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Published on 2 months ago


Delia Sanchez Delia Sanchez . 4 days ago
I have heard her songs but this is the best song ever
SammySeawead☺ SammySeawead☺ . 6 days ago
Waiting for the “dude” to see this … 😅😅🍿
Annie Berardino Annie Berardino . 2 weeks ago
I’m glad someone finally did a song but I’m pretty sure I’ve known since 2010 that Victoria was actually Victor. Also my bf used to work for 3rd party inventory and would have to count the MOS stuff of VS and he’d then have to shred hundreds of unsold bras and panties so they couldn’t be sold or donated. waste of materials for shit that’s already sized wrong and expensive as hell.
Scott Kendall Scott Kendall . 2 weeks ago
To lose my upward, trying to buy the sell you lied? WHAT THE???? It's ------- Trying to lose my appetite and fight the cellulite with hunger games like every night........
Madison Christoforos Madison Christoforos . 2 weeks ago
This song is my rock.
Starri Dreamer Starri Dreamer . 3 weeks ago
I really appreciate this song but God is it weird to listen to when my name is Victoria 😂
m crowell m crowell . 3 weeks ago
After watching angels and demons this so fits
roni kalif roni kalif . 3 weeks ago
This is beautiful!
••ONION COOKIE•• ••ONION COOKIE•• . 3 weeks ago
To all the girls and boys: you are beautiful if you are overweight or underweight it’s okay always love your self you should know that and I almost teared up when I was commenting this😂💕
Rain Rain . 3 weeks ago
The lightning is very distracting and is almost giving me epilepsy
Sadie Collier Sadie Collier . 3 weeks ago
I can relate to this song
•Pøse Liķe Añ Åftøn• •Pøse Liķe Añ Åftøn• . 3 weeks ago
*Shes an old man who lives in Ohio*
emma emma . 3 weeks ago
Amazing song positive for people’s who have insecurities loved it
Marinette Arabic 🍪 Marinette Arabic 🍪 . 3 weeks ago
This song is very creative And It fits alot of people because I mean most of people have body issues let's just be honest well I have alot of body issues maybe I'm still a kid but there's No age for bullying Everyone body shame and bully in any age age doesn't matter bullying and body shaming made me always hate school and hate everything on it everyday I wake up excited for school but then I wake up crying Because I'm going back there and even my mother after alot of years told me why did you stop caring about school I stayed in this school for 4 years 4 years street of bullying body shaming yelling all of this when I changed school they didn't stop bullying I thought it would change but no before this two schools I was in the worst school ever I was 4 years old I think? Yeah (I'm in Egypt)it was my first day at school ever my first school I was young very young ofc and all the teachers and classmates would bully me If I don't get full mark in umm what Should I name it it's not a quiz your just spelling some world's in a paper your writing it If I didn't get A+ the teachers would made me stand up and in the middle of the class she would start hitting me She made me stand with my hands in the walls and looking at the walls and she starts hitting me and all the class is watching me .....
•Pøse Liķe Añ Åftøn• •Pøse Liķe Añ Åftøn• . 3 weeks ago
This is the most positive song I ever heard
•Pøse Liķe Añ Åftøn• •Pøse Liķe Añ Åftøn• . 3 weeks ago
This is actually what a lot of girls go through included me
•Pøse Liķe Añ Åftøn• •Pøse Liķe Añ Åftøn• . 3 weeks ago
Cynthia Roberson Cynthia Roberson . 3 weeks ago
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FROM THE OVER FIFTY! I wish we had this song when I was younger. I could never and still don't fit in anything they have to offer. I have my mother's boobs, big butt and thighs. I am more of what Sir Mix-a-lot looks for. And you know what? I am good with that. Thank you again for setting us ladies straight.
Ceta Equine Ceta Equine . 3 weeks ago
Honestly this is the best body positive song I've ever heard.
Erica Hunter Erica Hunter . 3 weeks ago
You killed this 👏🏼 love it so much
Sadiya Israr Sadiya Israr . 3 weeks ago
Leia knuffelhäschen#königswunsch Leia knuffelhäschen#königswunsch . 4 weeks ago
It’s: “ to lose my appetite / and fight the cellulite with hunger games like every night” thank you! Great work btw!
Ignatius J. Reilly Ignatius J. Reilly . 4 weeks ago
Sure, blame the old man living in Ohio.
Vera Teixugueira Vera Teixugueira . 4 weeks ago
JAX you ar amazing !!! I love you so mutch right now. I want that album with the mom and dad song by the way.
pho pho . 4 weeks ago
While listening i looked at the add underneath for a weight/fat loss 😑
PrplTulip PrplTulip . 4 weeks ago
I know this song is super new so I just wanted to let you know what the second verse says because I think you might have misheard some of it:
I wish somebody would have told me that thighs of thunder
Meant normal human thighs
The f’kin pressure I was under
To lose my appetite
and fight the cellulite
With hunger games like every night…
The “appetite” and the next like are super fast to keep the beats correctly, so it was really hard to understand. I hope this helps a little!! Thanks for providing the lyrics for everyone. That was awesome!!
Tasoii Tasoii . 4 weeks ago
I love the song but can't read the lyrics because of the lightning bolts in the background (Pls put the ⚠️FW⚠️ 🥺 I have now terrible headache 😅)
Roxanne Lockwood Roxanne Lockwood . 4 weeks ago
Im 13 and I struggle with my body so much but when I heard this song my insecurity disappeared for a while .thank you so much this song is the best
Brooke Incorvaia Brooke Incorvaia . 4 weeks ago
I was already subed to you and I never knew she made music like this you go quennn I LOVE YOU WHY CANT I BE LIKE YOUUU
Hasan_K Hasan_K . 4 weeks ago
Before I say it: I absolutely love this song it’s amazing
Now: it bothers me to my bones that they didn’t rhyme secret with believe it, that seems so natural and yet it just remains a huge tease 😅
Lia great Lia great . 4 weeks ago
The text is not right at every part 😅 but it’s great song 😍
Dino The Raptor Dino The Raptor . 4 weeks ago
This is honestly a comfort song to me, as someone who struggles with an ED and really bad insecurities, body weight issues, ect this song helps me quite a bit <3
ley_ronika ley_ronika . 4 weeks ago
Take care don't be fat
David Ralte David Ralte . 4 weeks ago
I hope this song touch millions of teens who are so insecure..Let all of your body insecurity be gone..
Amber Rose Amber Rose . 4 weeks ago
Roses & Milk Roses & Milk . 4 weeks ago
I mean true, Victoria’s Secret was made by men for men
S S . 1 month ago
Wowww, everyone should listen to it ❤️
MarkenlouTV MarkenlouTV . 1 month ago
Wow!! OMG so good!! 👍🏻
Me on Monday morning Me on Monday morning . 1 month ago
The new masterpiece in 2022 lol 😂✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
“Victoria was made up by a dude”
DUDE- lol 😂 my new fav song
Noah Riggs Noah Riggs . 1 month ago
Uh half these lyrics are wrong but good song.
tap water tap water . 1 month ago
from someone who’s going through major body dysmorphia and struggling to eat everyday this song is amazing for my mental health💙
Marilia S.C. Marilia S.C. . 1 month ago
This has so much power in it...I hope all girls who need to hear this find it
Rylie Harmon Rylie Harmon . 1 month ago
Sam Goldberg Sam Goldberg . 1 month ago
This is the best body positive song I've ever heard. LIFE ANTHEM UNLOCKED
LittleWolfieOWO LittleWolfieOWO . 1 month ago
yeah yeah tiktok sucks and blah blah, but excellent message! if only more tiktoks were like this...
Cheyenne Marcum Cheyenne Marcum . 1 month ago
When u get the song stuck in ur head
Rom Sam Rom Sam . 1 month ago
M F M F . 1 month ago
Yes! This song hit my soul hard. I had when I was in college. When I had that ah-ha moment in therapy and my life switched. This is perfection
lira sial lira sial . 1 month ago
Love it
♤ 猫娘 ♤ ♤ 猫娘 ♤ . 1 month ago
I love this song!

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