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Published on 1 week ago

Bad Decisions by benny blanco, BTS & Snoop Dogg is out now:

Director: Ben Sinclair
EP: Kim Dellara
EP: Michael Sagol
Producer: Mackenzie Emiko Berkman
DP: Jon-Michael Mooney
Production Designer: Meghan McClure
1st AD: Jason Lawliss
Camera Op: Charles Bae
1st AC: Melisse Sporn
2nd AC: Jen Roh
Gaffer: Brian "Red" Hickman
Key Grip: Oscar Garcia
Styling: Chloe Badawy
Hair: Chelsey Pickthorn
Prop Master: Mike Zephro
Production Supervisor: Meredith Kurey
VTR: Ignacio Martinez
DIT: Charles Alexander
Location Manager: Laura Dominguez
Gang Boss: Ron Munroe
Production Coordination: Sarah Shelton
Editor: Alyssa Oh
Post Producer: Adam Parker
Assistant Editors: Jack Kanner + Dominic Wendel
Executive Producer: Shada Shariatzadeh
Head of Production: Dre Krichevsky
Color: Primary
Colorist: Gregory Reese
VFX Studio: a52
VFX Supervisor: Stefan Gaillot
Flame Artists: Richard Hirst, John Valle, Ujala Saini
Online Editors: John Valle, Ujala Saini, Corey Martinez
Producer: Emily Stave
Head of Production: Drew Rissman
Executive Producers: Patrick Nugent & Kim Christensen
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall
Choreographer: Nick DeMoura

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Music video by benny blanco, BTS, Snoop Dogg performing Bad Decisions. © 2022 Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records

obsessed_with_jungkook.2 obsessed_with_jungkook.2 . 5 seconds ago
jungkook I love you so much......
obsessed_with_jungkook.2 obsessed_with_jungkook.2 . 42 seconds ago
no make up....
armadill pickle armadill pickle . 3 minutes ago
SuzethCheryl SuzethCheryl . 3 minutes ago
𝘪𝘵𝘴 𝘮𝘢𝘭𝘢𝘬 𝘪𝘵𝘴 𝘮𝘢𝘭𝘢𝘬 . 3 minutes ago
I liked the song but I don't like so much the Music video
NoiZy John NoiZy John . 3 minutes ago
I'm hear just to hear MrBeast's key...
David Del David Del . 3 minutes ago
;-; ?
Emelin Hurtado vino Emelin Hurtado vino . 3 minutes ago
Voten por los V'MAS y kcamexico
Maximilian Doms Maximilian Doms . 4 minutes ago
The oohh in the end was cringe but the Musicvideo is so good and the music is the best it's my new favorite song. 😀
heloa morozin heloa morozin . 4 minutes ago
방탄 방탄 . 4 minutes ago
Let's go for 30M
VR Gamer Boy 754 VR Gamer Boy 754 . 5 minutes ago
Pov your here from Mr.beast
heloa morozin heloa morozin . 5 minutes ago
Arrasaram dms!!!!!!!
BTS ARMY BTS ARMY . 7 minutes ago
كيف نوصلوها 100 m مليون في شهر؟
الاسبوع 1: 25m
الاسبوع 2: 25m
الاسبوع 3: 25m
الاسبوع 4: 25m
ذا المخطط عشان نقدر نوصل ها 100m في شهر
Black pink in ur TOILET 💩🚽 Black pink in ur TOILET 💩🚽 . 8 minutes ago
What is the connecting to mr beast everyone said that??
Venus Konsam Venus Konsam . 9 minutes ago
Mr beast is also there in trust me
the rock the rock . 10 minutes ago
Who else is here for Mrbeast!
Typing.......... Typing.......... . 10 minutes ago
mr beast added one beat to this song
Wasp Wasp . 11 minutes ago
People only came here bc of bts🤣🤣🤣
Violet 🇧🇷 Violet 🇧🇷 . 12 minutes ago
Até mr beast já ouviu, como não gostar dessa música ♡
Black pink in ur TOILET 💩🚽 Black pink in ur TOILET 💩🚽 . 12 minutes ago
Beautiful song
Enes Taşcı Enes Taşcı . 13 minutes ago
👇 press like if you came from Mrbeast's short
Warishah Q2022 Warishah Warishah Q2022 Warishah . 13 minutes ago
Bangtan ❤️❤️❤️❤️
M M. M M. . 14 minutes ago
Mr beast part hits hard
Pastor Cameron Murphy Pastor Cameron Murphy . 15 minutes ago
Started out as a cringey song, but Mrbeast redeemed it. Needed much more MegaDeth in it.
Dawne King Dawne King . 15 minutes ago
I love you all♥️💕😘💗❤️💖❣️🥰😍🤩😭😭😭♥️💕😘💗❤️💖❣️🥰😍🤩😭😭😭
Naomy Yashiara Naomy Yashiara . 15 minutes ago
No me canso de escuchar esta canción
Kpop arab News Kpop arab News . 16 minutes ago
Mohammed Tharik Mohammed Tharik . 16 minutes ago
P.O.V: You came for Mrbeast also
MisAki MisAki . 17 minutes ago
Mr.beast press one key in this song
Djari Soumare Djari Soumare . 17 minutes ago
I love
Dawne King Dawne King . 17 minutes ago
You are so cute
Dawne King Dawne King . 18 minutes ago
I loveeeeeeeee you jongkook
Lorena ☁️ Lorena ☁️ . 18 minutes ago
Esse três juntos são demais!
Ruth Curtis Ruth Curtis . 18 minutes ago
POV you saw this from mrbeasts short
fz elwardi fz elwardi . 19 minutes ago
They are always creative. I love them they are the best
Kim taehyung Kim taehyung . 19 minutes ago
Kim taehyung Kim taehyung . 20 minutes ago
Kim taehyung Kim taehyung . 20 minutes ago
Kim taehyung Kim taehyung . 20 minutes ago
Kim taehyung Kim taehyung . 20 minutes ago
Kim taehyung Kim taehyung . 20 minutes ago
Kim taehyung Kim taehyung . 20 minutes ago
alina alina . 20 minutes ago
who came here from the mr beast video?
Kim taehyung Kim taehyung . 20 minutes ago
Kim taehyung Kim taehyung . 20 minutes ago
Kim taehyung Kim taehyung . 21 minutes ago
Kim taehyung Kim taehyung . 21 minutes ago
Kim taehyung Kim taehyung . 21 minutes ago
Fadi official Fadi official . 21 minutes ago

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