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Published on 2 weeks ago

James Pumphrey and Jeremiah Burton guess how much classic cars sold for at high-end car auctions on this episode of The D-List.

Car Auction Cars featured:
2000 Honda Civic Type R
1970 Nissan Datsun Z432R
1987 Porsche 959 Komfort Edition
1967 Yenko Super Chevy Camaro
Honda 1986 ATC 250R
Original Bullitt Ford Mustang
Toyota Supra 001
2002 Volkswagen GTI
1965 Ford GT40 Roadster Concept
Mugen DC2 Hood
2012 Lexus LFA

About The D-List:
The D-List is a show that covers certain types of cars and other car-related topics in a list-style format and is hosted by James Pumphrey.

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Ricky Spanish Ricky Spanish . 37 minutes ago
I love this series. Keep doing them!
Melt van der Merwe Melt van der Merwe . 2 hours ago
Please make a video on "Car Manufactures getting out of hand for calling any car a Coupe/SUV/etc."
Tee Ess Tee Ess . 8 hours ago
So these guys have no idea what they're babbling about, but is that intentional to get the comments? I mean really?
Balazs Villanyi Balazs Villanyi . 10 hours ago
Great idea. More of this please. You guys could do a round with the ridiculously expensive, mostly European stuff, with cars that cost more than generations of a working class family will make in their lives.
Mobile Terminaluzer Mobile Terminaluzer . 14 hours ago
When Toyota bent over for BMW when they could've used the Lexus LFA as the new Toyota Supra.
Mobile Terminaluzer Mobile Terminaluzer . 14 hours ago
Steve McQueen Bullit was boring. Checkout gone in 60 seconds original from the 70's. That's alot better.
chrisprattt chrisprattt . 19 hours ago
I love watching you guys especially cause it’s kid friendly 👊🙌💯🙏🥰 you make my ladybug laugh n smile when you guys are laughing and smiling and ligit get her lil mind gears turning cause then she starts ask me all kinds of car questions lol so good on ya guys! Your our Saturday cartoons 🤣🤪🙏🥰
Liam Mcdonough Liam Mcdonough . 21 hours ago
sci fi hat goes hard james
Chaun Collins Chaun Collins . 21 hours ago
Hmm so it really wasn’t clickbait lol
TFG Gaming TFG Gaming . 22 hours ago
Please do an up to speed on Infiniti
Brett Clark Brett Clark . 1 day ago
Yeahhhhhh I worked with PowerNation studios (formerly RTM Productions) and we had a challenger car build that sold for 335k at MEEEECUMMM (small change compared to a ton of 'em) but the people that buy 'em are like in oddball professions that ya wouldn't think pay that well but ya know...think i'm in the wrong bidnesss. But I know now why they're called Mecum...'cause when you score a car ya yell MEEEEEECUMMMMMMM!!!!
Sabari Nath Sabari Nath . 2 days ago
Why tf didnt jerimiah win the first one??? Its pissing me off like wtf
1975 zagato zele 1975 zagato zele . 2 days ago
My grandpa worked for Mecum when Mecum was just flipping cars. And my grandpa would work on his cars at his shop
Data Dots Data Dots . 2 days ago
My attention span when Jeremiah is on screen ⬆️😳
Mikey Champ Mikey Champ . 2 days ago
i love these donut boys
Eskew Roberts Eskew Roberts . 2 days ago
Wait ... Jeremiah lost one of these ... James won!?!

*cheers in MORE POWER BABY*
Kumariks Kumariks . 2 days ago
How 73k is closer to 25 than 93?
M E M E . 2 days ago
These prices are out of control. I don’t feel bad for spending $60k on my 2022 f150 now
Eric Westbrook Eric Westbrook . 2 days ago
I love when y'all do these videos. Please keep them coming. Y'all do an amazing job with everything.
Hillbilly Hub Hillbilly Hub . 2 days ago
buy to store it
MrMeoow91 MrMeoow91 . 2 days ago
The Supra was stupid because it was just a BMW...
•Renᴢo• •Renᴢo• . 2 days ago
idk but ive heard the honda civic ek9 type r is kinda rare in japan correct me if Im wrong
hagakure8398 hagakure8398 . 2 days ago
OMG James finally won!
Turn Around Turn Around . 2 days ago
I've always wondered what kind of tax breaks they get on buying a $2 million charity car.
Robert Jones Robert Jones . 3 days ago
1:27 it's a Honda from Japan if it was an American version it would have gone for half the price

2:28 Datsun are import collectibles

9:00 movie cars are always overpriced
Nate Nate . 3 days ago
Zonashi Zonashi . 3 days ago
as a subscriber born in Inglewood I will be ordering that I.P.L trucker asap.
Edmundo Baca Edmundo Baca . 3 days ago
Beautiful channel. 🥰🤲⭐⭐
Shalabazer The Boltstruck Shalabazer The Boltstruck . 3 days ago
Sheer madness
alex fisher alex fisher . 3 days ago
not sure if hes doing a bit or not but just so you know its dub for life around here better some respect on the vw name
Andrew Royal Andrew Royal . 3 days ago
You guys obviously haven't been paying attention to honda prices. Everything low mileage, stock, 88-2000 is crazy prices. 99-00 si's are selling for Integra type r money. 92-95 si's are close to 10 grand. That Japan type r that was first is easily a 100k car in the US.
##Yuri%Kruglov## ##Yuri%Kruglov## . 3 days ago
I bet the hood to be 10K$ )
Noah not pacman Noah not pacman . 3 days ago
I was at the meecum auto auction where the bullit mustang sold for 3.74 million, I have photos on my phone up close with it. coming from a mustang fan boy this made my year. sold around 3 years ago in the Florida Kissimmee Meecum auction I believe.
fairuz wahab fairuz wahab . 3 days ago
that supra and integra bonnet was a waste of money
A-lex A-lex . 3 days ago
Why did James win the first one? 73 is closer to 93 than to 25
BigBaseBuilder BigBaseBuilder . 3 days ago
The more the difference in wealth grows, the more insane the prices get. That #1 for example is.. nah, dont let us talk about it.
Dante Fajardo Dante Fajardo . 3 days ago
It is a mystery to me the Bullit Mustang just sold $3M.
gene titensky gene titensky . 4 days ago
Lecus would not sell the LFA, they only leased them. Def a steal. But the prices and what people pay is insane and makes no sense.
Salty Mahero Salty Mahero . 4 days ago
You guys are great .
The Sound Majors The Sound Majors . 4 days ago
okay so what are the rules lmao because the scoring is all over the place
Imagine what a 6ft. Owl that weighs 260lbs, sounds like hooting in your house... Cause that's what i sound like listening to these numbers! My stomach was wrenching at that $12,000 Mugen DC2 hood and that Supra. I have nothing of value😕
Chris Sparks Chris Sparks . 4 days ago
I hate this.
PantiesGoneWild PantiesGoneWild . 4 days ago
they need to update the rules, point goes to whoever guessed the closest no matter if over or under but also no point to guesser who was way off like it was with the DC2 mugen hood & 001 supra
Joshua Patterson Joshua Patterson . 4 days ago
I'll tell you who won... the auction houses won.
青電影工作室 StudioCyan 青電影工作室 StudioCyan . 4 days ago
1:26 How did James win that round? Isn't Jeremiah's number a lot closer?
Carrie Crack Rock Carrie Crack Rock . 4 days ago
The new supra is fuckin trash just like the 86 revival was
Bill Bill . 4 days ago
I remember being a kid in the 80's and flipping over on a 3 wheeler.
Traceless916 Traceless916 . 4 days ago
The Lexus LFA sells for $2 million today.
Ivan Bima Ivan Bima . 4 days ago
The fact that someone would pay 2,1 M bucks for Toyota Supra Mk V #1 says it all. For that amount, it's probably better to spend it on Lexus LFA & just bought another Supra Mk V. And you still had a lot of money left
Ryan M Ryan M . 4 days ago
So...I grew up riding a Honda 3-wheeler. We had an 86 and also a Honda 250R. Rolled the 3-wheeler dozens of times (being that I was 8-10 while operating it) and never once got hurt. Come to find out years later that both our 250R and 3-wheeler are worth multiple estranged father now has both. These prices are ludicrous the more I watch this episode.

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