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The Wild Times Podcast

The Wild Times Podcast

Published on 3 weeks ago

Forrest Galante and The Wild Times crew play "Bizarre Animal of the Week" where they try to guess what this strange animal is that Forrest describes. It might be the weirdest bird you've ever seen.

This is a Wild Times Throwback, from TWT #26


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Sergeant Shultz Sergeant Shultz . 6 minutes ago
I thought he was describing my vegan coworker.
Nexus Nexus . 4 hours ago
“Have dinosaur-like claws”
Probably because it is a dinosaur?
Besome_bes Besome_bes . 7 hours ago
This low key looks like a tiny modern flying Dinosaur.
Velveteen Bunny Velveteen Bunny . 9 hours ago
That's crazy!
Marcus (Palebreath) Marcus (Palebreath) . 9 hours ago
I'm such a fucking avian nerd, I already knew what it was as soon as they mentioned the claws.
Amarildo Biba Amarildo Biba . 13 hours ago
Go wear a shirt u dumb fuck
Shamar Joseph Shamar Joseph . 18 hours ago
Lmao 😂 we call it the Canje Pheasant
Its our national bird in Guyana 🇬🇾
Mr lover Mr lover . 19 hours ago
Don't Tell the climate change people they'll hunted them down and kill them all.
Stephen Scott Stephen Scott . 20 hours ago
Looks like the mythical phoenix
Alison Alison . 21 hours ago
....but why's he nekkid?
matthew elliott matthew elliott . 22 hours ago
Why isn’t this guy wearing a shirt
ahumanstain ahumanstain . 23 hours ago
Curious. Question. Are you cleaning house?
Sir Prancelot Sir Prancelot . 23 hours ago
No other close living relatives, burp AND fart?

Sounds like my Uncle Dan
Sesaldo RoMonLCT Sesaldo RoMonLCT . 1 day ago
Also known as a Stink bird
My G My G . 1 day ago
mr jack mr jack . 1 day ago
Why doesnt he have a shirt
none ya business none ya business none ya business none ya business . 1 day ago
Cool content . Why are you shirtless ??? Do what you want , but why. , Asking for a friend !!!
Acontructinthecore Acontructinthecore . 2 days ago
Also known as "Shansho" here in Perú, it's a common sight in rivers in Amazon Forest
Sanglap Bera Sanglap Bera . 2 days ago
The 💯 percent vegan bird.
Apurv Uniyal Apurv Uniyal . 2 days ago
Phoenix 👀
Hustin Pigen Hustin Pigen . 2 days ago
That's the Canje Pheasant it my country national bird (guyana)
Black Dwarf Black Dwarf . 2 days ago
Why is this moron not have a shirt on!?
minimalist1807 minimalist1807 . 2 days ago
beautifull creature
Thomas Hartzell Thomas Hartzell . 2 days ago
It's pretty
Josh Whittaker Josh Whittaker . 3 days ago
It's called a flying cow but that picture looks like a real life phoenix
NobleKorhedron NobleKorhedron . 3 days ago
The Hoatzin
Kzbt Kzbt . 3 days ago
Rly let himself go eh maybe being in the jungle all that time made it impossible to put clothes on
MaxNRG MaxNRG . 3 days ago
Looks like an archeopterix
Naturally Russhon Naturally Russhon . 4 days ago
The Canje Pheasant
Mary Hinch Mary Hinch . 4 days ago
Beautiful bird
Kayleigh Land Kayleigh Land . 4 days ago
Hello first time here, umm where shirt??
mamaboo cee mamaboo cee . 4 days ago
Pronounced "ho-WAHT-zen".
Susan Bazinet Susan Bazinet . 4 days ago
Did this guy forget to dress? Dude, put clothes on before you do another video. Nobody wants to see you naked despite what you might think.
Caroline Ireland Caroline Ireland . 4 days ago
Where can I get one for a pet?
Barry Nielsen Barry Nielsen . 4 days ago
The bird he names doesn't come up on Google, either he doesn't know the birds name or it's bs.
Kayleen Krolikowski Kayleen Krolikowski . 4 days ago
What is the known relative to a half naked guy on an audio and video vlog so that unsuspecting YouTube shorts scrollers now know the size of his areolas by default?
William Javier William Javier . 4 days ago
Very interesting animal . I must read more on this ....
MeThree MeThree . 4 days ago
OK. Not getting this as a pet!
Robert Marmaduke Robert Marmaduke . 4 days ago
KOALA BIRD! You never see them because they only live in Tasmania. They are relatives of the EMU BIRD.
Buzz A Buzz A . 5 days ago
Yeah that is a dinosaur.
Simon Chant Simon Chant . 5 days ago
Put some clothes on you wanker
Shemuel Pierre Shemuel Pierre . 5 days ago
The Hoatzin or Canje Pheasant is our national bird here in Guyana never thought I'd see it here
Unknown User Unknown User . 5 days ago
Who knew such a beautiful bird could make such an not beautiful stink
Adam Fields Adam Fields . 5 days ago
Who else thought he was talking about vegans?
Faith Smith Faith Smith . 5 days ago
Bro he was basically talking about my national Bird 🇬🇾🇬🇾
Anthony Green Anthony Green . 5 days ago
I thought he was describing my ex
Guy that said room Guy that said room . 5 days ago
Saw it a couple times , didn’t get to smell tho it’s our national bird
Duckie Panda Duckie Panda . 5 days ago
Redd Skywalker Redd Skywalker . 5 days ago
My life sucks.
- Have you tried burping and farting??

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