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Published on 2 weeks ago

i guess i'm not ready to be an adult
audio by @kevin james thornton
drawin in @TVPaint Développement

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javadoodles javadoodles . 1 week ago
Hi everyone! A lot of people have been asking about sound credit. I put this in the video description! The original audio is by @kevinjamesthornton on tiktok. I animated a lot of his videos! 😊
Giga Chad of chads Giga Chad of chads . 3 minutes ago
Idek why bit this made my laugh my ass off
Jennifer, my life Jennifer, my life . 12 minutes ago
jalapeño business jalapeño business . 16 minutes ago
I’ve done the same thing in my closet but I added yeast and let it sit a few days. It’s pretty gross.
iamtheirongolem iamtheirongolem . 19 minutes ago
janella caruana janella caruana . 24 minutes ago
*and then like a year later-*
Me: *damn that poor fermented grapejuice*
WarriorGames_ WarriorGames_ . 27 minutes ago
How would u explain this to ur parents tho…
elmo_andKermit_are_in_love elmo_andKermit_are_in_love . 34 minutes ago
Peter Taylor Peter Taylor . 36 minutes ago
Amazing animation
an actual cat an actual cat . 56 minutes ago
I’m crying trying not to laugh out loud at my work omg
Chengzhan hu Chengzhan hu . 1 hour ago
Juice juice Juice like dina
Only roblox Only roblox . 1 hour ago
Dann Dann Dann Dann . 1 hour ago
funny 🥳 The first Musician I heard playing with vocoder was Herbie Hancock (whilw ago🥴) 🤗 Your sound remind me this 🌺
Dora Dora . 1 hour ago
juliusmoney juliusmoney . 2 hours ago
The Everything Channel TEC The Everything Channel TEC . 2 hours ago
It's hilarious but why just why
luna_balloona09 luna_balloona09 . 2 hours ago
Haha next time u should make one of the characters a piece of notebook paper >:)
dfsnsdfn dfsnsdfn . 2 hours ago
i made prison wine in my closet when i was 13 lmao tasted absolutely disgusting
Greenwich Editor Greenwich Editor . 2 hours ago
Roman Romasco Roman Romasco . 2 hours ago
I love this :D
PA coin roll hunter PA coin roll hunter . 2 hours ago
Funny at the end
Logan Mayfair Logan Mayfair . 2 hours ago
The disc is called mother of vinegar which means you did have "wine" at one point but it turned into vinegar.
Benjamin Guarino Benjamin Guarino . 2 hours ago
Is this real
Sponge bob Sponge bob . 2 hours ago
Sponge bob Sponge bob . 2 hours ago
Him when I was 𝟭𝟮 𝘆𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘀 𝗼𝗹𝗱 me: (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
Kati Bowlin Kati Bowlin . 2 hours ago
Your vid’s are hilarious, I love watching them lol
loosemoose121 loosemoose121 . 2 hours ago
the free voicemod voice changer kinda fully ruined this
Ihateyellowgayz Lol Ihateyellowgayz Lol . 2 hours ago
That’s nasty 🤮
Sofia Guzman Sofia Guzman . 2 hours ago
Yes very adult of u 😌
Annetta Banks Annetta Banks . 2 hours ago
Dionysus be like
Wyatt Chiodo Wyatt Chiodo . 2 hours ago
SomeUsername SomeUsername . 2 hours ago
What is with the autotune though??
Alicia Bustos Alicia Bustos . 2 hours ago
Shannon's reborns Shannon's reborns . 2 hours ago
crowship crowship . 2 hours ago
Doesn’t your parents have wine just steal it
crowship crowship . 2 hours ago
Doesn’t your parents have wine just steal it
Tristan Hall Tristan Hall . 2 hours ago
Hell nah duck this
Forever Song Forever Song . 3 hours ago
Now you can make kombucha 😂😂😂
Kynlee Smith Kynlee Smith . 3 hours ago
Meow Meow . 3 hours ago
That is pretty much death in a bottle
Hassana Awada Hassana Awada . 3 hours ago
Madm&x Madm&x . 3 hours ago
I'm 10 and I know not to drink wine u can get drunk
A&B A&B . 3 hours ago
A lot of stuff happened to this guy from age 10-12 💀💀
Luvo Booi Luvo Booi . 3 hours ago
Me: liking my own commente
Henrik Henrik . 3 hours ago
Disc of mold 💀
Norris nut fan Norris nut fan . 3 hours ago
Love the voice goes with this very interesting story
Jamila Benitez Jamila Benitez . 3 hours ago
Hope Stone Hope Stone . 3 hours ago
Literally got broken up with today, only thing to make me smile.
Nizar Abu Shararah Nizar Abu Shararah . 4 hours ago
That disc is what they call the mother of vinegar! U we’re on the way 😂
Lorelai Lorelai . 4 hours ago
Please do not try this it is so bad for kids so please PLEASE do not try this

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