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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Gfors85 Gfors85 . 21 hours ago
Do the mustache only come upside down on evil rich characters aside with the monocle inside the glasses? xD
ΚŌ ΖΑΙ ΚŌ ΖΑΙ . 23 hours ago
Oh no. It's going meta, LMAO!
Wheezer Wheezer . 2 days ago
the matrix is breaking
Ghostlee Ghostlee . 2 days ago
Oh shit the ProzD characters have become self aware! KILL THEM WHILE WE HAVE THE CHANCE
CaptainMangles CaptainMangles . 3 days ago
umm that's a psp not a phone
Zoyne S Zoyne S . 3 days ago
People are commenting about PROZD not making skits anymore, I’m not sure how much of that is true. I just now that PROZD has made me laugh for years and has brightened up my days multiple times with his skits and videos and in the end it’s his decision.

I’m just glad to see another Asian American that’s into doing skits and doing fun things. Honestly love the guys work and respect it.
Claire Kaplan Claire Kaplan . 3 days ago
pov you're filming a comedy skit and both characters you're playing suddenly become self-aware
Starimyth Starimyth . 6 days ago
i wonder what he was gonna say about video games
ZX ZX . 6 days ago
Lol 😂
Oscar Garvin Oscar Garvin . 6 days ago
Frungi Frungi . 6 days ago
How is this so gloriously funny
Otuomi Otuomi . 7 days ago
Ok but where was he going with the video games?!
pandraus pandraus . 7 days ago
you are a fucking genius
oneclipleft oneclipleft . 7 days ago
Oh, I am down for this kind of self-aware development in the skits.
Max McCredie Max McCredie . 1 week ago
The existential dread behind that “hey..” makes this a masterpiece
Jeremy Strauss Jeremy Strauss . 1 week ago
NGL, I found this genuinely upsetting. lol
ftd888 ftd888 . 1 week ago
… all this time, I seriously thought someone else was operating the camera.
[insert name Here] [insert name Here] . 1 week ago
They have become self aware, kill them before they find out
stencetheboss stencetheboss . 1 week ago
Someone just got the crazy drugs ending in monster prom huh
Mystic the Manakete Mystic the Manakete . 1 week ago
NiclasWA NiclasWA . 1 week ago
«Sir, they’re getting self aware again.»

“Oh well. Time to reset their memories again.”
Zolazar Zolazar . 1 week ago
They know to much!
We must "take care" of them.
Price Rowland Price Rowland . 1 week ago
In this episode the characters remember they have two hands
oyaji_sus oyaji_sus . 1 week ago
I remember a movie where a supporting character asks the protagonist why his mole always changes place in his face. Protag shouts at him why they never told him there's a booger on his face.
IAmFuufy IAmFuufy . 1 week ago
Should we tell them there the same person
Ant Ant . 1 week ago
Comedy genius
Tristan Tristan . 1 week ago
Why would you take it off?? Nooooo omg such dedication but still r.i.p. moustache :(
Jeff C Jeff C . 1 week ago
Where's the next scene, where they realize they can't touch each other?
Night Night . 1 week ago
lol, that was random and goofy. That was awesome
Sayndi Sayndi . 1 week ago
This had me cackling like a mad goblin XD and completely weirded out my cat
Ace-Catel Ace-Catel . 1 week ago
Shoot, he knows
TheRetroDragon Yope TheRetroDragon Yope . 1 week ago
He never answered if he knew video games.
Aidan Aidan . 1 week ago
love love love the skits, cant believe you keep pumping them out
amit212543 amit212543 . 1 week ago
Chuck W Chuck W . 1 week ago
Viva la Dirt League, Epic NPC Man. Similar vein, different kind of funny, but just as good.
Jose Anzaldo Jose Anzaldo . 1 week ago
Best skit hands down
KiyokaMakibi KiyokaMakibi . 1 week ago
Crap. They're becoming self aware. Up the dosage rate on the drugs.
L. Lawliet L. Lawliet . 1 week ago
this seems similar to a video by lol ik
Muhammedlee Muhammedlee . 1 week ago
Micah Davidson - Memes and Music Micah Davidson - Memes and Music . 1 week ago
Colton Berry Colton Berry . 1 week ago
Gonna be honest... I seriously didn't ever notice that he holds the camera with his other hand.
Lettuce Lettuce . 1 week ago
Have you guys ever watched teen beach movie
Joel Klein Joel Klein . 1 week ago
R. a. s. a. t. i. R. a. s. a. t. i. . 1 week ago
this is what realizing youre dreaming feels like
petwisk petwisk . 1 week ago
Khris XD Khris XD . 1 week ago
Me trying to figure out left and right as a nine year old
Adrick Hunter Adrick Hunter . 1 week ago
Oh man...guess it COULD get more meta...holy moly.
Probably Ryan Probably Ryan . 1 week ago
i just imagine they both have their wrists fused together lol
Professor Plum Professor Plum . 1 week ago
This would make an amazing Twilight Zone episode.
RJrockstars RJrockstars . 1 week ago
"Sir? Yes it's happening again. We'll send in the agents like usual"

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