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Country Cast

Country Cast

Published on 1 year ago

Morgan Wallen appears to be gearing up for a comeback. Could this new song "You Proof" be the comeback single we have been waiting for from Morgan Wallen? Trust me this has Morgan Wallen written all over it! From "Thought You Should Know" to "Drunk Me" to now, "You Proof" this hits the hardest.


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Jesse Hensley Jesse Hensley . 6 days ago
Lol grown and reflect smh no one cares aslong as he puts out good music let's just be honest
Noah Sturgeon Noah Sturgeon . 3 weeks ago
I am so glad that Morgan finally came back with his new music because I have been waiting after last year I am so glad that he finally came back with new music because I thought he would continue last year but despite the counter for city that happen or not here I thought he would continue but it looks like he decide put out new music this year
Kerri Morris Kerri Morris . 4 months ago
I can’t find this song on Apple Music why is not there yet
Carter Bleau Carter Bleau . 4 months ago
MORGAN!!! Release this song already!!!)
Lilly Sturgeon Lilly Sturgeon . 5 months ago
I think you you proof
Josh Russell Josh Russell . 5 months ago
To the person reading this, you’re absolutely amazing and wonderful! God is SO great! God is SO real!! God bless you!!! God bless everyone!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jeremy Follner Jeremy Follner . 6 months ago
When will this song finally be released???
Melinda Cruzen Melinda Cruzen . 6 months ago
I am convinced that this man cannot make a bad song!!!!
Sara Starr Sara Starr . 7 months ago
I can't wait for him to come out with a new album
SunShineRyan SunShineRyan . 7 months ago
How can I listen to the whole song??
Falen Prichard Falen Prichard . 7 months ago
Waiting on your proof 😍
Grease_Queen Dockery Grease_Queen Dockery . 7 months ago
My kids and i have been WAITING SOO LONG for you proof. Hits right enough to be #1
Katherine Taylor Katherine Taylor . 8 months ago
Brittany Griffin Brittany Griffin . 9 months ago
This man has talent !! Can’t stop him!!
Let’s Go Brandon Let’s Go Brandon . 9 months ago
I was drunk singing this and slurred the line “mixin liquors” it sounded a little dicey lol
Nickolas schonewitz Nickolas schonewitz . 9 months ago
Wtf happened to broadway girls
Casey Bond Casey Bond . 9 months ago
This sounds like a country chorus mixed over a generic trap beat. The chorus is catchy, but that's about it.
Amanda Maze Amanda Maze . 10 months ago
Amanda Maze Amanda Maze . 10 months ago
So so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
Emily Cook Emily Cook . 10 months ago
You proof needs to be it. Ugh I cant wait
Megan Mallery Megan Mallery . 10 months ago
Wish he could release “show girl” !
Angel Fonseca Angel Fonseca . 10 months ago
This man don’t disappoint 😎
Tony Franchise Tony Franchise . 10 months ago
Never apologize Morgan... it doesn't work & it's just a word. Great song 🍀14
Anna Valentine Anna Valentine . 11 months ago
ever since i heard this clip for the first time its been stuck in my head. its my alarm tone and everything lol. im sooo ready to have the full song. ill be seeing MW live on Oct 23 in Auburn <3
Kattie Kattie . 11 months ago
Who else is waiting for him to release this?
XXXNoobZZXX XXXNoobZZXX . 11 months ago
I’m sorry but is it just me that doesn’t give a damn about people “canceling” other people like what does it really do.😂
We Are Not Vloggers We Are Not Vloggers . 11 months ago
Aaron VanDeventer Aaron VanDeventer . 11 months ago
Morgan is the biggest country star these days and it will stay like that for years to come. Luke combs could have been if he wasn’t a sellout
Advanced Services Admin Advanced Services Admin . 11 months ago
Damn right ! Love this song bro!
amanda barnes amanda barnes . 11 months ago
As a fan for a long time been waiting patiently for this single to drop.
casey koenig lamasters casey koenig lamasters . 11 months ago
Rae Rae . 11 months ago
You Proof has to be released first omg if he doesn't I might cry
blcwec2 blcwec2 . 11 months ago
love peace and hair grease
Don Bailes Don Bailes . 11 months ago
You Proof needs to be Morgan’s new single
terri bloodworth terri bloodworth . 11 months ago
I fuckin love this Man
Logan Love Logan Love . 11 months ago
You proof is just… wow. So good
Linda McCallister Linda McCallister . 11 months ago
This song is so original, never heard anything quite like it. Exciting!!
Linda McCallister Linda McCallister . 11 months ago
If the Country Music Awards cancels Morgan Wallen, then we should all cancel CMA!! I already did until they apologize to him!
Lillie Tate Lillie Tate . 11 months ago
Ally Rice Ally Rice . 11 months ago
Thought you should know is a good one!
Riley Kilzer Riley Kilzer . 12 months ago
I'm his biggest fan don't even try to compare 😊🤚
Kristina Littles Kristina Littles . 12 months ago
We love you Morgan. You didn’t do anything wrong
chris R chris R . 12 months ago
Love it. Turned on to him by a very close friend I don’t see anymore. If it wasn’t for his songs I couldn’t get through some days. Miss my friend very much but Morgan helps ease the pain.
Josh Hulm Josh Hulm . 12 months ago
you proof needs to be finished. along with a song by Drew Parker called raised up right
Faith MCcall Faith MCcall . 12 months ago
So happy he’s back I really love his music can’t wait.
WhatDidYouSay WhatDidYouSay . 12 months ago
I Morgan
Ethan Leonard Ethan Leonard . 12 months ago
This songs trash tf
Brandi Wilson Brandi Wilson . 12 months ago
Dang I got here just in time. Should have come with a WARNING!!
Teddy Parker Teddy Parker . 12 months ago
This song is trash. Repeating “you proof “over and over doesn’t qualify you as a musical genius. Just means you’re trying to dig that hook.Such a waste that everyone is still trying to defend this man while there are other much more gifted much more better songwriters and performers just waiting to serve that position that he’s in . Country music has turned to dust in my opinion with their decision to let this guy have a fifth chance . Keep this chainsaw sounding fake ass country boy off the airways.

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