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Published on 2 weeks ago

This is the greatest superhero fatigue of All Time
I stream every day

DiabolicalDikhead DiabolicalDikhead . 10 minutes ago
Super hero content is dead now honestly we need to get back to good ole fashion cinema maybe more superheroes in like 10 years
Yousef Yousef . 17 minutes ago
Stop watching and quit whining end of story
Usmon Shaikh Usmon Shaikh . 42 minutes ago
I’m an MCU stan so I’ve watched every single Disney+ show in its entirety, but I will say that Loki is a cut above the rest. A masterpiece of TV/film, IMO.
TheErikjsm TheErikjsm . 2 hours ago
been tired of super hero movies for years sure there are one or two good ones every once in a while but overall its done to death
Zephyr Ken Zephyr Ken . 2 hours ago
Honestly can you blame marvel they are getting billions because everyone eats their sh1t down the throat
People really are dumb now
Zephyr Ken Zephyr Ken . 3 hours ago
Lmao marvels like this from age of Ultron so boring
James Oldfield James Oldfield . 3 hours ago
I'm tired of them as well, but only because they keep releasing mediocre ones, last year the only great one was The Suicide Squad, and before that was Joker which came out ages ago now. I wouldn't be bored of them if they released something really, really different like the Daredevil and Punisher TV shows, Watchmen, Super, Joker, The Boys, but I don't see anything interesting on the horizon at all apart from The Boys season 4 which is like, what a year or 2 from now? I go and see 'em anyway because it kills time and I got no other hobbies, they're tolerable but they're not exciting. I way more look forward to other types of movies these days. I remember how hyped I was for The Suicide Squad, but that was the only superhero movie from the past 2 years, other movies I was hyped for weren't even superhero movies, hyped for movies like Stillwater, The Last Duel, Bullet Train, and Nope, and I'm hyped for Feast...

"There are no truly terrible superhero movies or TV shows."
Other than Batwoman, She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, Wonder Woman 1984, Birds of Prey, Venom, Venom 2, Morbius, Amazing Spiderman 2, the newest Fantastic Four movie, the one from the 90's, that weird Captain America movie from the 1990's, and Superman IV: Quest for Peace...
Facing Theonlymusic Facing Theonlymusic . 8 hours ago
Yeah I live superhero movies so much but they’re really trying to push the superhero agenda too far now. I don’t get excited for them anymore :(
Dumpster McGee Dumpster McGee . 8 hours ago
I watched the Guillermo Del Toro Hellboy movies earlier this year and I fucking loved them. I think part of why is because they’re such a breath of fresh air. The CGI looks natural within its environment (it looks bad at times, but I can suspend my disbelief and there’s not much suspension needed, as it actually holds up very well), it never feels like a green screen, even when it so clearly is, the characters don’t feel like templates, and I actually just had fun watching them.

I’ve enjoyed most Marvel movies, even a lot of the ones that I retroactively say are shit, but I can’t say I’ve had fun with a Marvel project in the past five years. With Hellboy, I had actual fun, I can remember most of the entire movie months after watching it, and the effort put into this movie is on the screen, whether it be the four hours of makeup for Hellboy and Abe (the fish guy), the set designs, the action set pieces, even the fucking tail animations for Hellboy. All of it shows.
Archangel Archangel . 9 hours ago
I hated "Everything Everywhere All At Once" because it did the same Marvel formula as well, anytime something interesting or emotional was happening it got interrupted by a joke like I was watching That 70's Show or something. Just awful. Also, I'm already sick of the multiverse trend.
ṎḠ-ḈḀṖṏṆḕ ṎḠ-ḈḀṖṏṆḕ . 9 hours ago
To be honest I didn't care for them when they came out. Idk why they bringing all these superhero shit out. Like I watch most of that stuff when I was a kid I'm an adult now I don't care for that shit.
Dale Weimholt Dale Weimholt . 11 hours ago
Machia Velli Machia Velli . 11 hours ago
Only infinity war especially Thanos stuck in my memories. Every movie after that was boring and uninspiring
Reed Reed . 12 hours ago
I don’t think it’s “super hero fatigue”.

It’s more of a corporate takeover of cinema. It used to be artists creating interesting stories and telling them in a fun way. The Matrix created a new technology to get those 3D rotating shots. Star Wars spawned a visual effects company.

Modern movies aren’t made by artists anymore. They are made by corporations who focus test and try to give a movie mass appeal, to make money.

Modern movies don’t innovate.

Plus, hollywood is obsessed with reboots and sequels, because they are creatively bankrupt, or know they can either spend money on a new untested idea, or go with the guaranteed billion dollar payoff of rebooting a 30 year old franchise.

Marvel movies, Star Wars movies. All the shows. It’s all the same.

It’s sad.
GuacSause GuacSause . 12 hours ago
Bruh i got tired of it after iron man 1 came out and i got older. Never understood why everyone kept nutting over these movies every year. Crazy it took this long for ppl to be tired with it lol
Lord Adamz Lord Adamz . 13 hours ago
It's a bit like the action movie genre of the 90s. Most were very generic and cliché. Or the buddy cop genre.
YTR Live YTR Live . 13 hours ago
i agree!
Many Fails, One Win Many Fails, One Win . 13 hours ago
Yep same here. Totally over it.
Oxsia Freys Oxsia Freys . 13 hours ago
This, indeed, is an opinion
kyle kyle . 14 hours ago
moon knight is amazing tho but taks a long time to get into
Yuri Kendal Yuri Kendal . 15 hours ago
So much of it is behind a subscription pay wall to a service I would never subscribe to. I would also add star wars fatigue. Going back and doing prequels instead of putting out good content after return of the Jedi
Brian Bentley Brian Bentley . 15 hours ago
Take me back to the days when superheroes had awesome theme music
G1d3on_J G1d3on_J . 15 hours ago
i watched thor love and thunder, tbh it was mid, scenes were rushed and the plot was boring
Alex Castro Alex Castro . 15 hours ago
They should make a infamous movie instade sry I'm a bit off topic but here is my respons superhero movies are a 3am vid like THE ROCK TURNS INTO BLACK ADDAM AT 3AM GONE WRONG GOT SHIT FOR IT!!! So ya there it is
GZA GZA . 17 hours ago
I was never into superhero stuff in general, even back to my childhood. I guess Spiderman and Iron Man was sort of cool but I was way more interested in Star Wars and Bionicle.
Venice C Venice C . 18 hours ago
Never was much of a fan of superheros anyways so the fact that thats all theres been for the past two decades is crazy to me im surprised people are just now getting tired of it.
Linus Dannull Linus Dannull . 18 hours ago
When I watched the second doctor strange, I remember being so bored. The like lead character (the America multiverse crossing lady) had such a standard arc of not being able to control her power to miraculously doing it at the end because of finding meaning or whatever.

Dr. Strange’s arc was also plain, with him essentially getting the power to defeat Wanda using the power of love. It was just so dull to me.
Lasers In The Jungle Lasers In The Jungle . 19 hours ago
Hellblazer - Constantine - Keanu Reeves - or the series?
Alexthealex Bot Alexthealex Bot . 19 hours ago
“It’s hard too care”
That line has no business being that bada$$
Sidorfthelag Sidorfthelag . 20 hours ago
me at my 19 feel im too old for these shows and movies so they bored me
KOAHUNT3R KOAHUNT3R . 20 hours ago
No you're absolutely not crazy. I 100% agree with you. The fatigue is starting to become real, especially after Endgame wrapped everything up in a nice send off package. Definitely another reason why Wandavision was a huge disappointment for me, because it started off unique, and then ended as generic Marvel stuff. You're also not the only one feeling confused on a lack of focus either. Like the first 3 Phases had obvious goals. Phase 1 ended with Avengers. Phase 2 ended with Age of Ultron. Phase 3/3.5 ended with Infinity War and Endgame, which was also alluded to with the previous phases. I didn't even realize Phase 4 and Phase 5 ended because everything in those phases were just movies. Sure they brought in Kang, but did we really need a whole show to create the Multiverse? Idk, I'm just not interested anymore. Wake me up when the next Spider-Man releases.
Klizzard Klizzard . 20 hours ago
The only exception I had was Spider-Man 3
mrbass093 mrbass093 . 21 hours ago
Scorsese was right, it ain’t cinema!
Rudi: Jude Rudi: Jude . 21 hours ago
Been saying it for years, superhero content is so shit. It’s fast food. Which I also don’t like. It’s pumped out fast by a big budget company who don’t care about the quality control, Spider man no way home was shit as well, forget rose tinted glasses you’re all gawping at it through stained glass windows, it’s just so empty and soulless
M M . 22 hours ago
Im not tired of superhero movies, but I am sick of marvel and the ways in which they tell their stories
vjollila96 vjollila96 . 22 hours ago
after end game hype of mcu or dc films just died instantly even with no way home I was just sort of interested and it was pretty good but I already kinda forgot it
jinx86 jinx86 . 23 hours ago
That's big corporations for u
They will do whatever makes the most money
And if that's pumping out generic superhero movies then that's what they will do
People have to stop watching every marvel movie that comes out
Bok Bok Bok Bok . 23 hours ago
like some comments in the internet, its pretty much GotG's fault in a way that Marvel is now forcing comedy in every project they have
Joshua Daniels Joshua Daniels . 24 hours ago
The boys is such a fresh take on the superhero genre. Has reignited my love (or hate) for superheroes
Wiseacres Wiseacres . 1 day ago
I clicked out of super hero movies after endgame. There's a few gems in there since that time but the vast majority is just brain melting ...
That One Guy Chad That One Guy Chad . 1 day ago
Moon knight was a banger.
TacticalDingus TacticalDingus . 1 day ago
This is exactly how i feel with the LGBTQ+ Community
Steven Roggenkamp Steven Roggenkamp . 1 day ago
Y'all can't just have fun and watch a superhero movie 🙄 I guess it's not y'all taste
Marcorix Marcorix . 1 day ago
Been this way since Endgame pretty much, even then i was getting tired but as we had the years of buildup i was still exicited to see the conclusion . But since then ive had 0 interest in any of it and thats just the movies not even mentioning all the tv series they chuck out. Same thing happend with zombie shows and movies that were oversaturated and everyone got sick of those as well. Personally id like an era of classic action adventure or sci-fi just one off good movies not tied into a big franchise or needing to set up future movies.
Lydia Robertson Lydia Robertson . 1 day ago
I feel the same, but there a few show good superhero shows I'm excited about. Like I skipped Ms. Marvel but I did enjoy The Sandman (although that's not really a superhero movie I think). There are some good ones sure, but mostly it's cut and dry
hashbrown hashbrown . 1 day ago
Moon knight was the most unique marvel show as of late solely because of the episode where you go through his memories, the rest is all generic
AGX AGX . 1 day ago
Finally someone else says it. Superhero stuff is so just rinse and repeat nowadays that once you’ve seen one movie you’ve seen them all
Angello Sammartino Angello Sammartino . 1 day ago
It’s unfortunately been overdone now that’s all

They were good but now it’s just too much
Deepak Modi Deepak Modi . 1 day ago
"Are you in the movie making business or are you in the money making business?"
Marvel: We are in the money and merch business!

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