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The Murisan Family

The Murisan Family

Published on 1 week ago

#BTS​ #방탄소년단​ #BadDecisions

FIRST TIME REACTING TO benny blanco, BTS & Snoop Dogg - Bad Decisions (Official Music Video)

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The Murisan Family The Murisan Family . 1 week ago

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jmjm jmjm . 9 hours ago
Jimin vocal 💜 💖 💕
Sara H Sara H . 1 day ago
Josh, you don't need to apologize. Everyone has their opinion about the song. I feel the same way about Snoop part.
A B A B . 4 days ago
Jimin’s vocals stand out so much 🤩💜
Riverphoenix Riverphoenix . 5 days ago
Fun fact Benny giving heart sign to Jungkook his pics were shown in the video.
Jungkook singing the whole song n harmonizing with other others parts
Main vocalist thing. He's everywhere in the song.
I wish Benny had included bts in the music video.
Congratulations to Jungkook left n right charted 6 weeks on Hot 100 peak #22.
Jungkook first verse trended in US n worldwide it's so sexy n hot
D13J D13J . 5 days ago
Jimin’s voice is so amazing !
ArmySince2016 ArmySince2016 . 5 days ago
Let’s help Bad Decisions chart higher 😞 why do I feel Armys are not making much effort for this masterpiece. This involves our vocal line and they for sure made a lot of effort for this track. Let’s go Armys! Let’s do this for Bangtan 💜
Maria Barroqueiro Maria Barroqueiro . 6 days ago
You're both right !!! Wanna love everything BTS but song was a little too soft for me too.
Lane Brett Lane Brett . 6 days ago
I’m sad about Snoop 😭 we KNOW he can kill on a pop song ie., California Gurls, and he could’ve brought a longer, badass verse. He just felt like backing vocals to me. It’s like they just saw him passing by at the studio and were like hey come on this song
mihaela gheorghe mihaela gheorghe . 6 days ago
The song is much under our boys'vocal level.
Oinkidiskie Oinkidiskie . 6 days ago
Please react to 👑Jackson Wang’s CRUEL, it’s totally insane! 💯🔥
Less Money Less Money . 7 days ago
I really enjoy your channel and your authenticity. Don't be upset to call out Snoop dog for a weak performance. He obviously did not bring his A game to this project. I also feel that Benny did not embrace the potential that this collaboration could have done to promote BTS to new fans, i.e. snoops hard core rapper fans. I don't feel the BTS rap line get enough credit for being exceptional rappers and the ARMY does not get credit for being true devoted fans, not fanatics. Snoop, or Benny did not care enough to research AugusD to find out that BTS has some hard core rappers themselves. Think about this, the ARMY will support anything BTS does, but what about folks who turned into this video who have never listened to BTS and were only interested because it was produced by Benny and featured Snoop Dogg. What did they see? They saw Benny portraying the ARMY as fanatics who totally lose track of reality and time because of their devotion to BTS, and they get one of the weakest rap lines that Snoop has ever performed. It shows me that Snoop and Benny really do not respect the work standards and quality of music that we all know BTS gives consistently. It seems like this was a money grab for Snoop and Benny at the expense of BTS and ARMY. If you take Jin, V, Jimin and JK out of this song and video, what do you have left? Sour grapes is what you have left. Fortunately, Jin, V, Jimin and JK were able to make a fine wine out of those sour grapes.
Speakup yt Speakup yt . 7 days ago
I don't like snoop dog's rap lines either, his rap line ruined the song!~imo 🤐
Mimi Garcia Mimi Garcia . 1 week ago
Todos somos Benny, aunque tranquilo Benny el estadio nunca estaría vacío el día anterior. Jimin impresionante.
circle circle . 1 week ago
Benny blocked the video for Russian ARMYs.
BTS were against discrimination based on nationality, skin color and gender. Now ARMYs are divided into bad and good? I did not do anything bad. It is so painful!
사랑 사랑 . 1 week ago
BTS paved the way The Fact BTS paved the way The Fact . 1 week ago
i wished also, our boys could appear on MV
Catalina Rivera Catalina Rivera . 1 week ago
I really loved the song, and the MV...I said this before...I feel related🤣🤣💜💜💜
Jody Cummings Jody Cummings . 1 week ago
I thought of the Mexinese Family too! This video has the sort of silly, sideways humor that their videos have. I love the song, and I hope it gets tons of radio play. Don't worry about getting hate for expressing your opinion re: Snoop's second verse. It's your channel - you say what you want.
It’s coming from a point of view of Benny as an ARMY. So it would make sense the boys would not be in the video. Great catchy song! We always want more of our boys. 💜
Wie Permana Wie Permana . 1 week ago
very cool
Angelina Turaliyeva Angelina Turaliyeva . 1 week ago
Mexinese Family and Murisan Family💜💜💜
young forever young forever . 1 week ago
11:04 😂😂😂
Sophie Park Sophie Park . 1 week ago
Why don't I see the Chimmy toy in your background? ☹️
ninerjamie ninerjamie . 1 week ago
I like the lyric MV more than this one. But they're both hilarious!
Fly BTS Fly BTS . 1 week ago
Vocal line members' voices are well blended in harmony but still unique in their own..Feel like they must have put a lot of effort in honing their vocal skills!!
led_by_pied_pipers led_by_pied_pipers . 1 week ago
yes snoop def blew it on the second verse. they shouldve just left the first rap verse in and left it at that if he wasnt gonna make the effort.
i also think benny went dressed as jimin from dynamite. the song itself is a bop and ive been listening to it all day (and of course streaming it) so yeah this song is still a thumbs up for me.
Nuria Saladrigas Larroy Nuria Saladrigas Larroy . 1 week ago
It’s a shame that Snoop didn’t participate with all his energy o putting all the effort to improve even more the song. I compare him with other collaborators as Megan Stallion or K. Minaj and they did it so much better. I would like to have seen something more spectacular or with more soul from his part. 😔
Kathyff Kathyff . 1 week ago
Yes unfortunately I completely agree with you about Snoop's parts. I quite liked his first part but not his second one. Absolutely loved the vocal lines parts of the song though!
rachana rai rachana rai . 1 week ago
jimin's flirty mesmerizing voice was a fit for this jk's voice sounds good in each and every song
Miss Gelly Bean Miss Gelly Bean . 1 week ago
I think you're right that his concert outfit was Jimin's Dynamite outfit!! Love you're reactions!! The vocal line did so amazing!!
Nazareth Juwen Nazareth Juwen . 1 week ago
My personal opinion. This song is just moderate for me. Its like the taste is not there,a little bit more. Maybe i need to listen it more. Its catchy btw.
Jane Klein Jane Klein . 1 week ago
Yes, Benny is ARMY & Jimin is his bias. This MV definitely represents ARMY & getting hyped & ready for a concert.
su su su su . 1 week ago
Jungkook's voice so amazing 💜
Nicole Loss Nicole Loss . 1 week ago
Vocal line is amazing. Omg jungkook was so sexy
Stacey Lumley Stacey Lumley . 1 week ago
I love that he wore Jimin s dynamite shirts...LMAO
Mimi Chung Mimi Chung . 1 week ago
This song is catchy. Kind of sad that the vocal line was not in the MV, but it's still a good song! 💜💜💜💜
hotrodbadgirl hotrodbadgirl . 1 week ago
I LOVE this song and I LOVE that Army was the star of this humorous and cute MV!!! So dang COOL!!! Benny has said before that he loves BTS. Benny wearing identical clothes to Jimin's "Dynamite" outfit under the purple tent is literally frosting on the cake!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Lenny_ MS Lenny_ MS . 1 week ago
Only Army Can relate..🤩🤩💜
DardarMissesV DardarMissesV . 1 week ago
I like the song but i feel off with the mv. I know i am crazy but not crazy stupid
starbullets starbullets . 1 week ago
between bad decisions and left & right, i've been loving these mvs of celebrities fangirling over bts LOL i do agree that i feel like snoop somewhat felt a little out of place in the song in some parts, but nonetheless, the song truly feels like a summer bop! vocal line sounds amazing, as always! not to be biased, but jimin's vocals sound sooo good in his parts! i cannot wait to see what he's been working on 💜
riomyr anne Linsangan riomyr anne Linsangan . 1 week ago
Finally, i’ve been waiting for you guys to upload a reaction for this. Thank you..😊☺️
Tae Kim Tae Kim . 1 week ago
what I found funny as well is that a lot of armys also thought that it be more accurate if they paneled at the end of the video to show armys waiting in line and telling him to get in back of the long line buddy ...because we all know people be camping out for BTS merch 😂
msy6709 msy6709 . 1 week ago
I feel like this song is probably going to dominate the Billboard singles chart for a long time. Fighting!
Kookie_MyBias Kookie_MyBias . 1 week ago
Nice reactions.The MV is funny and relatable. The song is so catchy, upbeat and I will listen to it again and again. The boys sounds so amazing and yes, Jungkook's English is so good.
larspace larspace . 1 week ago
not the Mexinese Family LOOOOOL
Sami Sami . 1 week ago
Benny got up at 6:59a which was one minute before 7am (BTS and 7 members!)
Benny dressed like Jimin and he also wore the same cross earrings as Jimin
The hair dryer was purple.
the woman in the video is Benny's mother.
4:12..what couple do you see on the wall ???? 🙂
It would be nice if BTS appeared but I think this is all about ARMY and getting ready for a BTS concert. Nicely done, Benny.
Jungkook and Jimin killed it. Their vocals are tops.
lizzy lizzy . 1 week ago
The video was OK same as the song but taehyung got hardly had anything to sing but it was all blended In so I am not surprised
Lala Zee Lala Zee . 1 week ago
You guys absolutely right about Snoop ☹️ nothing personal but we know he can do Much better! A lot of reactors saying the same thing 😊
Hoan Huynh Hoan Huynh . 1 week ago
I think Snoop would be better collab with the rap line. Not sure why he's needed in this. It doesn't make sense and it seems like not much effort put into it. I watched him rap during Super Bowl and he seemed to care more. I wish the rap lines are in this instead.

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