looks like they splashed so paint on a navy blue suit. Lol Idk
Michael Nguyen Michael Nguyen . 1 week ago
Man skippy, you need to take a pay cut with your delusional and hating on LeBron.
Stanley Green Stanley Green . 1 week ago
Did he said they helicoptered . He wrong for that
Cole World Cole World . 1 week ago
The years of Kobe you’re talking about Shannon are the years where Kobe had 27 injuries in the span of 3 years. Including torn rotator cuff and Achilles.
Dorae Mon Dorae Mon . 1 week ago
skip balless loves to talk to about himself all at the same time
Everything90 TV Everything90 TV . 1 week ago
Lebron the 🐐
KingxTokenx KingxTokenx . 1 week ago
LeBron James always keeps his promises? Might want to revisit that storm's coming comment lol
James Dawny James Dawny . 1 week ago
Lakers would've been fine without lebron. Thanks skip
Kobe wasn't injured shannon.... come on. Thank you skip. I can't mess with Shannon for that. Was just gonna say Kobe was trash the last three here and skip the injuries !! COLD. That was low. Dump Kobe to raise lebron. That's why we can't mess with most lebron fans .
top4predator top4predator . 1 week ago
Once you go Lakers you don't go back
Lisa Mcniel Lisa Mcniel . 1 week ago
Skip crazy LeBron should take 3 million dollars. 😀😆Why Skip hate LeBron so DAM?
Arthor81 Arthor81 . 1 week ago
I lost it when they started talking about groveling 🤣
Greg Tolbert Greg Tolbert . 1 week ago
Skip is high or sleepy
Lando De Windt Lando De Windt . 1 week ago
Does anyone know exactly when Skip woke up and decided to just eternally hate LeBron for life? Cause seriously, his takes on him are just ridiculous
RJ Quick RJ Quick . 1 week ago
Skip a industry puppet!!! Stephen A is one too so it was best to split them up to push narratives on different platforms
18 Wheels And A Bike 18 Wheels And A Bike . 1 week ago
Are we still talking about labron....gezz...
Paul Williams Paul Williams . 1 week ago
More then half of the world think Jordan is the goat 🐐 only a fringe minority are delusional to belive Lebron is even in the goat conversation

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