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Published on 5 years ago

Get ‘boom.’ featuring “You Broke Up With Me” and more here:


Kim Tolhurst Kim Tolhurst . 18 hours ago
Just heard this song for the first time 4 days ago and I have to listen to it over and over so love his music
Meagan Collins Meagan Collins . 1 day ago
Its a baby, pre beard Walker!
Jenn Kadash Jenn Kadash . 6 days ago
Who'd break up with him and why
Loretta Hitt Loretta Hitt . 1 week ago
Walter had to subscribe you are so awesome to watch and Listen to.You just make me have to dance .LuvYa.
Nick Early Nick Early . 1 week ago
Walker Haves is my favorite country singer
Alexander Ryan Alexander Ryan . 2 weeks ago
She probably broke up with you because she heard one of your songs.
Samantha Prince Samantha Prince . 2 weeks ago
Matha Dawn Harris Matha Dawn Harris . 2 weeks ago
brings me up and dancing to this ...
Heath Butcher Heath Butcher . 2 weeks ago
My ex wife cheated on me
jkiddsavage jkiddsavage . 2 weeks ago
great song! . 2 weeks ago
My dad introduced me to this song before he left and now its always on repeat
Nick Early Nick Early . 2 weeks ago
Walker Haves is my favorite country singer.
Raaee C Raaee C . 2 weeks ago
"Ain't nobody making you watch .. me get my forget you on ".. legendary !! Just found this guy and quickly falling for ALL his songs. Lyrical genius!!
Susan Schwanbeck Susan Schwanbeck . 2 weeks ago
Camera Mike Camera Mike . 3 weeks ago
This is the very first song I heard from Walker right when this came out. I heard others like 90s Country and Don’t Let Her but this song was always special and fun to me. It’s awesome seeing him finally getting the fame he deserves with Fancy Like. I’ll always follow him and his new songs!
Life of a pre teen Life of a pre teen . 3 weeks ago
When this song came out I was 8 and had it all memorized
Mary Mary . 4 weeks ago
Your happy !!!!
So get off my dam phone.
MadValkyri MadValkyri . 4 weeks ago
This the best song ever!! Me and my husband love it!! Thanks so very much!!!❤️🙏😎
Amanda Amanda . 1 month ago
This is the ONLY country song that was able to bring me to convert me. My gf at the time turned me on to it. And then cried whilewatching me get my forget her on after she got with a girl who was only "Gay 4 Fritos Lay!!" All love
R I P Nina Arthur
Ben Woodhouse Ben Woodhouse . 1 month ago
So true I was with someone and they cheated, and now I'm a successful businessmen and make a decent amount she stares everytime she sees me as if she expects me to speak to her I'm doing so well now and will never get back with her.
Nick Early Nick Early . 1 month ago
Walker Haves is my favorite country singer
Merritt Coggin Merritt Coggin . 1 month ago
I looooooooooooove this song
MrPeachy618 MrPeachy618 . 1 month ago
He played at Fort Bragg last night( 4th of the July) he sung this and I didn’t know he sung it. He was great to see in person.
Tammy Wright Tammy Wright . 1 month ago
Every time I hear this song it reminds me hey it wasn't me so why am I beating myself up
Amanda Jones Amanda Jones . 1 month ago
I don't like my ex boyfriend because he broke up with me and he made me cry so much lol ha i don't like him anymore lol he he leave me
Amanda Jones Amanda Jones . 1 month ago
I had a break up with my ex boyfriend and I don't like him anymore ha
Amanda Jones Amanda Jones . 1 month ago
I had a break up too
Pstrick Southern Pstrick Southern . 1 month ago
Let's do it agian fans.Thak you.
Pstrick Southern Pstrick Southern . 1 month ago
I like this,it's kinda a cure song .for a girl and guys.Thanks.
Asalia Erevia Asalia Erevia . 1 month ago
3 years ago I got to meet him and this song still is my favorite
Kathy Cowan Kathy Cowan . 2 months ago
Fantastic Song 👍💯
Peter Campbell Peter Campbell . 2 months ago
If I were married to Walker Hayes we'd have six kids too. Damn
Maureen Pienaar Maureen Pienaar . 2 months ago
Lovely song love it so much I'm thinking off the words when you sing it
Tracy Mallegni Tracy Mallegni . 2 months ago
Love this! Huge fan. So happy to see your talent be recognized. God bless you abs your family.
Amanda Jones Amanda Jones . 2 months ago
My Ex boyfriend broke up with me
Ben Woodhouse Ben Woodhouse . 2 months ago
It was about a yr ago I had been with a girl for 2 yrs and engaged for a yr, thought she was the one for me shame she didn't agree after all that time was very hard to move on but now I'm doing really well so Damb u broke up with me.
Dustin Combs Dustin Combs . 2 months ago
You know you want me back in it…!!
Meredith Rider Meredith Rider . 2 months ago
I love you sooo much I’m your biggest fan
Logan Obert15 Logan Obert15 . 2 months ago
Why is this sooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Country Music Hits New Country Music Hits . 2 months ago
Very good song, a lot of energy in this music ❤❤❤ . Good mood.
Paula Dehner [Bowler, Grant ES] Paula Dehner [Bowler, Grant ES] . 2 months ago
New favorite song!!!
Jody Bowman Jody Bowman . 2 months ago
Love this song
J J J J . 2 months ago
Loved this song the 1st time I heard it. Couldn't get it out of my head for days.
ohthatspoglol ohthatspoglol . 2 months ago
ive legit spent 2 months trying to find it, i legit looked up "man in house with lights with guitar" and then finally looked up 2017-2018 country songs that went viral. i dont like country but omg i LOVE this
Colbyisfun Colbyisfun . 2 months ago
Was with someone for a year and a half and she broke up with me I was left heartbroken but 8 weeks later I got someone that likes me and working hard to go fishing now I’m doing just fine now!
Candy Parks Candy Parks . 2 months ago
Ain't nobody make you watch me get my forget you on. Best. Line. Ever.
Bippidy Boppidy Boo Bippidy Boppidy Boo . 2 months ago
How come my Costco doesn't have anyone looking like Walker Hayes?
Marie Maria Marie Maria . 2 months ago
He's HOTTTTT. Like him clean-shaven.
M M M M . 2 months ago
Can’t even describe how big the smile on my face is after hearing this song tonight.. I broke my back for my ex for 4 years and lost so many friends for it. Finally getting back to the old me and couldn’t be happier that she didn’t want me. She realized I deserved better even before I did. Thank you Ashley! 😌
Tyler Taylor Tyler Taylor . 2 months ago
Think you.

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