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Published on 1 week ago

Bad Decisions by benny blanco, BTS & Snoop Dogg is out now:

Director: Ben Sinclair
EP: Kim Dellara
EP: Michael Sagol
Producer: Mackenzie Emiko Berkman
DP: Jon-Michael Mooney
Production Designer: Meghan McClure
1st AD: Jason Lawliss
Camera Op: Charles Bae
1st AC: Melisse Sporn
2nd AC: Jen Roh
Gaffer: Brian "Red" Hickman
Key Grip: Oscar Garcia
Styling: Chloe Badawy
Hair: Chelsey Pickthorn
Prop Master: Mike Zephro
Production Supervisor: Meredith Kurey
VTR: Ignacio Martinez
DIT: Charles Alexander
Location Manager: Laura Dominguez
Gang Boss: Ron Munroe
Production Coordination: Sarah Shelton
Editor: Alyssa Oh
Post Producer: Adam Parker
Assistant Editors: Jack Kanner + Dominic Wendel
Executive Producer: Shada Shariatzadeh
Head of Production: Dre Krichevsky
Color: Primary
Colorist: Gregory Reese
VFX Studio: a52
VFX Supervisor: Stefan Gaillot
Flame Artists: Richard Hirst, John Valle, Ujala Saini
Online Editors: John Valle, Ujala Saini, Corey Martinez
Producer: Emily Stave
Head of Production: Drew Rissman
Executive Producers: Patrick Nugent & Kim Christensen
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall
Choreographer: Nick DeMoura

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Music video by benny blanco, BTS, Snoop Dogg performing Bad Decisions. © 2022 Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records

Oanh Trần Oanh Trần . 2 minutes ago
sügøñdęse sügøñdęse . 2 minutes ago
MrBeast carried
Mary💋23 y.o - check my vidéó Mary💋23 y.o - check my vidéó . 4 minutes ago
I love the rhythm and beat of this song, it sort of sounds like a song you would play at a party on a Friday night with your friends. This song is definitely one of my favourites already.
Devesh S Devesh S . 7 minutes ago
Without me beast i do not think this whole song would have been possible
Vespa bs Vespa bs . 10 minutes ago
mr beast bring me here
나.ᥫ᭡ 나.ᥫ᭡ . 12 minutes ago
bad decisions
Elijah Relucio Elijah Relucio . 13 minutes ago
Where is the hi hat by mr beast?
Ata Karan Ülker Ata Karan Ülker . 13 minutes ago
I cant see jimmy in credits u son of a bitch
Tavenesh Nivethan Tavenesh Nivethan . 13 minutes ago
Mrbeast is in this song
나.ᥫ᭡ 나.ᥫ᭡ . 15 minutes ago
Col kay kay sharma Col kay kay sharma . 17 minutes ago
Armyyyy 💜💜💜
Leronzoik ID Leronzoik ID . 18 minutes ago
I'm being here just to here mrbeast 1 piano key
mr beast 🤣🤦🗿
Darren Saverio Darren Saverio . 21 minutes ago
I came here because of Mr beast
ıllıllı ཫབཧཧབངའཇ ıllıllı ıllıllı ཫབཧཧབངའཇ ıllıllı . 23 minutes ago
Wtf who even wanted to see that bs bts group
Kirā YUI Kirā YUI . 30 minutes ago
Wow I really felt Mr. Beast's part... 🤧
Bōbā Bōbā . 30 minutes ago
Add mr beast credits in title
SAIMONsis SAIMONsis . 33 minutes ago
I'm here because of Mr.Beast's hi-hat. That one note of hi-hat hits so hardddd!
Kofe Kofe . 33 minutes ago
Where are the Mr beast credits
cha sugar cha sugar . 33 minutes ago
Aparna Devulapalli Aparna Devulapalli . 35 minutes ago
So you tell you stupid gender that I'm done with choosing you or loving you which you don't want or whatever 🤔 so they needn't bother me I don't want anyone I can live by myself
Purple you BTS Purple you BTS . 37 minutes ago
This is Usss...Amry's...
Rohan Koli Rohan Koli . 41 minutes ago
Sam A. Sam A. . 44 minutes ago
The hi-hat is very awesome ..
Last_Breath Last_Breath . 46 minutes ago
I don't know who you all are listening this song for but I am listening it because of Mrbeast 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Sangita Meshram Sangita Meshram . 46 minutes ago
Where is mr beast
Aparna Devulapalli Aparna Devulapalli . 47 minutes ago
If you ask me whom would l choose among her, her husbands and her mothers/ in-laws,her fans,her lovers and her brothers(family l mean) etc etc I'd simply choose death! 😉
marsh heads marsh heads . 47 minutes ago
Anyone here from mrbeast shorts Lmao
Irais Rosas Irais Rosas . 49 minutes ago
realmente me encanto, talvez no salen mis niños pero represento muy bien al fandom, gracias por querer tambien a esos 7 increibles chicos
AKA Stretch AKA Stretch . 49 minutes ago 🤷🏾‍♂️? I mean you here might as well
AKA Stretch AKA Stretch . 50 minutes ago 🤷🏾‍♂️?
Hillary Sanchez Hillary Sanchez . 50 minutes ago
come on ARMYs come on for that 50M
Hillary Sanchez Hillary Sanchez . 51 minutes ago
Cuénteme que le hace sentir la canción, porque a mí me da una energía increíble me encanta muchooooooooo aaaah no puedo dejar de escucharla asta durmiendo la canto jajajja
KARTIK FF KARTIK FF . 53 minutes ago
Mr Beast's 🎵???
♡jkbaby♡ ♡jkbaby♡ . 59 minutes ago
bueno de que esto es una joya es mas que seguro. te amo
Aparna Devulapalli Aparna Devulapalli . 1 hour ago
I don't need a husband it's ok 🙂 👌 I'm the one who chose you got it oppa?!? I'm so done with this drama leave me alone you witch I've nothing to do with you and also I won't eat him up like you that you wanna teach me all that rubbish you learned!
Diana Sooya119 Diana Sooya119 . 1 hour ago
30M fighting army
HangOC HangOC . 1 hour ago
When MrBeast literally pressed one key to be in the credits but I don’t see Jimmy
Aparna Devulapalli Aparna Devulapalli . 1 hour ago
I don't want that seductress girlfriend of your it's ok even if you leave me who'll listen to her tantrums all day long also she has done her PHD in spreading rumors. I don't want all this you keep it to yourself if you say you need it! I'm not into this stuff 😒 Oppa 🙏
brijesh jani brijesh jani . 1 hour ago
Sugar!!! Yes please - Maroon 5
Isti Kookie Isti Kookie . 1 hour ago
zepeto phj zepeto phj . 1 hour ago
Looking for mr beast's piano note...😂
Diễm Nguyễn Diễm Nguyễn . 1 hour ago
Let make some
Diễm Nguyễn Diễm Nguyễn . 1 hour ago
Bad decisions
미니Mini 미니Mini . 1 hour ago
ㅠㅠ ㅂㄱㅅㄷ
N M N M . 1 hour ago
Who else came here from Mr.Beast
Manisha Patil Manisha Patil . 1 hour ago
Where is mrbeast credits??
Misha Hinostroza Misha Hinostroza . 1 hour ago
Sería yo cuando Bangtan venga a mi país, quiero mi tour lejano o cercano quiero verlos en vivo
Mahdye Rabieee Mahdye Rabieee . 2 hours ago
또 다른 좋은 조합
굉장해, 당신은 우리의 심장을 더 빨리 뛰게 만들어😁💜😍
lala badalova lala badalova . 2 hours ago
Let's make this no1 global music video!

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