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David Ramirez

David Ramirez

Published on 7 years ago
Written / Directed / Shot by: Ryan Booth
Produced by: Jordy Wax
Production Company: SerialBox Productions
Executive Producer: Shane Wells
Edited by: Lucas Harger
Music by: David Ramirez
Ben - Keir O'Donnell
Bro - Justin Robinson
Girl - Melissa Fitzgerald
1st AC - Chase Smith
DIT: Jordy Wax
Gaffer: Justin Robinson
Production Assistants: Brooke Williams & Joe West
Special Thanks: The Marek Family

elida j leal elida j leal . 4 days ago
I was having trouble sleeping and all of a sudden I heard find the light. Thought maybe a book but didn't find one with that name. N
But did find your song
Vesrod11386 Vesrod11386 . 2 months ago
His voice is very reminiscent of Johnny Cash
Brian Cairns Brian Cairns . 2 months ago
Definitely a Jason Isbell feel to it , Amazing song writing
Christopher Johnsen Christopher Johnsen . 3 months ago
I don’t know why I’m doing this. I just lost my gf or 7 years to suicide a day and a half ago. It’s 4 am and I keep replaying this. I think it’s bc I understand this actor I don’t know what to do. But I have replayed this so many times. I thank you for sharing
Blue Jay Blue Jay . 3 months ago
Would someone please sign a tour with Jason Isbell and David on the same tour
Can’t wait to see David tomorrow in Philly!!!! We’ll be the ones singing along and dancing. 🫶🏻❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️
Listened to the essential David on a trip to Raleigh over the 4th and the miles melted like butter. Life is better with David in it
Zoe McIntyre Zoe McIntyre . 3 months ago
Killer song
dylan hughes dylan hughes . 3 months ago
What an amazing song
Romain Kvt Romain Kvt . 6 years ago
I've been miss you and your voice
Ihateregistrations1 Ihateregistrations1 . 6 years ago
You sound like Johnny Cash, beautiful.
Vince Savin Vince Savin . 6 years ago
Wow. Terrific song, and powerful video. Good job.
Fer van der Linden Fer van der Linden . 7 years ago
Absolutely beautiful, both song and video. Love it......Thx.
Christopher Morgan Christopher Morgan . 7 years ago
Great stuff Mr. Ramirez. Nice cameo too ;)
eneevs eneevs . 7 years ago
Fantastic song as usual David. Rare that you find a video that compliments the song as well as this one does anymore.

I noticed the video is unlisted. Is it okay to share this???
Gem Gem . 7 years ago
Keir O'Donnell! Love him ❤
2minstral 2minstral . 7 years ago
Very well done, both song and video. 8-) Once it's listed, I'll share it with my World United Music community 8-)
Rocío Gonzalez Rocío Gonzalez . 7 years ago
I love the video 👍
Travis Hartjen Travis Hartjen . 7 years ago
solid video. to many folks are hiding from their Rock and a Hard Place. Nothing good comes from hiding. Time to stop hiding. Ending of video is spot on and clutch!

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