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Danny Gonzalez

Danny Gonzalez

Published on 1 week ago

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De Wayne De Wayne . 35 minutes ago
I’m very disappointed that MGK has a child
Isabelle Bangs Isabelle Bangs . 57 minutes ago
Please review the movie “Bold Eagles” it’s literally hilarious 😭
Your Average Joe Your Average Joe . 2 hours ago
You could also call this movie “MGK Overreacting About Homophones For Way Too Long”
𝓛𝓪𝓭𝔂 𝓻𝓮𝓭 𝓛𝓪𝓭𝔂 𝓻𝓮𝓭 . 2 hours ago
My sister said she was not truly Greg so I am NOT her sister anymore
Vanilla Sugar Vanilla Sugar . 2 hours ago
I subscribed and turned on notifications!!!
sunny abby sunny abby . 2 hours ago
“pop punk” thanks danny for acknowledging that it’s not “punk rock”
informationalCubeHead informationalCubeHead . 2 hours ago
i h8 mgk /j
BestAtMath BestAtMath . 2 hours ago
You should do a video on The Starving Games. It’s a 40 minute movie ripping off The Hunger Games, it’s hilarious, check it out
Redsr Redsr . 3 hours ago
When Danny doesn’t say hey Greg: *silent confusion*
TransCube TransCube . 3 hours ago
sorry i had to turn this off when you said Donald Glover is a renaissance man. He is an activist loser at best......
The killer spring trap The killer spring trap . 3 hours ago
Remember the bar ice cream
Feitan_Fan_Girl Feitan_Fan_Girl . 3 hours ago
Danny you need to react to Academy of Magic harry potter themed family movie. It is a sad harry potter rip off
Lefty Lewis Lefty Lewis . 4 hours ago
Love that you mentioned Donald glover he's my fave
Dabs N Art Dabs N Art . 4 hours ago
LMFAO This is just classic! MGK and Pete are besties with bad movies!!
Alexandre Géhin Alexandre Géhin . 4 hours ago
Hum.. THAT just happened
Medieval Midwinter Official Medieval Midwinter Official . 5 hours ago
Danny, are you aware that people are still calling you Drew Gooden?
Literary Junkie Literary Junkie . 5 hours ago
its like a guy with little talent got all his equally talented friends to make a lame movie to cater to his 15 yo TikTok fans 😒
Arialyne Serafine Arialyne Serafine . 6 hours ago
grate movie
Bro trippe reds in here
K O K O . 7 hours ago
I have seen Pete Davidson and Megan Fox be funny, so there’s no doubt that the script is the problem.
Bluey The Best Bluey The Best . 10 hours ago
my horn have the power of a black hole... or 2 HAHAHAAHAHAHABH:) hehehhhe
ReeTardedMonkee ReeTardedMonkee . 11 hours ago
day 7 of asking danny to upload more until he puts me in a vid
Morrison Scott Morrison Scott . 12 hours ago
what a fucking SEGWAY
Esther Shin Esther Shin . 14 hours ago
i have no recollection of watching this video before. but i have definitely watched it before? i am confused.
seankkg seankkg . 14 hours ago
Killshot really did end this man's career.
Е Е . 14 hours ago
A great example of money let’s you do anything but don’t mean you have the ability to do it
ronan lynch (greywaren) ronan lynch (greywaren) . 14 hours ago
if you thought we wouldn't notice your asymmetrical sunburn, you were wrong.
CallMeCAMURAN CallMeCAMURAN . 14 hours ago
Danny you should drop a spooky song and surprise everyone in October
Matty J Matty J . 14 hours ago
When your tax agent asks you to provide evidence of the movie you claimed to have made to launder money.
Stone Previous Stone Previous . 15 hours ago
I've not taken the time to view this obvious piece of chiseled cinema.
CBVisuals CBVisuals . 15 hours ago
Anyone notice it’s all filmed in the hype house lmao
JuicyTomatoes JuicyTomatoes . 17 hours ago
i turned on notifications 2 years ago, i've been greg👌
strawberri653 strawberri653 . 17 hours ago
You should react to the move: The Academy of Magic, it’s a knock off of Harry Potter and some really weird/bazaar character designs. :) it would be so funny to see your reaction to that movie!!!
Danny Gonzalez Has Chocolate Bar Head. Danny Gonzalez Has Chocolate Bar Head. . 17 hours ago
My username is awkward, isn’t it?
storm cloud storm cloud . 17 hours ago
Critica 77y Critica 77y . 17 hours ago
I actually like a few MGK songs, but I'm not going to lie, he's nowhere near as clever as he thinks he is.
HeadSpill HeadSpill . 18 hours ago
I unironically laughed at “Where’s the pot, Potter?”
Chicken Pasta Chicken Pasta . 18 hours ago
We all know that one kid in school that was like MGK being in all the school clubs but not being good in any of them
Josiah Martinez Josiah Martinez . 18 hours ago
Bro called trippie redd this guy 💀
Scruumble Wuumble Scruumble Wuumble . 19 hours ago
i watched this movie with my boyfriend and was so shocked by how boring and infuriating it was at the same time
Night Hawk Night Hawk . 19 hours ago
Thanks Danny for making that thumbnail. Really saved me the time of watching this video since I got the answer.
Luke Tomlinson Luke Tomlinson . 19 hours ago
I like MGK in movies when he isnt in charge
Grider1 Grider1 . 19 hours ago
Why is everyone talking about this “Danny”? His name is Dayblade, not danny.

And where did nightblade and twiblade go off to?
Masoma Makes Masoma Makes . 19 hours ago
Somehow he did all of them very poorly
Comfy_Clouds Comfy_Clouds . 19 hours ago
Notifications on!
Average civilian Average civilian . 19 hours ago
You look the same as 7 years ago
Merritt Moseman Merritt Moseman . 20 hours ago
You should grow a beard
Austin is a Gibbs Austin is a Gibbs . 20 hours ago
Hey Greg, quick question, what do you like most about Danny?
AnnaK AnnaK . 20 hours ago
Fun fact! The new buzz lightyear was modeled directly after Danny!!
Michael Valdez Michael Valdez . 20 hours ago
Wow that was horrible lol. I will say he was pretty solid in the Motley Crue biopic

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