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Published on 2 weeks ago

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𝕂𝕠𝕣𝕚 👑 𝕂𝕠𝕣𝕚 👑 . 6 hours ago
I just watched dharman vid and saw you🤩🤩
DragonKitties4life DragonKitties4life . 10 hours ago
The stairs to the yellow wall are just their extras in case of a fire
Kory Kaiser Kory Kaiser . 10 hours ago
2:40 SHe really went rushion,could you hear?
Born2BeWild Born2BeWild . 11 hours ago
9:20 Her face🤣
Locus Locus . 15 hours ago
no no no no no
Thuỳ Dung Thuỳ Dung . 15 hours ago
8:54 that's because they thought cheeseburger means cheese & burger😂😂
The coulson’s The coulson’s . 16 hours ago
Sssniperwolf 9:47 I don’t know if you’ve never learned geography but that is not the English flag it’s British flag this is the English flag 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🤦🏼‍♀️
Tore Fagerli Tore Fagerli . 17 hours ago
Norway is white red and blue
The 2AKGamer The 2AKGamer . 17 hours ago
British people: I’m going to drink tea angrily with the queen

That’s a British flag not an England flag LOL. But still I love your vids ♥
luisa guerra luisa guerra . 18 hours ago
Why do people never support her?
Thuraya Idris Thuraya Idris . 19 hours ago
'That's the English flag'
Britain: am I a joke to u?
Gaming with Kanabo Gaming with Kanabo . 1 day ago
The stairs to the Backrooms
Spencer-Bailey Spencer-Bailey . 1 day ago
Fun fact that was actually the union jack flag used for great Britain/the UK the English flag is just red and white
Indie Clark Indie Clark . 1 day ago
Your so pretty and yes I’m 9 years old! abut your so PREETY!!!!!!
Indie Clark Indie Clark . 1 day ago
Annie Annie . 1 day ago
Bro the England flag is this 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿not 🇬🇧thats the uk lol
★Official izuku Midoriya ★ ★Official izuku Midoriya ★ . 1 day ago
Hi SSSniperWolf I'm a huge fan and I know you like anime and can I get a shout out
Kellie Albarran Kellie Albarran . 1 day ago
The ice cream turn out funnnnyyyy😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Kyojuro Rengoku Kyojuro Rengoku . 1 day ago
Interesting fact about me as a child my parents would have to order a cheeseburger without cheese and I would through a temper tantrum if they ordered a hamburger lol
Tabby Lalonde Tabby Lalonde . 1 day ago
😭😭😭😭ONE JOB GOSH!!!!
Daisy Daisy . 2 days ago
Daisy Daisy . 2 days ago
I love your channel!!!
Daisy Daisy . 2 days ago
Mike Morgan Mike Morgan . 2 days ago
No wolves here..........just a Fox!
Annikagacha🫠 Annikagacha🫠 . 2 days ago
I watched this video well on Pinterest, and saw one of the posts
Aleah Fast Aleah Fast . 2 days ago
SSSniperwolf I saw a video with a girl that made animations I loved it so much it almost made me cry
Emila Castelo Emila Castelo . 2 days ago
What three
Jessica Wamsley Jessica Wamsley . 2 days ago
i can do a split
Adam Osipov Adam Osipov . 2 days ago
Hi I love your videos I know your probably not going to see this but I have a mom and she has a YouTube channel named Ifoodreal and she has 43,000. Subscribers and maybe you can give her a shout out it would really help her
Gunn Nilsen Gunn Nilsen . 2 days ago
Norwegian is ♥️🏐🎼
LeonardoVanUltra LeonardoVanUltra . 2 days ago
i am actually vegan so is my family
JT W JT W . 2 days ago
I like your glasses 🤓
Eleanor Eleanor . 2 days ago
Xd she tried to edit it
Daniel Marshall Daniel Marshall . 2 days ago
Sssniper: England flag
Me: I live in Northern Ireland and that flag is for the UK
Sexy Alison Sexy Alison . 2 days ago
some of those are just plain out strange
• alveiia • • alveiia • . 2 days ago
The sink and the glass clashing has never happened to me
Combine grunt Combine grunt . 2 days ago
Darth Nihilis Darth Nihilis . 2 days ago
I need some utensils cuz I’m kinda hungry and earth looking mighty fine rn
Jellynotfound Jellynotfound . 3 days ago
The stairs are for sitting
A random person ;-; A random person ;-; . 3 days ago
France 🇫🇷
Tracy Rose Tracy Rose . 3 days ago
Your a 10-10
Camilla Martinez Camilla Martinez . 3 days ago
mikea hiooi mikea hiooi . 3 days ago
I'm on my period rn and having bad cramps and you literary made my whole day :D
Hailey Howard Hailey Howard . 3 days ago
Hey I just noticed the movie that had a one star cause there was no wolves in it that was actually posted on my birthday!😃
Ice Dragon Ice Dragon . 3 days ago
9:17 I have days like this sometimes early,band sometimes often the body don't work like it used to.
Ann Leazer Ann Leazer . 3 days ago
Do you know when you said you have to make mistakes I’ve never made that mistake before
Destiny Langston Destiny Langston . 3 days ago
My cat drinks toilet water he would not be allowed there hahahaha

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