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Hunna & Lib

Hunna & Lib

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Maya ramirez Maya ramirez . 4 days ago
He for got🤣
Kaydence Suggs Kaydence Suggs . 1 week ago
He looks like he’s drunk
bxby_madison14 bxby_madison14 . 1 week ago
my boyfriend did the same thing lol
Samantha Varagiannis Samantha Varagiannis . 1 week ago
What the hell is natural girlfriend day
Georgia Railfan Georgia Railfan . 1 week ago
“It was National girlfriend day”. Me: Well, that’s another year I didn’t get to celebrate it.
OFIC3 XXX OFIC3 XXX . 1 week ago
❤Only for fans over 18 year⤵️ Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine Buhito.UnO Brünette und eine andere Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenna ich 4 wählen würde
🥪 JustAerielle 🐌 🥪 JustAerielle 🐌 . 2 weeks ago
I never knew National Girlfriend Day was a thing
The best The best . 2 weeks ago
RP_ PLAYS RP_ PLAYS . 2 weeks ago
I might just be lonely, but what’s national gf day?
/Meg• /Meg• . 2 weeks ago
The day right after is national ex- girlfriend day
filippxa filippxa . 2 weeks ago
it’s always mondays fault… it is the worst day though
🌻Floridababby 🌻Floridababby . 2 weeks ago
His face
Sushi Baka Sushi Baka . 2 weeks ago
Nah that's made up
Anil Hettiarachchi Anil Hettiarachchi . 2 weeks ago
What a cute couple
ZXCVBNM2 ZXCVBNM2 . 2 weeks ago
The heck is national gf day
CHRIS vids CHRIS vids . 2 weeks ago
making valentines 2.0
VEXrose VEXrose . 2 weeks ago
Could have been worse my friend has a boyfriend and she even asked (not even being mean just a reminder) and he refused to post her on any app at all..sounds a little sus if you ask me 😬
Random user Random user . 2 weeks ago
Big Papi Big Papi . 2 weeks ago
Girls always find a way to make every thing about them
🍇hanna⚡️ 🍇hanna⚡️ . 2 weeks ago
The fear in his eyes make me chuckle
Donald Goodnight Donald Goodnight . 2 weeks ago
🤣😂🤣😂😂 Does taco day count? 😁
SapiensCraft SapiensCraft . 2 weeks ago
I posted my boyfriend but he didn't post me skckkkqkx
scott bizaoui scott bizaoui . 2 weeks ago
What Valentines and Sweetest day Christmas and birthdays aren't enough???
Mr, Mister Mr, Mister . 2 weeks ago
How was he supposed to know if no one tells him? That's actually stupid
exprozone 101 exprozone 101 . 2 weeks ago
National day of what she said
Megha Brahmbhatt Megha Brahmbhatt . 2 weeks ago
Zachary Martin Zachary Martin . 2 weeks ago
I’m pretty sure it’s for gay people gisy
Jj Gallagher Jj Gallagher . 2 weeks ago
Tf is national girlfriend day???
Kai Haver7 Kai Haver7 . 2 weeks ago
PARABEN LINDA festa. Que *((0.9.0
Brisex.UnO bom que saiu do jeito que você sempre quis ela estava muito linda eeeee aaa * mamãe também baok meme
ItsEvan Gaming ItsEvan Gaming . 2 weeks ago
You better do something on OCTOBER THIRD THEN
Lorigan Lister Lorigan Lister . 2 weeks ago
My bf missed it as well but that's because he was not around
Lyric_Vids Lyric_Vids . 2 weeks ago
Ok tm Is me and my boyfriends 3months and the last to I'm pretty sure he forgot if I did t remind him. Should I see if he does and if he doesn't the next day do this
meguri uno5 meguri uno5 . 2 weeks ago
PARABEN LINDA festa. Que *((0.9.0
sugardadDy.UnO bom que saiu do jeito que você sempre quis ela estava muito linda eeeee aaa * mamãe também baok meme
Patricia Beers Patricia Beers . 2 weeks ago
How dare him?
DyingSunflowers DyingSunflowers . 2 weeks ago
It's NOT something he needs to know 🤷🏻‍♀️
Malvia Melody6 Malvia Melody6 . 2 weeks ago
Que sugardadDy.unO 💋 encantan tus momento videos.

Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuide donde quiera 😘
Kenneth3 Kenneth3 . 2 weeks ago
23:23 Hermosa elección 😘 😘
de los mejores conciertos ❤
10:10 -Staccy: ''Hyper''- �♥ 11:12 -Sun: ''Hotter''- �♥
11:12 -Hopi: ''Sweeter''- �♥ 00:18 -Joonie: ''Cooler''- �♥
18:00 -Yoongi: ''Butter''- �♥ 10:10 -Amoy: ''Mon'ks''- �♥
Nang Khai Nang Khai . 2 weeks ago
I don't know it either lol
Ana Ana . 2 weeks ago
her: what day was it yesterday?
him: * casually checks the time thinking it will make him know what day it was yesterday*
fl0's gam1ng fl0's gam1ng . 2 weeks ago
The way the light fits in the middle of the o-
Tots Rtg Tots Rtg . 2 weeks ago
My friend:yesterday why did you post food on your status
Me: it’s natural girlfriend day
Weekend Nomad Weekend Nomad . 2 weeks ago
I got the ick
Mr. turd Mr. turd . 2 weeks ago
National gf day my ass its not like there's a national boyfriend day. And who tf got time to have a day for a gf it ain't like they let the guy off of work to worship his gf. On a random day.
Coco Wang Coco Wang . 2 weeks ago
“I’m not gonna miss it!?”
but he just did
Pankratius Ochsenwerder Pankratius Ochsenwerder . 2 weeks ago
This is wrong inns many levels!
maeve_lifeXx💗💀 maeve_lifeXx💗💀 . 2 weeks ago
I hate this
liv and cam liv and cam . 2 weeks ago
She can already celebrate the anaversery and her birthday
DoomRambo666 DoomRambo666 . 2 weeks ago
He forgot, because that national day is so useless that his brain didn't render the information that there was a national b* day.
Cookiekawaiipurple Cookiekawaiipurple . 2 weeks ago
my friend and i wrote national girl friends cards to each other!!
marieocean8 marieocean8 . 2 weeks ago
He is same as my BF . 😂

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