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Published on 1 year ago

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Malone - 420PandaCo Malone - 420PandaCo . 2 weeks ago
I wasn't expecting this to hit me like it did b/c I can't relate but the way Walker brings you in, you can't help but cry. I also love the personalization you add to your videos.
Anne Friedman Anne Friedman . 3 weeks ago
I sure hope this song gets airtime! Love it ❤️
Abdulwahed Abdulwahed . 2 months ago
Thank you for that perfect words.

I lost my father two years ago, this song brought tears just remembered him.

Thank you again from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
Barb Wood Barb Wood . 2 months ago
Omg Walker!!! Why didn’t I know about this song? It’s incredible! Your writing talent amazes me…. “We Gotchu”
Lynn Elliott Lynn Elliott . 2 months ago
I was today years old when I discovered Walker Hayes' awesome music! Now I'm bingeing!
joseph wilson joseph wilson . 3 months ago
The wife and I just passed up a chance to see Walker in Chattanooga a few weeks ago, all I knew of his music at the time was Fancy Like and AA. Missing that show is turning into one of my biggest regrets even if it would have meant having to sit through seeing Kane Brown, I guess we could have left before he came on. We should have gone. Call your local radio stations and request they play Walkers other songs besides Fancy Like and AA, though they are great as well, get his other music out there too.
bikeandbus bikeandbus . 3 months ago
Craig is right man! You have a gift. I am so happy that you are now able to share it. Thanks Walker.
Kk Brooke Kk Brooke . 3 months ago
I can relate to this song because my dad has a suitcase for work and whenever he picks it up and puts it in his jeep i cry and say "Daddy please don't leave."But yess i lovee this song
John Lester Delos Reyes John Lester Delos Reyes . 3 months ago
This makes me emotional asf
Theresa Hollowood Theresa Hollowood . 3 months ago
Your gonna make me start crying with this song
Brianna B Brianna B . 3 months ago
Omg I'm about to cry! I'm finding all your older songs and they need way more recognition!
Donna Thompson Donna Thompson . 4 months ago
I miss my dad and lost him in 2007 always cherish your dad
kathy cavazos kathy cavazos . 4 months ago
Mr. Hayes helped us find two homes here in Mobile. I didn't know him that well, but he made a strong impression on my heart, hated to hear today that he has passed. When I first started hearing your songs about five or six years ago, Walker, I asked if the two of you were related. He smiled and kind of blushed, said, You've heard of my son? He was proud of you and your family, talked about what a good father you are. God Bless!
Bebe T Bebe T . 4 months ago
You are so very special. Right to the heart.
If you haven't heard Jimmy Buffett's early stuff, take a listen. His grandfather, a seafarer, was very special to him and influenced him greatly. The Captain &the Kid, Son of a Son of a Sailor, and others may resonate w you.
He is from Mobile and did time in Nashville. Wasn't accepted in Nashville and moved to the Keys and the rest, as they say, is history.
If anyone only knows his commercial stuff about 🍹and 🍔 and 🦈and 🌋, you're missing out on a lot.
Fay Leake Fay Leake . 4 months ago
J R Handley J R Handley . 5 months ago
What the heck is a McGreggor Chord?
J R Handley J R Handley . 5 months ago
I hope that your dad got to hear this before he passed, I really do.

I can relate to this... I hated my dad for being in the military and being away for so much of my childhood. I hated watching the news, every single time he sailed away on the med cruises. Always worried, never knowing if he was safe. Was a simpler, pre-internet world where letters were how we talked to the men serving half a world away. And now I became him, first chasing the flag when I enlisted into the Army. Then marching to the war drums when I fought in round two of his war in Iraq. And now I have my own sons and I get it. I just hope my sons will sometimes understand... and gods willing, I hope they can ignore the war drums and pick a safer profession. Maybe be that realtor or musician.
Evon Evon . 5 months ago
Beautiful song 🎵 ❤
Jessica Tadlock Jessica Tadlock . 5 months ago
I'm from Mobile myself and remember seeing his Dad's adds and seeing his Dad in person at an oil change place. The guys there were telling him he could pull his van up into the garage but, he pointed out that it was too tall for the garage. He seemed like a nice man with good common sense. That's amazing to be listening to these awesome songs from his son.😊👍💖
Bless your Dad Walker and you all.🕯❤
Cara Chandler Cara Chandler . 5 months ago
This song Is so relatable 😭. As a homeschooling mom, me and the boys are always running for the door as soon as we hear the garage door open and hubby’s home health bag hit the floor. The kids def don’t get why dad has to “help old ladies” all day and not them (he helps whoever just came home from the hospital/rehab but they they that is just old ladies apparently).
Hector Carrillo Hector Carrillo . 5 months ago
This song hits the soul.. I lost my dad December of 2020. “Everyone says I look like him, walk like him, sound like him.” Song brings tears every time I hear it and all the great memories of my Dad. God Bless..
LLroomtempJ LLroomtempJ . 5 months ago
this song is so powerful
Elizabeth Suchomel Elizabeth Suchomel . 5 months ago
What a TRIBUTE to his father! The guitar doesn't fall too far from the briefcase...that caught me in my chest! Songwriters like this are special...Paisley, Urban, Stapleton*(rarified air there)....the ability to write summer party anthems, catchy tunes you can't get out of your head and to throw a Christian curveball...we need more of it! Keep God and family in the music you create! I don't go to church, but artists putting theirs into the music I listen to sure makes me feel like I'm there. And I'm grateful 🙏 🥲.
dasbarasat dasbarasat . 5 months ago
An album of superb hits but this is a standout. You are the best thing in country music now
Linda Derry Linda Derry . 5 months ago
@WalkerHayes that's a beautiful song. As my Das worked and not much at home and I heard all the bad things my mom sad. But I get it he made sure his debt was paid and we would not have to suffer. And I look at my dad so differently now as he is 87 and all he sacrifice he wasn't the best at being there. But he was there he was not going to have nothing gevwas going to make sure he had all his kids set up he worked for the future not just living day by day. Sacraf8ce he made. I love my dad today I still hear my mom never satisfied but I see my dad sucome to the fact he can't work outside anymore but is at peace.
Katy cassel Katy cassel . 6 months ago
My dad was always my hero, even thou he was not the perfect dad! I found alot out as I got older. But he was a good man, even thou my mom did not realize that. I look back at 56 and realized I am alot like him in so many ways. But when I really truly look back he was the briefcase. Love you dad for all you tryed to be. I miss you !!!
Sandy R Sandy R . 6 months ago
I just listened to this one for the first time. WOW so good & so touching‼️
Elizabeth Williams Elizabeth Williams . 6 months ago
Walker your song was on point. Keep it moving. Nothing but love for you 🥰🥰🥰
Matias Geraldo the 2nd Matias Geraldo the 2nd . 6 months ago
So absolutely sad that stupid songs about stupid crap like Applebees are the ones that blow up and the gorgeous, heartfelt, well written art like these are the ones that go under the radar like nothing. You can definitely blame the that wonderful ignorant country fanbase for that. Sheesh.
Carson Nguyen Carson Nguyen . 6 months ago
Damn good song
Deanne Sweet Deanne Sweet . 6 months ago
Wow! Just listened to this tonight . What a beautiful song! made me tear up. Well Done Walker
jada jada . 6 months ago
this song is so preatty i love it
WastinTime WastinTime . 6 months ago
KBA KBA . 6 months ago
Walker NEVER disappoints!!💯
Henry Perez Henry Perez . 6 months ago
I think every parent can relate to this song. For me it was a suitcase. Whenever my kids saw it they knew I had another trip. One morning at oh dark hundred as I was making sure I had everything and realizing my work ID was not in it’s usual spot, I thought to check the tee pee where the toys were and there it was. Looking up at me. Right where my 3 year old had left it. I said a prayer of thanks and slipped out the door to work. I am retired now. I love the reality of Walker Hayes’s songs and how they touch our hearts.
Stephanie Cochran Stephanie Cochran . 7 months ago
Amazing song Walker….Keep Jesus Close🙏🏻 Your Dad would be so proud of you. Watching you grow while you about to finna tell the world about Walker Hayes…Happy for You!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Carolyn Booker Carolyn Booker . 7 months ago
Love all ur songs. Come on to kingsport Tenn!!!!
Hung Ly Hung Ly . 7 months ago
Thank you for writing such a beautiful song. I haven’t really have a moment to deal my fathers’ death till I hear your song.
Brenda Johnston Brenda Johnston . 7 months ago
You are so talented, Walker! Your songs are ones that touch the heart!
linus quandras linus quandras . 7 months ago
Walker this is such a special song. I'm very glad you were able to play it for him before he passed away. I know he is watching down and being so proud of you
Amy Reid Amy Reid . 7 months ago
The picture at 2:43 is how I remember your mom. Your dad was a good man. This song made me cry more than I want to admit! You're amazing Walker!
Sally Bradshaw Sally Bradshaw . 7 months ago
Love this song along with all of the others on this album. Would love to hear more about “Craig”. We are coming to see you at the Ryman and can’t wait to hear some of these songs in person!! You know you have made it when you appeal to all ages. My 3 yr old granddaughter knows all the words to Fancy Like and AA!! We love to listen to your songs together ❤️
country riff country riff . 7 months ago
Wow! This is so much better than anything else hes put out
Liv Feuerborn Liv Feuerborn . 7 months ago
I had to leave my dad when I was 12 but this song still feels relaxing some how!!!
Lea Ann Gingerich Lea Ann Gingerich . 7 months ago
This is the most awesome song ever!
Margo Sears Margo Sears . 7 months ago
Jenny Richardson Jenny Richardson . 7 months ago
Wow I just gotten this song on omg damn straight up I get this one ☝️😂😂😂😂😍
angela martinez angela martinez . 7 months ago
Very emotional song. I was deeply touched. Good writing!
Clairressa Goad Clairressa Goad . 7 months ago
I love this… you have a remarkable ability to show your life wide open in music and it’s beautiful…just beautiful…please keep doing you…and thank you…
Karen McDaris Karen McDaris . 7 months ago
Beautiful song!

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