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Published on 4 weeks ago

Indunil Bandara Indunil Bandara . 1 day ago
Jhon cena
Patrick Franklin Patrick Franklin . 2 days ago
He should of said your dad
PROHACKER7676 PROHACKER7676 . 2 days ago
You can't see gravity but you can see things affected by gravity
Flash Flash . 2 days ago
air =))))
Raver Obal Raver Obal . 2 days ago
what about air
Suomi Man Suomi Man . 3 days ago
But you can see gravity...?
ShinYen Chu ShinYen Chu . 3 days ago
john cena
sdsep sdsep . 3 days ago
“Name something you know exists but you can’t see it.”
The wind. You can’t see the AIR, but you can see what it DOES.
Ian DiSalvo Ian DiSalvo . 4 days ago
“Name something you know exists even though you can’t see it.”

Surrey X Surrey X . 4 days ago
So the right would be god even tho that shit doesnt exist 😂
yEeeEoOwwCHh yEeeEoOwwCHh . 4 days ago
“Name something that exist even if you can't see it”

Connor McLeod Connor McLeod . 4 days ago
m i c h e l l e m i c h e l l e . 4 days ago
Lara-Jane Carreon Lara-Jane Carreon . 4 days ago
Theres a better answer God
Gayathri Sasikumar Gayathri Sasikumar . 4 days ago
Is steve so brilliant why does he insult every1, being a host gives him the authority ???
Conduct a questionary for him lets see how he does
Susie da Rat Susie da Rat . 4 days ago
John Cena
Randomperson Randomperson . 4 days ago
I said air
Minh Hoàng Minh Hoàng . 4 days ago
You can't see it
Not in the answer sheet
et cetera et cetera . 4 days ago
Rubia Mawora Rubia Mawora . 4 days ago
John cena is the most obvious answer ofc🙄
Melwyn Sunny Melwyn Sunny . 4 days ago
What would happen if someone says clitoris.
Aliyah Thomas Aliyah Thomas . 4 days ago
His dad
Uchiha Uchiha . 4 days ago
itsyaboi itsyaboi . 4 days ago
jokes aside gravity is actually a really good answer
Alex Crawford Alex Crawford . 4 days ago
If this was pointless it would have been a brilliant answer
lets cook with love :) lets cook with love :) . 4 days ago
Name something you know exist even if you can't see it
Asian Toest Asian Toest . 4 days ago
Įāmthęgøāt Įāmthęgøāt . 4 days ago
Something that exists but you can’t see it
Ur dad
Yamano Yamano . 4 days ago
Gravity is literally a theory. The board was correct
Tanishq Jain Tanishq Jain . 4 days ago
Even a 14 yr old would say gravity.
Vlad Nasaudeanu Vlad Nasaudeanu . 4 days ago
Orange Orange . 4 days ago
No Furry No Furry . 4 days ago
Sharon Ellysion Sharon Ellysion . 4 days ago
Ksweew Ksweew . 4 days ago
you can observe gravity so you know it's there but not the actual thing so this is a perfect answer,just like god would be, and actually it would have been a worse answer than gravity since god existence is yet to be determined not gravity. Also if you would have answered god then how can you know it's there without seeing it ? how you would you prove it ? you would try to report the miracles and stuffs you suppose is caused by it so that's also observing effects not the actual thing directly.
JoeKerr JoeKerr . 4 days ago
I would have responded with a simple "my cock" but gravity works
Musica Musica . 4 days ago
that seems like a given to me
Mohammed Amine Gasmi Mohammed Amine Gasmi . 4 days ago
I would've said John Cena
Rubix Cubix Rubix Cubix . 4 days ago
My brain
Saucy Saucy . 4 days ago
Is that not a good answer tho?
Sharifah Rabiatul Adawiyah Sharifah Rabiatul Adawiyah . 4 days ago
"Name something you know exist even if you can't see it"

Mono The Monkey Mono The Monkey . 4 days ago
So...isn't gravity a good answer...or is it cus you can see it by seeing objects falling down.
Ximit yolas Ximit yolas . 4 days ago
Jesus not one person on 100 filling that answer as a possibility? yikes.
And let me take a wild guess... USA?
Files documents And repositories Files documents And repositories . 4 days ago
Oxygen, nitrogen or air
Liam Pate Liam Pate . 4 days ago
It's not rly that smart of an answer and U don't need to be a doctor to know that. I'm so damn confused. Why does he think that's smart ?
Thrift'Z'3 Millien Thrift'Z'3 Millien . 4 days ago
That was my answer. I still do not understand why it was wrong.
Bob Barker Bob Barker . 4 days ago
My dad
Fresco Teddy Fresco Teddy . 4 days ago
Kinda sad 'omg he is educated' imagine tryna paint it as something weird or bad
Dark3stShad0w Dark3stShad0w . 4 days ago
im down bad when i thought of a answer
Pedro Contreras Pedro Contreras . 4 days ago

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