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Thomas Rhett Channel

Thomas Rhett Channel

Published on 4 weeks ago

TR covers Cole Swindell’s “She Had Me At Heads Carolina,” a song which he co-wrote, for the first time ever at The Pavilion at Star Lake in Pittsburgh, PA

Jesse Jesse . 4 days ago
a cover of a cover....lame
Anja Bach Christensen - West Coast Swing Anja Bach Christensen - West Coast Swing . 5 days ago
Love this song
Handsome BLACK Muscle Handsome BLACK Muscle . 2 weeks ago
90s Country Singers = Cowboy hat

2000s Country Singers = Baseball cap
Brad Null Brad Null . 3 weeks ago
You got this my man
Maureen Smith Maureen Smith . 3 weeks ago
I love this music 🎵❤️
Expedited Cafe Expedited Cafe . 3 weeks ago
Damn, you should've recorded this song for radio
AVERI DYE AVERI DYE . 4 weeks ago
This is Awesome!
Ava Ava . 4 weeks ago
Can u do this song at ur august concert in bend pls
Loving life Loving life . 4 weeks ago
Sounds so good hes got an amazing voice
Jenna S Jenna S . 4 weeks ago
I’m so sad I missed this concert! I haven’t seen him since he came to burgettstown in 2019 😩
💜Paige and peyton💜 💜Paige and peyton💜 . 4 weeks ago
Love him he has such a good voice
Kristy Whitaker Kristy Whitaker . 4 weeks ago
All of his performances are the best ! ❤️
Ur beautiful ♥️#roadto65subs? Ur beautiful ♥️#roadto65subs? . 4 weeks ago
He never fails to impress us!! ❤️🎵🎵 he’s such a humble man! 🥺☺️
Debbie Smitherman Debbie Smitherman . 4 weeks ago
I love Thomas ! He’s such an amazing human being !
Melinie Fortier Melinie Fortier . 4 weeks ago
Looking good

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