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Focus On Film

Published on 2 weeks ago

Movie: This Is The End


Ebube Dike Ebube Dike . 47 minutes ago
very weird movie
m011y1uvnwh0r3 m011y1uvnwh0r3 . 1 hour ago
David Pavia David Pavia . 2 hours ago
Honesty worth it
LeviathanDrumming LeviathanDrumming . 2 hours ago
This movie became my favourite comedy movie when it came out, and still remains supreme lol
Lil Guille Lil Guille . 2 hours ago
What movie
Jimmy Marison Jimmy Marison . 3 hours ago
Get slapped in the face for slapping Rihanna’s ass? Where can I sign up?
paul stephen paul stephen . 3 hours ago
The slap
Andy Mora Andy Mora . 3 hours ago
They had my ex playing herself... While they had another guy play me?? Their plan to fuk my GF in a scripted sin box w my money they were after stealing too.. We don't play ourselves but they sure need our Gfs to play themselves for their sick sinnery..
I’m Map I’m Map . 4 hours ago
Bruuuu I knew that looked too real 😂😭 she smacked his lights out
Daniella I Daniella I . 4 hours ago
What movies is this ?
Brooke Ashton Brooke Ashton . 4 hours ago
One of my favorite movies 😂
Sleepy Outcast Sleepy Outcast . 5 hours ago
Man, back before these disconnected elites became communist. The world was a better and funnier place.
Thomas TheGreat Thomas TheGreat . 5 hours ago
The worst ass slap in history. You got 4 shots and missed em all lmao
Psylens music Psylens music . 5 hours ago
Which movie is this ?
Marko Marko . 5 hours ago
Cera got slapped 4 times for nothing
someasiankid someasiankid . 5 hours ago
oh my God so lucky
B B . 6 hours ago
Michael Cera being a man of culture
keinark keinark . 6 hours ago
This was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.
I Love it damn good actors & actresses. Good job you all
Vinlyguyx420x Vinlyguyx420x . 6 hours ago
What happened
Brian McAndrew Brian McAndrew . 7 hours ago
What movie is this from?
brandon lawrence brandon lawrence . 7 hours ago
Channing taint yum
istouder226 istouder226 . 7 hours ago
Average movie at best
Chasing Gold Chasing Gold . 7 hours ago
This is the end is a great movie
Bboy Academy Bboy Academy . 8 hours ago
Left handed, too!
The Rad Dad Investor The Rad Dad Investor . 8 hours ago
what movie is this?
Francis Francis . 9 hours ago
They totally added sound to that slap what a bunch of lying twa*s
L L . 9 hours ago
Best movie ever
Philip Martin Philip Martin . 9 hours ago
he be like, ok 🤣
TG ItsOnlyPat TG ItsOnlyPat . 9 hours ago
The angle he slapped her ass lets you know that that thang is sittin back there 😂
AresGodOfWar AresGodOfWar . 10 hours ago
Afterwards he was definitely singing S, S, S, S, and M, M, M! Lmao. I’d let Rihanna slap me too. No Cap!! …..okay you caught me cappin’. I’m cappin’
Mikolai kwiek Mikolai kwiek . 10 hours ago
Does anyone actually get why she would want to slap him in the face?
Zachary Thurow Zachary Thurow . 11 hours ago
brandan boehland brandan boehland . 11 hours ago
I used to love Seth Rogan but now he is a complete D-Bag
iliAKAthenatural iliAKAthenatural . 12 hours ago
just another reason on the Looooooooong list of reasons why i love you Riri
DW Myers DW Myers . 12 hours ago
This was the worst fucking movie in history.
James Dawny James Dawny . 12 hours ago
I loved this movie and the cast together and I love them playing themselves don't know why all the hate they're hilarious. Don't watch the movie.
James Dawny James Dawny . 12 hours ago
How do these niggahs just have their own movies and scripts and just make them ? Must be nice
Superman04p Superman04p . 13 hours ago
She js wanted to make DAMN sure that ASAP didn't ASLAP that man his damn self !! LoL 😆

That slap had Captain America "I can do this ALL DAY" vibes.... all over it 💯
ian be ian be . 13 hours ago
some of y'all need to learn how to spell rihanna
Tyler Robison Tyler Robison . 14 hours ago
One of the best movies ever made.
Kiwi Spartan Kiwi Spartan . 14 hours ago
Dude weed hue hue hue hue
imsleezy imsleezy . 14 hours ago
I'm not even kidding, I've watched "this is the end" probably a few thousand times
Kara Van Ness Kara Van Ness . 15 hours ago
Love this so much!
John Duke John Duke . 15 hours ago
The chabad house is embarrassed by this
Royale Diamond Royale Diamond . 15 hours ago
This movie was underrated when it came out 😂 Knowing all of this I didn’t think Rihanna could still be a badder bih but I’m even more turned on to say the least, sheesh 😭
Cop Kill Cop12 Cop Kill Cop12 . 16 hours ago
Damn they get to live what we can live in our dreams
kevo1 kevo1 . 17 hours ago
Michael Cera. Legend..

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