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Published on 2 weeks ago

Ever wondered what a week of my life is like? Well look no further!

Testing VIRAL TikTok Gadgets To See If They Work

I Spent $500 On RARE Chips!

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Russell Frye Russell Frye . 1 week ago
God is good
Petra Essig Petra Essig . 1 week ago
Jesse literally got a full bball court in the back and dont know to do ?!
Petra Essig Petra Essig . 1 week ago
13:19 what?
bro 58$ that’s tuff i would get some if they were a bit cheaper
Dale Bush Dale Bush . 1 week ago
Love the fact Jesse sat down and told us how grateful he is for how far he has come. We don’t see emotion like that very often. It’s awesome🖤
Bosten McLay Bosten McLay . 1 week ago
Give us Humphrey, frick the cats
Jaxon Blakeman Jaxon Blakeman . 1 week ago
Jus bought some Bktsqd Merch
ggbenzy ggbenzy . 2 weeks ago
W jesser for the vlogs fr
unspeakable 3.0 unspeakable 3.0 . 2 weeks ago
Jesse 2022~ you guys haven't seen enough HUMP

Humphrey is soo cute though.

Sorry i spellt his name wrong
Ben Schroeder Ben Schroeder . 2 weeks ago
What if I want to buy the shorts but I’m broke af
Hernando Carter Hernando Carter . 2 weeks ago
Keep grinding fam.
I love seeing you succeed in life.
Much love.
Damon Chung Damon Chung . 2 weeks ago
Your literally my favorite YouTuber
Zander Harrison Zander Harrison . 2 weeks ago
Can jesser not drive haha
thumpex thumpex . 2 weeks ago
i love these videos keep it up!
Jaziah Jaziah . 2 weeks ago
as somone who has had mono it’s so bad glad u good twin jesser
Splashy Splashy . 2 weeks ago
Bustopher Hump and Diva and gonna become a dynamic duo
YoungLazer YoungLazer . 2 weeks ago
Congratulations Jesser. And. Christina. Finally are. Parents. Thank. You. Bangers man. Yes. Sirr. Today is my. Birthday ye sirrr
lurezV lurezV . 2 weeks ago
jesse can u update us on how long hump has left? bc i dont wanna just go and your channel and see him die tbh
onecool dude onecool dude . 2 weeks ago
i’ve been a fan for abt 4 years and love u but man 58 dollars for sum shorts?😭
Hayden VanHolbeck Hayden VanHolbeck . 2 weeks ago
Hello I love your content keep it up ❤️
Brendan Keating Brendan Keating . 2 weeks ago
We need more Humphrey videos on both channels
Paul Huebner Paul Huebner . 2 weeks ago
Honestly jesser you are my idol and I’m 10 years old
Priyam Upadhyay Priyam Upadhyay . 2 weeks ago
Shorts are fire, I really wanna get them but my parents are not gonna let me buy one pair of shorts that are 60 bucks😭😭
Yona Isinika Yona Isinika . 2 weeks ago
I love jsr
missPots missPots . 2 weeks ago
Try myteam again if u don't enjoy it then that's cool but all your 2k fans would love it if u tried
MigDaBoss 123 MigDaBoss 123 . 2 weeks ago
Its crazy that I have seen Jeese grow up as I have. Seeing how much he has matured and grown just makes me happym
I love jesser vids ncp keep these vlog commn 🔥🔥
dee mos dee mos . 2 weeks ago
ily Jesse
Trap attack Trap attack . 2 weeks ago
It’s my birthday
Brayden Poirier Brayden Poirier . 2 weeks ago
When I heard track star in the vid, the first thing that came in my mind was the song
daniel daniel . 2 weeks ago
SKYZ Cole SKYZ Cole . 2 weeks ago
more old jesser
Yt_dylan_ Thegoat Yt_dylan_ Thegoat . 2 weeks ago
I really wanted those storm shorts but then I seen they was 58$ it’s a sad day 😞 but congratulations Jesse on how far you have come and can’t wait for more banger clothes and videos
Sujay Athota Sujay Athota . 2 weeks ago
Congrats to Zack bro
cam23ron cam23ron . 2 weeks ago
glad to see humphrey is still doing well 🙂
Calted Calted . 2 weeks ago
Bucket squad won’t ship to Canada rn
KG3 KG3 . 2 weeks ago
I love the cats 🇮🇷
The GOATBOY70 The GOATBOY70 . 2 weeks ago
Cole Huestis Cole Huestis . 2 weeks ago
Cole Huestis Cole Huestis . 2 weeks ago
Cole Huestis Cole Huestis . 2 weeks ago
Cole Huestis Cole Huestis . 2 weeks ago
Cole Huestis Cole Huestis . 2 weeks ago
Cole Huestis Cole Huestis . 2 weeks ago
Your boy Ryder Your boy Ryder . 2 weeks ago
Fire Boy Fire Boy . 2 weeks ago
You the best
Lucas Williams Lucas Williams . 2 weeks ago
Jesse FIRE 🔥 merch sooo excited to see what u have coming ! Been watching sense 2020
Samya Halim Samya Halim . 2 weeks ago
Ja moran
Brady16 Brady16 . 2 weeks ago
make an arcade room in ur warehouse
ok ok . 2 weeks ago
Jesser. Congratulations. You finally a dad. Bangers my. Guy man yes sir a Men

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