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Published on 1 week ago

cant stay alive...

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Dr6ke Dr6ke . 12 hours ago
If you want to find the hard core drake D riders look no further than these comments
Ethan D. Ethan D. . 2 days ago
staying alive? more like staying asleep
ThaBoy TITO ThaBoy TITO . 2 days ago
I thought this shit saved the rest of the summer lmao how ppl hating this so much
Lil Igloo Lil Igloo . 3 days ago
Absolutely felt the song and love the song such a mellow vibe Crisp bars by lil baby
SJOHN SJOHN . 4 days ago
This is crazy this song is a banger 😭😭 why people hate everything he do so much must be cause he really is that great
BR AVO BR AVO . 5 days ago
Yawns on purpose
Simon J Simon J . 5 days ago
It's the beat honestly
ref vas ref vas . 5 days ago
Been listening to it since its release but it just aint it. Hook is okay but not enough to carry the verses. Dj khaled keep saying its the song of the year I guess he feels like if he says it enough it might come to existence. Hey maybe it will, but anybody who isn't biased will tell you this is weak.
juan oooh juan oooh . 6 days ago
Listened to this song a couple times now, Drake is literally ripping off Lil Baby's flow. Not even that, he even tries to sound like him. Guess he felt insecure after Wants and Needs lmao. But nah song is a meh to ok
MrASAPAB MrASAPAB . 6 days ago
Had high hopes with this track, Drake and baby are a very good duo: wants and needs, yes indeed, never recover, all bangers. I like girls want girls too. This song sucks though.
Osama Bin Juggin' Osama Bin Juggin' . 6 days ago
Fantano always sniffing bruh this ngga doing coke lol
TheBeatsAuthority TheBeatsAuthority . 6 days ago
Very constructive
David Joshea David Joshea . 6 days ago
How did the Beegees estate sign off on this piece of dogshit music
F. Miller F. Miller . 6 days ago
It's an ok track. He def have put out worst.
JG JG . 7 days ago
It’s all good that some of y’all don’t like it cause either way y’all will be forced to like it in the next few months regardless of whatchu think 😂
Go Home Roger Go Home Roger . 7 days ago
DJ Khaled has to be one of the most unoriginal and lazy producers of all time. All he does is sample songs that are already extremely well known.
Deed!zel Deed!zel . 7 days ago
1:58 Stephony Currtano
TheLyonKing5 TheLyonKing5 . 7 days ago
Usually hate Fantano's chat cus all they do is hate but the hate is justified here, this song is so mid and boring.
IA1N IA1N . 1 week ago
Only tiem I’ll agree with fantano for anything
MarkEZ MarkEZ . 1 week ago
Idk guys, I’m a fan of drake and this just ain’t it. Perhaps if the beat was different or his hook was different. All I’m saying is, this ain’t no Hotline Bling or Passion Fruit. Whatever they were going for didn’t hit me for 2 listens. This def sound like a throw away from Drake.
Solace Moods Solace Moods . 1 week ago
Well I guess it’s true what they say -music is relative.. this song is literally the best! but y’all don’t like it? lol I just understand if y’all or being honest or y’all doing that “cool to hate drake thing again”.. bruh I’m confuse..
FrizzyFrance FrizzyFrance . 1 week ago
He just hates drake
Iron Cardinal Iron Cardinal . 1 week ago
I was having trouble sleeping so thanks Drake.
Runaway Runaway . 1 week ago
People defending Drake here.. this song is genuinely awful, its a crap rendition of staying alive, the mix on drake is awful, the autotune on lil baby is done terribly, the beat is really nothing special and neither drake or lil baby bring anything interesting to the table.
Tendoni Mogoka Tendoni Mogoka . 1 week ago
Guy hates Drake though😂
athul shetty athul shetty . 1 week ago
Why does drake get so much hate man? People be saying this is basic shit, but that's what the music is going for, basic which you can just listen to and just vibe to it without thinking too much about the lyrics, not every song has to be rappity rappity track.
Dylan Docker Dylan Docker . 1 week ago
This dude hates on everything from Drake and Nav and so does his stupid fanbase lmao
Mirza Mirza . 1 week ago
He hates Drake and Eminem- what more proof do people want?
Jay Carti Jay Carti . 1 week ago
Alright I understand the chat's bad taste now😂 dude in the chat really said eminem's new song was a 9/10 lol. That song was a 6/10 at best and the best part was the verse from 50. People like that only like one brand of music so anything remotely different sucks. This song just sum to vibe to, it doesn't have to be the most lyrically sound song of all time
Thomaz Rodine Thomaz Rodine . 1 week ago
Why this nigga act like he works for the grammys or sum. He the type of dude that gon bump justin timberlake in the car
CHAN SANA CHAN SANA . 1 week ago
❤Only for fans over 18 year⤵️ Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine empr.ONLINE Brünette und eine andere Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wennj ich 4 wählen würde
joey mills joey mills . 1 week ago
this new khaled track was underwhelming, drake’s verse was such a snoozer. at least lil baby was decent so there’s a plus!
Crenshaw_White Crenshaw_White . 1 week ago
Dude didn’t even listen to best part of the song

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