Play / Download John Fetterman Goes Full Troll On Dr. Oz | Fact-Checking The Choco Taco Drama
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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Published on 7 days ago

Stephen finds out why New Jersey-based celebs like Lil Stevie Van Zandt are getting involved in the Pennsylvania Senate race, and he introduces a brand new long-running segment that will ensure he gets his facts straight. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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LE LE . 34 minutes ago
Oh the real Mastriano signs are much more obnoxious, surprised you didn’t have a picture of one since it feels like sadly they’re giant and have been omnipresent since before May primaries…
Sudo__ Sudo__ . 58 minutes ago
hmmm... now i must listen to fire and rain
Don Quarnstrom Don Quarnstrom . 3 hours ago
oh, I will not be firing after seeing the Grand Moff
Mila S Mila S . 4 hours ago
I like your content but I highly doubt Dr Oz voted in New Jersey as he is a Turkish nationalist. I was under the impression you had to be a citizen to vote in most countries including the USA??
How can someone who is not willing to become a citizen be allowed to run for any office??
Sco Bos Sco Bos . 11 hours ago
"You may fire when ready." WHY, OH WHY did that not get more laughs????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! There. I hope that helps.
Julie Julie . 17 hours ago
Yuengling is awesome! Oldest brewery in the 🇺🇸
Janru Schade Janru Schade . 19 hours ago
The NASA story comes from a riff done by Conan on his podcast. Unbelievable 😂
Raijinzz Gaming YouTube Raijinzz Gaming YouTube . 1 day ago
Can we get a fact check on the fact that The Hulk is not a DC comics character?
Ty Tn Ty Tn . 1 day ago
"a useless waste of time" sounds a wee bit like a "double-negative" which would make the statement a positive? Was this phrasing intentional, or did it slip past the proof-readers?
Monsieur Tarzan Monsieur Tarzan . 1 day ago
Mastriano wants a Christian theocracy. He's an extremist.
viddork viddork . 2 days ago
Somebody should have fact checked the idea that a Hulk movie (a Marvel property) would be released by Warner Bros. I started reading the comments to see how many (or rather, how few) I would have to go through before finding one where someone pointed this out. Shockingly, there are almost _zero_ such comments! It's all Fetterman and choco taco.
Muad'Dib Muad'Dib . 2 days ago
Bad. Ass.
Grant Imahara Grant Imahara . 2 days ago
Just watching this for the first time 4 days after it was released just bought a Choco Taco yesterday the stores haven't run out of stock yet and they're already back on the Shelf...
Donald Stewart Donald Stewart . 2 days ago
Katherine Stewart Katherine Stewart . 2 days ago
These damn politicians are getting Paid to act like Assholes 🤦
Katherine Stewart Katherine Stewart . 2 days ago
Ms Grumps Ms Grumps . 3 days ago
"More upsetter"? Thats an oxy moron.... who writes his dialog? Some five year old? Its more upset
Brittany Nicole Brittany Nicole . 3 days ago
Bring Fetterman on the show!
Wade Christian Wade Christian . 3 days ago
Used to love you, but you’re really pushing for idiots. Plus. You’re a sick person. We’ll just leave it there. Not to mention anything to make a dollar, legitimizing the left radicals to get even dumber in their drug fueled protests that they don’t even truly understand. I used to say I love that guy. Now with AOC the most incompetent person for presidency, telling her she should run.. really? I can get behind climate and a couple other things, but the thing is that she speaks and fights about things she just doesn’t understand. Fighting and causing other people to follow her because they also don’t understand but they think it’s right because someone is fighting so hard and making so much noise. You can’t run this country and change things with magic Fantasy is not going to work here. Please stop your brainwashing. You are literally making this country dumber and not a damn person wins in that.
Good Army F2 Good Army F2 . 3 days ago
Full this, Full that I wanna get the scoop on when they gonna pull the plugs on these damn late shows. It’s deadass better if they went to twitch and they all started weekly podcast or sum 🫤
Sam Nunyabusiness Sam Nunyabusiness . 3 days ago
Fetterman has a Masters, from Harvard, in public administration. Eminently qualified especially verses the "snake oil" salesman "Dr" OZ!!!
jo johns jo johns . 3 days ago
John fetterman promoted national vaccination mandates and got a stoke most likely from the vaccination I don’t like his vaccination mandates
Justin Calderon Justin Calderon . 3 days ago
That one was too early…😂😂😂
Jimmy Buffét Jimmy Buffét . 3 days ago
Don’t want the stuff he’s talking about to happen? Get out and vote in the same numbers as the people who believe the conspiracy stuff.
Kiriu Xeosa Kiriu Xeosa . 3 days ago
Odd to ask people to re-register when you didn't want to acknowledge the votes they casted the first time around. Feels over all pointless to even run for an election, he should just declare himself the winner and we can commemorate this with the pristine white coat of complete and utter sanity and give him his own room with extra know for security 🙄
NewsWave NewsWave . 3 days ago
America? Why is this guy still alive?
Susan Parkes-Hunt Susan Parkes-Hunt . 3 days ago
As a Canadian watching with interest the progress of the US electoral process, I'm still gobsmacked that there are so many people who support white supremacy, and Christian Nationalism. You guys make me nervous. I haven't forgotten why my Dad (RAF) enlisted and went to Europe to help stop the nazis and free people from concentration camps. History seems to be lost on too many. The motto "Lest We Forget" seems to be turning into "Yes We Forget".
Don't get me wrong, I also see many who do not agree with the (Nationalist) movement, but geesh guys, why is there not more resistance to this rising trend?
Christy Sweet Christy Sweet . 3 days ago
"In space no one can hear you cream .." would have been the far better line...
CPAC concluded another white supremacy convention in Dallas this last weekend with the typical violent rhetoric, continued lies, dictators and Trump's MO of always making everything about himself. He said that people are coming after him. He's right. When you break America's laws and don't live up to the oath of office, what would he expect? His mob attacked our capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 carrying rebel flags, weapons and attacking police officers. His Supreme Court took away the constitutional rights of women across America. His party blocked insulin help for people. Most Republicans are traitors to America, but they still support the most dangerous man in the world. The orange face, mentally ill little boy who will always fight till the end because he hates to lose. He can't face the truth. He never will! Vote for Democracy in November, not Trump's Trumpocracy.
samuraikitten samuraikitten . 3 days ago
John Fetterman is actually a real man. We need more people like him to save this Country.💙👍💙
d c d c . 3 days ago
Pfffttt...WHERE'S the proof that John actually said any of that?? I looked all over social media and there's no record of him saying any of that. Wow...typical. Steven is paid to be a political tool to spew out leftist propaganda that half of it is purely made up to slander those in the faith and his following just swallow it up. I prefer to get my news info from an actual source called THE NEWS.
Yautja Prime Yautja Prime . 4 days ago
Of course there is no ban on masturbating in space. Not only is it natural but it's extremely good for you. Just make sure your jizz isn't floating around the space station lol
Mark Pridgen Mark Pridgen . 4 days ago
You Democratic Radical RATS lied to the American people.
I will never vote Democratic again. You go against everything against God.
You all will pay in November.
Justice Kharma Justice Kharma . 4 days ago › watch
will trump run for president to avoid prison? | the daily show
Jyv Ben Jyv Ben . 4 days ago
movie trivia, Kirk and batgirl, tarkin/dr helsing but no dracula/count dooku/man with the golden gun/saruman ...
John Townsend John Townsend . 4 days ago
Oz got trump's political backing when he had trump as a guest
on his TV show and asserted that the then presidential candidate
Naybody Naybody . 4 days ago
HEY, what was the song at the end ??
your best pall shawn your best pall shawn . 4 days ago
Nj does not take ownership for “dr” oz
john smith john smith . 4 days ago
The Hulk is not DC universe (and WB) 😁
Bob Lewis Bob Lewis . 4 days ago
carmel frap has nothing to do with mid terms
Giovanni Itchee Giovanni Itchee . 4 days ago
Respect the Lore, Colbert.
Respect the Lore.
Amazons ROP doesn't respect the Lore.
RMJR RMJR . 4 days ago
👈🏼church. .state👉🏼
Vincent Baca Vincent Baca . 4 days ago
Everyone I see Mr. Van Zandt, I'm reminded of Richard Burton wearing the same head hanky in that movie with Rex Harrison......
Tim Kuiken Tim Kuiken . 4 days ago
Yes!!!! Well done Fetterman!
John Kaschmitter John Kaschmitter . 4 days ago
Colbert who??
Medusa Sunshine Medusa Sunshine . 4 days ago
Wow Nutty Nazis
Nellie Kenny Nellie Kenny . 4 days ago
Ok Jesus , time to come back NOW 😫
MrMountain123 MrMountain123 . 4 days ago
Separation of Church and State.... by force if necessary. We'll be a theocracy over my dead body!!!!
Janis Auzins Janis Auzins . 4 days ago
"O-Penn season". That's some high quality writing. And I'm not being sarcastic. Just top of the shelf, lmao stuff.
Jeff Patterson Jeff Patterson . 4 days ago
in my lifetime, late night talk shows have transformed from entertaining people to legitimizing our corrupt capitalist government.

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