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Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan

Published on 1 week ago

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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Neighbors get mad for making too much noise in our bunk bed hotel room, traveling to France to surprise a friend, strangers bike breaks while racing, embracing the French culture, dumping water on a little person

Danny Duncan Danny Duncan . 1 week ago
44 Gore 44 Gore . 31 minutes ago
i beat it when im bored
seiom jvony seiom jvony . 8 hours ago
Absolutely unique individual who doesn't changed because of money or fame. Danny deserves everything that he have.
TrapstarMedia TrapstarMedia . 9 hours ago
Danny you need to throw a party in the uk and I’ll come dj for freee
TrapstarMedia TrapstarMedia . 9 hours ago
Back pack back pack
Julio B Julio B . 14 hours ago
Nicholas Turner Nicholas Turner . 16 hours ago
9:28 🤣
homerSIMPson69 homerSIMPson69 . 19 hours ago
I watch Danny Duncan when I'm bored
Patterson bros GOLF clips Patterson bros GOLF clips . 22 hours ago
Bored= smoke
Shout out kewon
Matthew Gurule Matthew Gurule . 22 hours ago
Clean my yard try to rebuild my house after work
yuoop noke yuoop noke . 22 hours ago
I still can't believe David didn't have Danny in his wedding it's just sad to think about
Kill Hayden Kill Hayden . 23 hours ago
you need more hobies? jus start skating again
Jack Cracka Jack Cracka . 1 day ago
He need to post more. Videos
Anthony Milone Anthony Milone . 1 day ago
I learned Spanish, French, Floridian, and African. Jack of all trade really!
Jamie62 Jamie62 . 1 day ago
I swear the tittle on this YouTube video has changed
Christopher Christopher . 1 day ago
Absolutely unique individual who doesn't changed because of money or fame. Danny deserves everything that he have.
M0rt13r4 _ M0rt13r4 _ . 1 day ago
come to belgium
isaac back isaac back . 1 day ago
My go to is definitely poker ♠️
Bence Szonyi Bence Szonyi . 1 day ago
I truly love you Danny. Make me laugh and smile through my best and worse times.
Mike Mike . 1 day ago
Kinda sad París is basically LA at this point.
Brent Farrer Brent Farrer . 1 day ago
Watch your videos
Mashed Taters Mashed Taters . 2 days ago
the world most iconic duo lol
Ivan Jassi Ivan Jassi . 2 days ago
Danny yo boi Kewon going put bad on love for Titi 😭😭 zesty as lil dude
Joey Thornton Joey Thornton . 2 days ago
When I'm bored I do your mom lol love you man dont kill me lol
Number One Number One . 2 days ago
Man you are living the life
Stuff'N'Things Stuff'N'Things . 2 days ago
Come back up to Northern California visit lake Tahoe again
Dev Dev . 2 days ago
You can’t be around Danny and not be expecting of destruction at any moment
SHAIM SHAIM . 2 days ago
When I first saw this dude, I thought he was insufferable because of how he treated kewon but then I found out they were best friends and thought it was funny
Montega mane Montega mane . 2 days ago
Make a video with ross again please his channel needs it
W H E E Z Y W H E E Z Y . 2 days ago
When I'm bored I go out with my friends or somn idk I don't have 864974864864753753864864864846468 sextillion dollars lmao
bobi miiu bobi miiu . 2 days ago
I feel like Danny’s videos always seem like it’s on the verge of something going terribly wrong
Christian Martin Christian Martin . 2 days ago
Danny Duncan feat Andrew tate next video !??
Joshua Wilson Joshua Wilson . 2 days ago
Le video ici est extrement interesent
kreega K kreega K . 2 days ago
To make Danny blush is a accomplishment
BOOMER BOOMER . 2 days ago
what’s kewoon listening to
Swarna SUNDARAM Swarna SUNDARAM . 2 days ago
anyone here after watching kelly wasaka's video?
Ethan Mosqueda Ethan Mosqueda . 2 days ago
“I’m gonna text Antonio Brown”
Anime is the best genre in the world Anime is the best genre in the world . 2 days ago
Your content is amazing
Mark McCann Mark McCann . 2 days ago
come to the UK, please
ZackGoes ZackGoes . 2 days ago
Damn that hippie jump was sick
Mahfooz the ding dong Mahfooz the ding dong . 2 days ago
come to pakistan fr
Godmode Retard Godmode Retard . 2 days ago
Papa jim❤
silver silver . 2 days ago
best hobby I can advise is hiking and camping
Ross Davis Ross Davis . 2 days ago
when Im bored danny I play games
Ross Davis Ross Davis . 2 days ago
love you so much man I wish I could meet you wayyy to fuckin broke to get to you I love you tho man I wish you all the best these people that be hating on you fuck them
couu alis couu alis . 2 days ago
Danny getting bored because he’s so rich. Damn inspiring.
559XXYPURGUY69XXX 559XXYPURGUY69XXX . 3 days ago
David Funt David Funt . 3 days ago
Why do all of the songs in Danny’s videos go way harder
Mike Mike . 3 days ago
IS there a gayer dude on earth than the mud water ad guy?
Muxxy haxxan Muxxy haxxan . 3 days ago
What he say at 8:22?

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