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Zach Sang Show Clips

Zach Sang Show Clips

Published on 2 weeks ago

Jax shares the story behind her viral hit #victoriasecret!

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robs girl777 robs girl777 . 1 hour ago
I remember walking into a vs about 5 months after having my 1st child and the employee telling me that they didn't carry " that big of a size in store" and just feeling like now that I was a mom, I wasn't allowed to feel beautiful anymore.
steve w steve w . 7 hours ago
Gotta love JAX. Must listen to and meaningful
Tabitha Whitaker Tabitha Whitaker . 1 day ago
This song touched my heart! At 43 im still dealing with body issues. Now its pushed on you that after 40 your too old and when I was young I was I thought I was too fat. You wouldn't catch me in a swimsuit. I now have 2 teenage girls and I always build them up because everyone is beautiful in their own way. She is a great role model for young girls. Keep up the good work! The world is proud of you Jax!!!!✌❤
Bread Sandwich Bread Sandwich . 1 day ago
The guy she's talking about didn't found the company, it was created by a couple to make men more comfortable about buying lingerie, HOWEVER, it has morphed into the monster it is today making women insane over unachievable body standards. VS models (sorry, to any models out there) are quite literally freaks of nature
Preppy_K Preppy_K . 2 days ago
imagine being the brat at school
Crystal Howard Crystal Howard . 2 days ago
i love you
the brotherly channel the brotherly channel . 2 days ago
Where does ohio come from
Tray Mcgregor Murphy Tray Mcgregor Murphy . 3 days ago
This girl is so talented unreal 😍
Ben Uhl Ben Uhl . 4 days ago
Luv u jax
Trina Barnes Trina Barnes . 4 days ago
This song reaches us all 😏
My daughter is 12 and she showed me this. You've touched the audience you intended to ❤
Lots of love from OZ couldn't thank you more!
Z Rosaleen Z Rosaleen . 5 days ago
She’s gonna be huge!! Superstar!!!
Gabs Gabs . 6 days ago
Jax is such a good role model
Chrissy Stewart Chrissy Stewart . 1 week ago
Hopefully the girl she wrote the song for learns to shut her mouth in the future.
Diane Lee Diane Lee . 1 week ago
I am 65. It made me cry
Hassan Mustafa Shoaib Burney Hassan Mustafa Shoaib Burney . 1 week ago
Love and Support for Jax all the way from Pakistan.🎉🎊🤸🥳❤️⭐
AH AH . 1 week ago
Only fit hot sexy beautiful women should be in Victoria secret
♡ young bubbles ♡ ♡ young bubbles ♡ . 1 week ago
25 and never really gained weight until I got a 'big girl job' and worked from home. It really fxed up my mental health for a while until I realized the life I had before was actually a lot more unhealthy - Over exercise, eating a few snacks a day, etc. But I'm older, I want to be healthy and have an ACTUAL appetite and a child rearing body. It isn't healthy to not feel hungry bc your stomach is so small. I also realized, in order to build muscle, a bigger bum, etc. A more womanly frame (in my opinion) you have to gain some weight and then you can tone afterwards. Not feeling like eating is an illness/ disorder. Having an appetite means you are healthy. Do not be afraid of going up in clothing sizes because it really is not realistic to maintain a specific weight as your life changes year after year. Stay peaceful and stay healthy.
Hope Sassy3370 Hope Sassy3370 . 1 week ago
I wish more women were like her!!!!
DJKen DJKen . 1 week ago
Now I have a question. Who is the old man in Ohio?
Anonymous Anonymous . 1 week ago
I love her song! It is great for people to listen too
Nourai Elkoury Nourai Elkoury . 1 week ago
I wish u were my babysitter your so amazing
G G . 1 week ago
Melzy Of Wonderland Melzy Of Wonderland . 1 week ago
Dearest Jax,
Your original song is powerfully sublime; it makes me cry!!! From one musical babysitter to another, thank you for creating and sharing your beautiful music, for filling me and the world with positive inspiration, and for exposing the wicked and prevalent corporate and societal lie that defines beauty by extremely narrow and often humanly unrealistic and impossible standards!!! You are going to take this world by storm, just wait 😉❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
Roger Roger . 1 week ago
It went viral because she told a truth about corp Anerica that nobody else was telling.
Sarah Reese Sarah Reese . 2 weeks ago
Every girl needs a Jax in their life.
Lakotajo2 Lakotajo2 . 2 weeks ago
I love this song Jax! I, as a grandmother wish every single person, male and female could listen and really take it in! Stop comparing ourselves to others!
Green Thumb Green Thumb . 2 weeks ago
I'm 55. I cry hearing this song. Every time! Wish I'd had a babysitter like you Jax! I'm a lot more comfortable in my skin these days but it was a long journey.
Riaaa Riaaa . 2 weeks ago
Jax is just a legent💗
ItzKayKay ItzKayKay . 2 weeks ago
I love how Jax is so supportive for Chelsea ❤️
luckywater luckywater . 2 weeks ago
Omg 😲 😱

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