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Published on 2 years ago

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This is a guitar tutorial for you to learn how to play the country song Wasted On You by Morgan Wallen. Today in this video guitar lesson, I'm going to teach you how to play the chords and strumming pattern to Wasted On You on acoustic guitar. This channel is a place for beginners, intermediate and advanced players to learn how to play your favorite hit country songs by many different country artists.
CHORDS: A/BFlat dim/Bm/G/D

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It’s just ridiculously insane to switch chords that fast lol
Chadwick Gaines Chadwick Gaines . 2 months ago
Outstanding Sir!!!
Dave & Andrea Snyder Dave & Andrea Snyder . 3 months ago
Can you please do a tutorial on Tyler Hubbards new on, 5 foot 9
kevin dotson kevin dotson . 3 months ago
Thank you , I heard this song on the radio and came straight home to learn how to play it . I love your videos, I always pick up on them very quickly ,thanks man 🤘🏻
Montarctica Montarctica . 4 months ago
Your vocals are 💯 thanks man.
robichaud28 robichaud28 . 4 months ago
You have a nice guitar!!
Lane Henson Lane Henson . 4 months ago
Fall in love by bailey Zimmerman
Caleb Hodges Caleb Hodges . 5 months ago
I don't understand why my guitar doesn't sound anything like that in standard tuning
Droryboy Droryboy . 5 months ago
Amazing tutorial! I’ll definitely be back. Added to my watch later :) thank you :)
Jason Bradberry Jason Bradberry . 6 months ago
“Blame it all on my roots”
Devon Upton Devon Upton . 7 months ago
Nate Smith - Sleeve
CrazyJiggers CrazyJiggers . 7 months ago
wen i look to learn songs i always hop to see u ....always right love it man thanks hard to find solid trusty vids but u always are right on the money thanks
Bike Life Bike Life . 9 months ago
Seems like such a simple song but singing and playing it perfectly is a pain in the ass.
Adam Thrasher Adam Thrasher . 10 months ago
Do u have close ups on the frets in different angle sorta to fast to try catching up
Ronnie Eaton Ronnie Eaton . 1 year ago
Can you do warning from Morgan wallen and the intro part
SkyzoN46 SkyzoN46 . 1 year ago
is yoour guitar strings tuned e b g d a e?
Josh Josh . 1 year ago
Can u do money will chase you by the grogans next
Dan Madry Dan Madry . 1 year ago
Great song! Thanks for teaching it Robbie. One of those you can’t get enough of so good !
Terrence Neff Terrence Neff . 1 year ago
Hey man, great tutorial. Thank you. Can I make a request for a song? Can you do the new one called Anchor by Jack Ingram, Miranda Lambert and John Randall?
Ryan Rrree Ryan Rrree . 1 year ago
I have a question
Im a beginner and i still cant quite play the first cord of the song. my fingers are kind of fat and they always touch the other strings or end up in the fret completely next to it because they take so much space. Can you please give me some solutions or advice?
Joshua Vesely Joshua Vesely . 1 year ago
That is beautiful man.... Keep it up!!
Jack Austin Jack Austin . 1 year ago
Great video. Thanks.
Luke Krumnow Luke Krumnow . 1 year ago
Great lesson this is the first time I've seen your channel you've got a sub from me for sure a lot of people don't sing through the song when that's like a big part of it
Bill Taylor music Bill Taylor music . 1 year ago
Thank you Robbie
Joey D'Amico Joey D'Amico . 1 year ago
Awesome tutorial! I sure do hate how most of Morgan Wallen's songs contain bar chords though. 😂 I've been playing guitar for 10 years and still struggle with bar chords.
XxKEAxX 01 XxKEAxX 01 . 2 years ago
4:42 Time stamp to play along.
Blake Matthews Blake Matthews . 2 years ago
Man i keep coming back to all your videos cause you've been playing everything im trying to play. Is this song considered "blues" scales? I know i need to be practicing blues and jazz chords to really broaden my playing skills. You're awesome dude, thanks for all the tutorials
XxKEAxX 01 XxKEAxX 01 . 2 years ago
These tutorials are always the best! 👍
Jason Patrick Jason Patrick . 2 years ago
❤ Looking forward to listening to this
Alex C. Gaydos Alex C. Gaydos . 2 years ago
How about Quittin’ Time?
Eric Beard Eric Beard . 2 years ago
Sounding great Robbie 😎
Hugh Carlson Hugh Carlson . 2 years ago
Could you do sand in my boots
Jackson Claiborne Jackson Claiborne . 2 years ago
Curse October- Kolby Cooper pls
Evgod Evgod . 2 years ago
can you do cover me up by Morgan wallen?
Jack Beffel Jack Beffel . 2 years ago
Keep them coming from this album! Good stuff
Alexander Wesson Alexander Wesson . 2 years ago
Hey Robbie, I am thankful for your teachings. You honestly are one of the best guitar teachers, and I always come back because of you calling us your "guitar friends."

-Sincerley, a guitar friend 🎸
Bobby L Bobby L . 2 years ago
Best instructional videos. Thanks for what you do
Anneli Zalazar Anneli Zalazar . 2 years ago
Love this song and love your tutorial! This was the first song from his new album that I taught myself on piano. So good
Ben Setchell Ben Setchell . 2 years ago
Hey Robbie, you are by far my favorite guitar instructor on here and I wanted to say thanks for doing what you do!
Have you heard the song “One of the good ones” by Jordan Rager? I’d love to learn to hear that through your acoustic
Diraddz Diraddz . 2 years ago
Thank You man! Awesome stuff
Dakota E Flynn Dakota E Flynn . 2 years ago
Can you do a tutorial for real good man by Tim McGraw
CTown Dreams CTown Dreams . 2 years ago
Can you do a guitar tutorial on beautiful lies by tanner usrey
Cale Newport Cale Newport . 2 years ago
Thanks for keeping it up with the great tutorials, I’m going to grab my guitar right now!
Jesse Bryan Jesse Bryan . 2 years ago
Henridawg 13 Henridawg 13 . 2 years ago
Keep it up brother 💪

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