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Published on 2 weeks ago

Huggy Huggy . 23 hours ago
Me watching watching kids movies at 4 am
Am smart as f boing
Sonic Whacker55 Hayes Sonic Whacker55 Hayes . 23 hours ago
The candles were in Baby
Mozart 1998
Darren Black Darren Black . 1 day ago
I must be why I'm so smart and it must be one and know everything about cops without researching about them
Soldier Soldier . 2 days ago
Bro took „0 to Hero“ to a new level
Jeddy Jeddy . 2 days ago
“I put my nail in the wrong spot”
The Epic Gamer Jeremie The Epic Gamer Jeremie . 2 days ago
Sorry I slept in again
I watch movies in night
XzGachaBoyzX XzGachaBoyzX . 3 days ago
I go to bed at 2 am, yet I'm still dumb
The Adventure Channel The Adventure Channel . 3 days ago
And wjere did did you put that nail huh though. 🤨🤔☹️.
Penny Levine Penny Levine . 3 days ago
No wonder I'm so dumb
James_Jenkins James_Jenkins . 3 days ago
I sleep late but I'm not so intelligent,I'm a fast learner vut forget things quite easilly sometimes
Dad Son Dad Son . 3 days ago
Maybe that’s why most people fail test because teachers tell us to go to bed early
Robyn Moore Robyn Moore . 4 days ago
I stay up late and I am not intelligent
DiamondApples DiamondApples . 4 days ago
My intelligence must be through the roof
dominik_636 dominik_636 . 4 days ago
I think that is the why I always go with late to bed because this is true
Tey Pinkie Tey Pinkie . 4 days ago
oops a type the Wong chat
Tey Pinkie Tey Pinkie . 4 days ago
Tey Pinkie Tey Pinkie . 4 days ago
Zeb Lucero Zeb Lucero . 5 days ago
So im smarter than a 5 yo with 5 iq
Ethan Rising Ethan Rising . 5 days ago
°PeopleCallMeCapricorn° °PeopleCallMeCapricorn° . 5 days ago
Me: *going to sleep at 1 am*
Dallas Boese Dallas Boese . 5 days ago
I don't get any sleep and I'm not even tired a little bit
Jason Jones Jason Jones . 6 days ago
I go to bed at 11-12 sometimes 1-2 AM. I can confirm it’s true because my IQ is 125 in the gifted range aka %1.3 of people. Can confirm it’s true.
dogemin dogemin . 6 days ago
Correct me if im wrong but I think People that go to bed later is
Smarter than people that go to bed earlyer because people that go to bed earlyer have a brain that gets tired faster.
Caleb Marshall Caleb Marshall . 6 days ago
People who go to sleep earlier have a higher iq

Me who goes to 2am on the regular: beeg bren
kinlay dorji kinlay dorji . 6 days ago
Me who stays up late till 9 in the morning:I have a higher IQ than Einstein himself
Geneline Manansala Geneline Manansala . 6 days ago
Imagon insted of a lambergini he build a ferari
Homelessguyspamton Homelessguyspamton . 7 days ago
Me: im still stupid af
Kayden Milne Kayden Milne . 7 days ago
I agree about the sleep one 😂
Breanna Martin Breanna Martin . 1 week ago
its 2:00 here
NY-gamer NY-gamer . 1 week ago
1 I am lonely. 2 I sleep sooo late =I am genuinely inelegant
Emiliano games Emiliano games . 1 week ago
I love it! 🤣
Emiliano games Emiliano games . 1 week ago
Omg I sleep late I'm smart I'm the the Einstein
Løføút Løføút . 1 week ago
I didn’t sleep :|
taytorchip taytorchip . 1 week ago
I smart really
Gh Po Gh Po . 1 week ago
I'm a late sleeper I went to sleep at 6AM woku up at 4pm
susify susify . 1 week ago
Sorry ma, I'm staying up
Erin Erin . 1 week ago
I'm skeptical about the "people who go to bed later have a higher IQ" because I go to bed at 8:30 and wake up at 4am so I can attend 2 college classes in top of my high school classes 🫤
lori campbell lori campbell . 1 week ago
So I'm hyperintelligent because I go to bed at 1 am
Athena Yuboco Athena Yuboco . 1 week ago
Athena Yuboco Athena Yuboco . 1 week ago
Athena Yuboco Athena Yuboco . 1 week ago
Oofyway Oofyway . 1 week ago
Excuse me I go to bed at 10 o clock and I’m dum
Crismar Filico Crismar Filico . 1 week ago
I go to bed like 10 to 9 pm and im like 8 yrs old and i solve quadrillions but is plus every month my math skills grow more and more now i can solve gigazillions how convenent
Ashtan_13 Ashtan_13 . 1 week ago
gamers and weebs who doesn't sleep: it's big brain time
Wyatt Calmrain Wyatt Calmrain . 1 week ago
Yaaaaayyyy, I sleep late
Boba_Kitty Boba_Kitty . 1 week ago
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TheBigSad TheBigSad . 1 week ago
Bruh if people who go to bed later are smart then I'm a genius
Anybody ever see the movie that Jeremy was in
Nishant KR Nishant KR . 1 week ago
" People who go to bed late have higher intelligence "
Shout to my fellow programmers
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤTh ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤTh . 1 week ago
To go to bed late....
That's called depression.

I have Sleeped late for over 2 years and pretty late before that as well. I only got 2 hours of sleep for a year, I Should be crazy, not intelligent, It is just stupid to sleep late. You will only become more tired.

But that's just my thoughts.
However, who knows.... Might be something in it, but not what I know.
Pretty much just pain

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