Play / Download Morgan Wallen & Friends "Wasted On You" LIVE from Acoustic Benefit Concert
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Launch The Drone

Published on 11 months ago

Morgan Wallen & Friends "Wasted On You" LIVE from Acoustic Benefit Concert 9/8/21

R R . 2 months ago
This dude has more swag than half of the rap industry
Donovan Redbird Donovan Redbird . 2 months ago
mans with the hat backwards wishes he was morgan
buddy779 buddy779 . 3 months ago
woahhh awesome 👌 👏
LeeAnn Ahern LeeAnn Ahern . 3 months ago
I hate when the audience sings along. We want to hear him sing…not you!
Tyrion P Tyrion P . 3 months ago
I like him, but this sounds like crap.
Faydra Underwood Faydra Underwood . 7 months ago
The emotion in his voice and movements captivate me and I ended up watching six hours of videos. Every time.
K&P Cavanagh K&P Cavanagh . 9 months ago
Even better live
Melinda Lindsay Melinda Lindsay . 11 months ago
Class act!
Tanya Mason Tanya Mason . 11 months ago
Love Morgan wallen!!! Such a great voice
Ryan Harvey Ryan Harvey . 11 months ago
Can't wait until all of the drama clears up and this guy goes on tour again. Would love to see this guy live! Such an incredible performer.
S P S P . 11 months ago
This is amazing. I need a live version of “this side of a dust cloud” in my life ASAP though
Chris Weinert Chris Weinert . 11 months ago
Wait I thought Morgan was racist 😂 I bet the left are eating this up
Jj's Music Jj's Music . 11 months ago
anyone got the full concert?
Gregory Faulkner Gregory Faulkner . 11 months ago
This is great!!! This video made me more emotional than I thought was possible from listening to Morgan Wallen music. Just the way it's played and sung. The way the first bars of the acoustic guitar come on; and the subsequent fan reaction to those few bars; the fans singing along to a song banned by radio; the way he brings Lathan out and gives him a hug at the end. Not a racist or bigoted bone in this young man's body. Take that cancel culture. This video takes the cake for greatness. Thanks so much Launch the Drone for sharing these great video shots from this benefit concert on September 8, 2021.
Yvonne Ellis Yvonne Ellis . 11 months ago
I’m so happy to see Morgan and his band back together and on stage. His guitarist/ vocalist Dominic Frost and Morgan sound great 💗
Joni Richmond Joni Richmond . 11 months ago
So good!♥️♥️♥️ #GAHT!
Jason Patrick Jason Patrick . 11 months ago

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