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Published on 1 week ago

It all comes down... to bad leadership...

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boy78_fred boy78_fred . 1 hour ago
where is the new raft video plzzz keep making them
Skywalker_Artist 55 Skywalker_Artist 55 . 3 hours ago
Hey, so with the newest update, if you crafted beds for everyone y’all can sleep at night and the shark wont attack when y’all are asleep.
Mr. Lawrence Mr. Lawrence . 5 hours ago
This was pure chaos
thatkatperson thatkatperson . 6 hours ago
Was really looking forward to this series coming back, but the captain bit got old really quick
Aliice Lydiia Aliice Lydiia . 6 hours ago
Has Distractible stopped being sponsored by Noom yet? They're a terrible company that encourages bad habits that lead to eating disorders and I want to support the podcast but don't if they still sponsor it.
Lyric’s Studio Lyric’s Studio . 9 hours ago
alt title: the trio complimenting each other and saying captain or first mate for 40 minutes
TheBeamer of 1 TheBeamer of 1 . 9 hours ago
Play the rest of rdr 2
Leyton V. Leyton V. . 11 hours ago
If my memory serves me right, Wade won the wheel thing and Mark and Bob are both second mate. So using said knowledge, given the title of the video, I can safely say that Wade did not captain correctly.
Thunder_Bolt Thunder_Bolt . 12 hours ago
The new one piece episode looking fire
Rachel Moss Rachel Moss . 14 hours ago
I need more why is there not another video of this yet 🥺💓

I love it so much they always make me laugh!!!!!!!!
Games For Cykits Games For Cykits . 20 hours ago
Let’s goooo
Satan Satan . 22 hours ago
Mark and bob sound like siblings lol
Pompous Prick Pompous Prick . 23 hours ago
Man whenever I watch these types if vids it makes me think of the old 7 days to die days.
Kiel Solomon Kiel Solomon . 1 day ago
Petition to make them add jacksepticeye for this series!
vanessa whittaker vanessa whittaker . 1 day ago
Where’s the next episode 😂👌🏼
Mcgruff C Mcgruff C . 1 day ago
hey mark if your reading this hey i have a tip for you. the trading posts work like this. you will get the trash cube maker and you can put anything in it to make trash cubes. with those you need to buy special bate for rare fish. you can sell those fish at the trade post and for reputation and coins. you need coins and trash cubes to buy other blue prints and other really good items. good luck and i love your videos <3
soroush mohammadi soroush mohammadi . 1 day ago
CaptainSyG CaptainSyG . 2 days ago
Fourth times the charm???
It's been a week now...
Eugene Villalongo Eugene Villalongo . 2 days ago
Can wait for them to play sons of the forest 😢😵‍💫🤯
Cassie Hammond Cassie Hammond . 2 days ago
WARNING, if you have a weak stomach don't eat during the spitting part
Lord Hoth_09 Lord Hoth_09 . 2 days ago
Wade really is the funniest of the three
Inserte Nombre Inserte Nombre . 2 days ago
10:07 does he tho?
Pummelweed276 Pummelweed276 . 2 days ago
the engineer has planted explosives all over the ship huh, kinda sounds familiar...
Zane_TheAxolotl Zane_TheAxolotl . 2 days ago
More raft please
Novus Talks Novus Talks . 2 days ago
Wade talking like a pirate is so funny
VidHoard VidHoard . 2 days ago
Them changing the RP rules on if someone can hear what they are saying AFTER they've already said it is the funniest bit ever lol
Atlasguy tinyproductions Atlasguy tinyproductions . 2 days ago
These three are the equivalent of the Gen Z during the Stone Age.
couu alis couu alis . 2 days ago
22:50 the trembling in Mark’s breathing as he watches Wade take a dump is terrifying
Daria Rampelt Daria Rampelt . 2 days ago
12:57 "I am uncomfortable with the energy we have created in the studio today"
Brandon Bosa Brandon Bosa . 2 days ago
10:02 is just great😂
Kamilo Ozero Kamilo Ozero . 2 days ago
Do the story!! You willget great stuff
Daniël Fuhres Daniël Fuhres . 2 days ago
Pssst: Did you know that the "Detail Plank" can be used to break the game? >;3
It can even be used to travel underwater safely without worry of teh Shark. >;P lol
Jeremy Bennett Jeremy Bennett . 2 days ago
captain wade was a fool
Erin Klump Erin Klump . 2 days ago
Mark sounds like the Mermaid man and Barnacle Boy narrator at the end 🤣
CaptainSyG CaptainSyG . 3 days ago
3rd time I've watched this... Because I NEEEEED MOOOORREEE RAAAAFFFFT! please 🥺
SunnySideUpEggz SunnySideUpEggz . 3 days ago

*“I don’t need it… I don’t need it…”*
AdoptedDray AdoptedDray . 3 days ago
The way Mark just casually goes and attacks a shark that attacked the boat and then just comes back with no one knowing after getting attacked by said shark.
Taylor Divers Taylor Divers . 3 days ago
mick lind mick lind . 3 days ago
shadowsyus Sentry shadowsyus Sentry . 3 days ago
trash cubes...they need WALL-E
kobra6660 kobra6660 . 3 days ago
You think the shark is annoying the birds are worse than the shark
Emmar the indomitable Emmar the indomitable . 3 days ago
i have been laughing my ass off this entire episode this has been so much fun
aliss liou aliss liou . 3 days ago
Honestly, their improv is just chef's kiss it's so effortless and flowing
Fat frog george Fat frog george . 3 days ago
RickGrimes101 RickGrimes101 . 3 days ago
Mark, please for the love of god, COOK THE BEETS!!!!
afeatherinthewind afeatherinthewind . 3 days ago
all the In Space With Markiplier references make me happy <3
I love this series because it's satisfying watching the progress from tiny raft to big raft and all the inventions and exploring along the way! And for some reason these three are just my favorite people to watch play the game (even idiots can get stuff done :D and be funny while doing it!)
kasey newell kasey newell . 3 days ago
This and podcast is my favorite
ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel . 3 days ago
Words cannot describe how uncomfortable Marks heavy breathing made me while Bob was on the toilet.
a104 a104 . 3 days ago
That's a mistake
One Rogue idea One Rogue idea . 4 days ago
not me wondering if that life debt from wade in had simulator ever got paid

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