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Published on 3 months ago

Rebecca Zamolo’s mom Rebecca Zamolo’s mom . 15 hours ago
I want a Top Gun 3 soooo bad bro

This song is on my every playlist I don’t care Country playlist? It’s on there Chase Atlantic playlist? On there Sad music? You know it. It’s so good
Unboxing random things Unboxing random things . 20 hours ago
56 mins in love this
ImpossiblePastarMastar ImpossiblePastarMastar . 3 days ago
this is such a summer vibe
empressart empressart . 5 days ago
anyone else get obsessed with this song after watching Top Gun Maverick
박우영 박우영 . 5 days ago
christopher green christopher green . 6 days ago
Best song from a movie and amazing movie
luketrex7 luketrex7 . 1 week ago
Whoever likes my comment I will Watch this again it is so good
Tijana M. Tijana M. . 1 week ago
Thank youuu
place2be happy place2be happy . 2 weeks ago
Great music
Sharkfinzz Old Sharkfinzz Old . 2 weeks ago
Frost_Lyrics Frost_Lyrics . 2 weeks ago
ive been listening to this while flying planes non stop
Una V Una V . 2 weeks ago
Can someone explain why 1999 heroes when the movie os from 1986? Or 1999 is the number of people?
clone_doge clone_doge . 2 weeks ago
Go to 106.1 iHeartRadio station and if you're lucky enough you are going to find this song in one of their tracks 🤗
Baseballboys Baseballboys . 3 weeks ago
Who has watch top gun 1 spoiler/gooses death
Anthony Deen Anthony Deen . 3 weeks ago
Need for speed unbound song
prelude of counterattack // 드디어 도리벤2!! prelude of counterattack // 드디어 도리벤2!! . 3 weeks ago
Sounds great as always
Super awesome
We do everything I have no friends We do everything I have no friends . 3 weeks ago
The song everyone loves but no one plays it
Andru’s toys Andru’s toys . 3 weeks ago
Best song
Alex The Goat Alex The Goat . 3 weeks ago
this is my new favourite song!!!!
bee away bee away . 3 weeks ago
탑건에서 듣고 빠져써요~!
FlamingMist FlamingMist . 3 weeks ago
I love duck
anjou marie burkmier anjou marie burkmier . 3 weeks ago
I watch this movie three times 🥰
Aaliyah Shroyer Aaliyah Shroyer . 3 weeks ago
I’m on a 18 hour road trip, I’ll be listening to this most of the way 😂
Teigan Musick Teigan Musick . 4 weeks ago
The beat tho so amazing
Pumpkinhead1986 Pumpkinhead1986 . 4 weeks ago
can you make 10 hour version so i dont have to clicking play again so often ?
MiningSushi BTD6 MiningSushi BTD6 . 4 weeks ago
literally just❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Isaac Nlclan Isaac Nlclan . 4 weeks ago
The song is so hyped
Jobie Benally Jobie Benally . 1 month ago
I think their the best
jihwan kim jihwan kim . 1 month ago
Please connect the song without interruption....❤
Alexia Rigaud Alexia Rigaud . 1 month ago
i love top gun
Raheel Raheesh Raheel Raheesh . 1 month ago
can you make the 10 hour version pls?
Gaming hour Gaming hour . 1 month ago
best song i litterally did a event for everyone to come listen to this song i aint kidding
we were all singing so hapily
Otarobi danzo Otarobi danzo . 1 month ago
what a vibe
Ethan Wittman Ethan Wittman . 1 month ago
I am in a fifteen hour car ride and have listened to this 11 times
Noah Johnson Noah Johnson . 1 month ago
I love the top gun movies
Pumpkinhead1986 Pumpkinhead1986 . 1 month ago
this song melt my brain i cant stop play it again
놀자뽀미야 놀자뽀미야 . 1 month ago
my fav song
Christine Ellorin Christine Ellorin . 1 month ago
TOP GUN MAVERICK IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER🥹it is a masterpiece song
Christmas time Christmas time . 1 month ago
Love this song also love the movie. Gonna go see it for a fourth time
Something Cute Something Cute . 1 month ago
Fly on US jets in air sim with this song for an hour, it is awesome
Sebastian Bonilla Sebastian Bonilla . 1 month ago
Thai the best song
kateblossom1220 kateblossom1220 . 1 month ago
Omg same
claudia daniela aguilar claudia daniela aguilar . 1 month ago
Me encanto
Maria Bugbee Maria Bugbee . 1 month ago
Best song ever💯
Zachtheracer Zachtheracer . 1 month ago
I can listen to this song everyday without hesitation 🤣🤣
Domingo Reyes Domingo Reyes . 1 month ago
I love this song!!! I've watched Top Gun Maverick 7 times! Tying my record from watching the original at the movie theater back in the Summer of '86.
•heyy• •heyy• . 2 months ago
I swear is it just me or I can’t stop listening to this song! Top Gun Maverick hands down is one of the best movies I have ever seen, I find it way better than the 1st one but the 1st one is good too <3
Margin (Teetouch) Vilaiwatanakorn Margin (Teetouch) Vilaiwatanakorn . 2 months ago
I love top gun after watching it was so fun omg
YoJo Tube YoJo Tube . 2 months ago
Listening to this song in top gun maverick on the big screen is a must
Bob Lanane Bob Lanane . 2 months ago
Love this song and the movie

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