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영라인댄스Young Line Dance

영라인댄스Young Line Dance

Published on 3 months ago

#YoungLineDance #영라인댄스 #라인댄스
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Like I Love Country Music

48C 2W Beginner
Choreographer: Karen McMillan Clark (USA) - May 2022
Music: Like I Love Country Music - Kane Brown

Enjoy The Dance

Franco Salis Franco Salis . 3 months ago
Great music for this wonderful dance. Eun ah is great 💃💃👍.
Thanks for sharing, my sweet friend 🌾🙏💐❤🌹🌹💋💋🙋‍♂ciao🙋‍♂
Retirees atPlay Retirees atPlay . 3 months ago
👋 Hi, this is Karen McMillan Clark, the choreographer of this line dance.
I’m very impressed with your video and your dancing! Excellent job! The graphics, lighting, sound and dancing were perfect! 🎉 Kudos!
Thank you for posting this video on Copperknob. I really enjoyed dancing along with you!
David W Hanley David W Hanley . 3 months ago
Great dance with this song
Andrew Hieber Andrew Hieber . 3 months ago
Hi Senorita ~ nice flowing performance of choreography ladies
Have a great evening ~ thanks - take care. 🌹🌹🍷🍷🍕🍕🤗🤗😘😘💕💕💘💘
Iris Wolff Iris Wolff . 3 months ago
It's sooo beautiful, dear Eun-ah and friend! 💖💐🌹🌻🌸
ju라인댄스(JU DANCE ACADEMY) ju라인댄스(JU DANCE ACADEMY) . 3 months ago
오~~~~느낌있는 음악과 스텝이 재미 있습니다
상큼한 스텝과 두분에 호흡 좋아요❤ 👏👏👏👍👍👍
Ani Kurnia Ani Kurnia . 3 months ago
Nice dance performance👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰
티파니 티파니 . 3 months ago
🥰👍🥰👍i love dance~~

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