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PumpDance Oficial

PumpDance Oficial

Published on 2 weeks ago

Salvia Davis Salvia Davis . 4 hours ago
I know one thing that better not be the routine for the video or I will lose my shït
Nonkululeko Magdeline Nonkululeko Magdeline . 8 hours ago
They moving smoothly 🔥
Michelle Thompson Michelle Thompson . 20 hours ago
I love this so much. 🫶🏽
Ihesha ReMa Ihesha ReMa . 1 day ago
Love you both!!!!
D!VA WOMAN D!VA WOMAN . 1 day ago
Beyoncé Broke My Soul releasing this song. I’m sorry no choreo can make up for it! Lol… Ashley & Aaliyah still Bad Bs though
MedicBobs MedicBobs . 1 day ago
Y'all need to get on cue. Wtf
T T . 2 days ago
They are that up!! Aliya has so much personality!! Ashley is so sharp!! I love it!
Dee Princess Dee Princess . 2 days ago
Great love the dancing
I'm a poet and musician stay blessed
Naïma Jones Naïma Jones . 2 days ago
The girl with the curly is actually beyoncés background dancer yall
Sonia Thomson Sonia Thomson . 3 days ago
Beyonce you won't break 💔 my soul because I will be contacting you to tell you so from me and my husband THE ALLAH I would never be that corny, GIRL get it together like the India Arie song!
Love it!
Colleen Duke Colleen Duke . 3 days ago
Pareesha Slaughter Pareesha Slaughter . 3 days ago
Aliya gave alot of soul in it
Maria Marty Maria Marty . 3 days ago
Aaliyah is the best period
Rachel Fox Schnitzer Rachel Fox Schnitzer . 3 days ago
Incredible 🤩🥇
Christina Marrow Christina Marrow . 3 days ago
As I read these comment I just have to disagree. Ashley is great but I think she didn’t add enough energy and it look as if she didn’t know the choreography. On the other hand Aaliyah had a lot of energy for every move but I can see why folks might think it looked borderline “ sloppy” . Overall, I don’t think their Styles complement each other .
Xoxo Killer Xoxo Killer . 3 days ago
I love them both. Ashley dances like a pro but Aliyah dances like she the main attraction all eyes on her
REMY REMY . 3 days ago
Corliss Ivy Corliss Ivy . 3 days ago
Watching them together is 🔥💃🏾🔥!! Hoping this is the start of something….and we see more projects with them both!! 🙌🏾
Adrian Anderson Adrian Anderson . 4 days ago
Tiffany White Tiffany White . 4 days ago
It could have been much better
Queen Naturally Queen Naturally . 4 days ago
This was so good!!!!!
Ayiana Zanari Ayiana Zanari . 4 days ago
Jessica L. Simpson Jessica L. Simpson . 4 days ago
This makes me excited for Beyoncé to go on tour again!! Ashley slayed that! I loved that they touched hands at one point. So cute! Aliyah did her thing too! I loved seeing her dance 💃🏾
Amber Powell Amber Powell . 4 days ago
Everyone comparing them but I can't. I see one who is more technical and one is more feeling it. Both look great. I guess that's why you always have to go to different teachers and take what you can from each and make it your own. I would think though to be in Beyoncé tours technics would be really important.
Shanequa Matthew Shanequa Matthew . 4 days ago
Both ladies are amazing to watch I feel like with Aliyah her strength is in her arms shoulders and facial expressions and Ashley Her legs are so graceful. Glad for this collab
Miranda Nathan Miranda Nathan . 4 days ago
Really getting tired of this record
Susie Brown Susie Brown . 4 days ago
AphroSpiritual Love AphroSpiritual Love . 4 days ago
This is literally addicting. I’ve been watching this back to back since it was at 50k views lol. That’s was only a few days ago. This video is blowing up!! Never thought I’d get to see the two most iconic dancers of todays time together!!
Carolyn Jones Carolyn Jones . 5 days ago
Y'all Killed It Hands Down. It's the energy for me!👏💛👍🏻
soso shuster soso shuster . 5 days ago
grew up in the 90s . the song is super dope . choregraphy sucks ...
Lexi Lo Lexi Lo . 5 days ago
Love it ❣️
GM PM GM PM . 5 days ago
Aliya is dancing and Ashley is performing…both did it great!
Sammie Galati Sammie Galati . 5 days ago
Ashley smoked Aliyah on this one. Ashley was polished perfection.
Toyah *txsthck* Toyah *txsthck* . 5 days ago
Toyah *txsthck* Toyah *txsthck* . 5 days ago
Empress Jade Tarot Empress Jade Tarot . 5 days ago
Y’all it’s the ratchetness for me I love 💕 them both lol 😂 but yes 👏 they killed this one ☝️
Nanci Fletcher Nanci Fletcher . 5 days ago
Ashley is the ultimate a professional!!👏🏾💯
Renato Teroy Renato Teroy . 5 days ago
'Ammarah May 'Ammarah May . 5 days ago
The girl with the pony tail wow ❤️❤️❤️ she gave it some sass. Amazing dancing.
Haritini Taktikou Haritini Taktikou . 5 days ago
Lia Lia Lia Lia . 5 days ago
Damn I bet their necks hurt
Ciara Berry Ciara Berry . 5 days ago
Ashley is not to be played with, aaliyah is smooth too tho
Damsel In Allure Damsel In Allure . 5 days ago
Is this a sneak peek 😩💞
the1theonly _princesseri the1theonly _princesseri . 5 days ago
Y’all gotta remember, the back up dancer cannot be better than the artist. I believe in my opinion dancers are trained this was. Ashley was good but there is a method to the madness. People always mention Beyoncé eats up her dancers there is no coincidence for that. The dancers are there to support the artist. Just my opinion.
Kelly Boba Kelly Boba . 5 days ago
Ashley is just wow. You can tell she dances with Beyonce. Her steps are so clean and precise. That’s that skilled performer/perfectionist training and rehearsing. Love to see her on here. I hope they use Aliyah for the tour choreography.
ms. mystique ms. mystique . 5 days ago
Bey looks hella even her thickalicious thighs..oh yea and she really cannot sing.
Hydro Hydro . 5 days ago
This is freaking crazy!!!
Abi Zhar Abi Zhar . 6 days ago
Yeeaaaa come on Ashley 💃🏻💃🏻💪
melinda mullins melinda mullins . 6 days ago
such amazing power when its called for then simple when the movement is called for fantastic.

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