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Walker Hayes

Walker Hayes

Published on 1 month ago

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Emily Aerni Emily Aerni . 12 hours ago
Walker you have the best songs I’ve ever heard they get stuck in my head and I love how you make dances and dance to them with you kids
Lisa Myera Lisa Myera . 17 hours ago
I love the song and I love your family
Marsh Momma Marsh Momma . 1 day ago
Cute. Good song hadn't heard that
Rusty Wittchow Rusty Wittchow . 1 day ago
Having raised 2 daughters and still close them, they are 32 and 40. I love your videos with your daughter who is not embarrassed to dance with her father
Jaymaria7 Jaymaria7 . 1 day ago
Lauren Rsch Lauren Rsch . 2 days ago
No matter how many times I see you boogie, the fun of family😎😎
skasprow skasprow . 3 days ago
Love this!
Teresa English Teresa English . 3 days ago
Love your videos. Also love the bond you and your family has. Family is everything ❤️❤️❤️
Carolyn Richard Carolyn Richard . 3 days ago
I liked seeing you in concert
Wyatt the outdoorsman Wyatt the outdoorsman . 3 days ago
She is soooo cute
Larry Cerbach Larry Cerbach . 4 days ago
He's the best in music. Love his songs.
Eugene Pruitt Eugene Pruitt . 5 days ago
That was amazing 👏 🙌
Eugene Pruitt Eugene Pruitt . 5 days ago
Love it so cool 😎 much loves out there
Grace Roundy Grace Roundy . 5 days ago
Are you trying to be country
kenneth bailey kenneth bailey . 5 days ago
Lisa Neal Lisa Neal . 6 days ago
I love the relationship between father daughter this makes walker hayes the best
hotwar74 hotwar74 . 6 days ago
Susana Cervantes Interpreter Susana Cervantes Interpreter . 7 days ago
You are all so much fun to watch! 😍🥰😇💕
Deborah Ellerbe Deborah Ellerbe . 1 week ago
So happy for you, Seem like cool guy and deserving of all your success.
Maeleiana Maeleiana . 1 week ago
I love you this song 🥰
Jeannine Molash Jeannine Molash . 1 week ago
Love it. 🔥
Suzanne Brady Suzanne Brady . 1 week ago
Love you guys
Yes. Yes. . 1 week ago
This music is so horrible. 🤢
Karen Dahl Karen Dahl . 1 week ago
Was this in West Salem?
dadajurgenhotmail dada dadajurgenhotmail dada . 1 week ago
Mary Patton Mary Patton . 1 week ago
Another hit 🎶🔊💙
Betty Miller Betty Miller . 1 week ago
Thats sweet
Gwyneeda Davis Gwyneeda Davis . 1 week ago
I'm feeling this! 😕 😍🥰
Maria Gamboa Maria Gamboa . 1 week ago
This guy is a bad ass👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻u to girl 👍🏼😅
Anita Chandler Anita Chandler . 1 week ago
Sister ✨️👑✨️ is cold with her moves...sweet!💖
✨️ 👑✨️👑✨️🙋‍♀️
Anita Chandler Anita Chandler . 1 week ago
Y'all can 💃 🕺
Skyler Young Skyler Young . 1 week ago
I would be yelling walker Hayes out the window of the car
Toni Ouellette Toni Ouellette . 2 weeks ago
In EVERY video I've watched, your kids are looking at you while they're dancing!
I LOVE how much your kids LOVE amd look up to you as their example.
I'm sure they see you astheir example I'm Many ways, not JUST the dances.
Lisa Swanson Lisa Swanson . 2 weeks ago
Yall are awesome 👌 I love watching all your vids!!videos!!! Your a cool Dad !!! I love it !!! Don't see Daddys like this very often. Yall keep dancin, stay safe, be happy and love your family 🫂
New Account, Who Dis'? New Account, Who Dis'? . 2 weeks ago
I don't think I would recognize them not together 😍 I love their father-daughter relationship!
Taycee bell Taycee bell . 2 weeks ago
I love this song it is now my new favorite….and I learned the dance
Candice Pritchard Candice Pritchard . 2 weeks ago
i love this dance
April Ingram April Ingram . 2 weeks ago
Rose Davis Rose Davis . 2 weeks ago
Love the music and the dance
Bonnie Zeiba Bonnie Zeiba . 2 weeks ago
Can't wait for Everett WA November 2 nd 2023
deanna young deanna young . 2 weeks ago
Yessssss 👍
Love y'all so much 💗💓
Crystal D. Emmett Crystal D. Emmett . 2 weeks ago
# gosh. Father daughter goals! ❤
Jeanine Mulka Jeanine Mulka . 2 weeks ago brother love s fancy like please share me on Tiktok
Mylittlebrother Ca Mylittlebrother Ca . 2 weeks ago
We are surprised they didn't cause a carwreck that close to traffic 😄
Rita Donaldson Rita Donaldson . 2 weeks ago
👋👋👋👌😍😘😘Totally Awsome
Sandra Lee Weeks-Hubbard Sandra Lee Weeks-Hubbard . 2 weeks ago
Great family!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Suzann Pomeroy Suzann Pomeroy . 2 weeks ago
Moves are impressive.
Bridgett Jones Bridgett Jones . 2 weeks ago
I just got off of hospice and ud love to be able to learn this,
Penny Stanton Penny Stanton . 2 weeks ago
Love ❤️ it ❤️

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