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Vlad SlickBartender

Vlad SlickBartender

Published on 2 weeks ago

Freezing a bottle in the middle of an ice block is easier said than done. It also adds an extra challenge if you want to freeze it in clear ice. I decided to get the biggest bottle I could find at the Total Wine store and show you all the process on how to do this, just in case you want to try this at home with your favorite bottled drink. Bonus points for me if this video actually gets Ryan Reynold's attention. Disclaimer: If you are watching this video and under the legal drinking age in your country, the second drink is for your parents.

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Vlad SlickBartender Vlad SlickBartender . 2 weeks ago
If you are under the legal drinking age in your country, the second drink is for your parents. 😉
germanperson545t germanperson545t . 55 minutes ago
I see sounds
Matthew's revenge Matthew's revenge . 1 hour ago
Bro just gave a 15 year old a drink. You're going to jail buddy.
First Last First Last . 3 hours ago
What a PITA to grab a giant block of ice every time you need to pour. Bartenders have an IQ of 3
Akshara Sathish Akshara Sathish . 3 hours ago
Him: 1 4 me and 1 4 you
Me: 1'm 12
jack Loomes jack Loomes . 5 hours ago
*sips* mmm yes still tastes like shit
Ghost Ghost . 5 hours ago
Thanks but I'm not an alcoholic
kris kris . 5 hours ago
"one for me, one for you"
thanks m8

im 13
Bronwyn Ibberson Bronwyn Ibberson . 5 hours ago
Mf trying to get me to underage drink
Gabriel Gabriel . 6 hours ago
Oh wow, what an innocent video without any advertising or sponsorship!
Mr InSane Mr InSane . 8 hours ago
I’m not old enough
LUNAR PLAY LUNAR PLAY . 10 hours ago
I'm under age but.........
VaporWing FauxMcloud VaporWing FauxMcloud . 10 hours ago
The drink for me was pretty sweet NGL...
i💞poetry i💞poetry . 11 hours ago
Vlad... Nice on the eyes & easy listening👌
Curious Gamer Curious Gamer . 11 hours ago
I'm 19 so uh your going to jail
ItzJcraft ItzJcraft . 11 hours ago
he Just Gave Me Gin..... "IM 14!"
short world short world . 11 hours ago
Nade king😷
Sami Derraz Sami Derraz . 12 hours ago
I'm not 21 😐😔
YadONut YadONut . 12 hours ago
I really thought he was boutta say noice at the end
nomer cas nomer cas . 14 hours ago
"one for me, one for you"
Me: I'm almost 18 so don't mind if I do hehe
PMM4177 PMM4177 . 14 hours ago
Ben Mcmullen Ben Mcmullen . 15 hours ago
Sir, i’m under 21. You’re under arrest for serving alcohol to a minor
had2bme2 had2bme2 . 16 hours ago
Ice cups nice
bro im sleeping bro im sleeping . 16 hours ago
Pro tip: get a big fridge
jaxtin clifton jaxtin clifton . 17 hours ago
Damnit I'm only ten
You already know this guy is Russian when he goes to the state and get a 1 gallon bottle of gin like it’s a normal size
leo morante leo morante . 22 hours ago
mrzoozilla mrzoozilla . 23 hours ago
What country are you from?
Call me Stupid Call me Stupid . 1 day ago
Him handing me the drink*
"No thank you I'm too young just watching"
It was awesome 🍻
ZONE official ZONE official . 1 day ago
But I don't drink 😂😂
Flynn Pagdin Flynn Pagdin . 1 day ago
I’m probably missing something but How doesn’t the alcohol in the glass freeze
Austin Redinger Austin Redinger . 1 day ago
That was my "first" drink
Name Name . 1 day ago
Lol im 16
Cringe Doctor Cringe Doctor . 1 day ago
Vlad: great idea! Glad I thought of it
zoiu tooi zoiu tooi . 1 day ago
"One for you, and one for me" pushes a glass of gin to the camera My underage self: thanks
RiceTBag RiceTBag . 1 day ago
Nah he given minors alchohol
vipnetworker vipnetworker . 2 days ago
All of that to drink Gin, also known as liquid asshole.
Connor Ross Connor Ross . 2 days ago
Man just gave alcohol to minors
CriticalKraken CriticalKraken . 2 days ago
I'm underage, so I will be calling police
Rodrigo Perez del Toro Rodrigo Perez del Toro . 2 days ago
Bro love you watch wrap
Naoko_Gameing9 Naoko_Gameing9 . 2 days ago
Sorry man. Im not old enough to drink. Do u have a coke?
pro ikiwi pro ikiwi . 2 days ago
Vlad SlickBartender: one for me, one for you
Me: im muslim no thanks
Tylor T Animations Tylor T Animations . 2 days ago
Sir I am 14 I cannot legally dribk this
The Blobfish The Blobfish . 2 days ago
Dont ask how hard is it, but how unnecessary.
Kelly Richarsaon Kelly Richarsaon . 2 days ago
Sir u are giving a drink to a child not even a teenager
LaraClouds LaraClouds . 2 days ago
Aww thanks! But I’m too young and my parents are shopping soooo what am I supposed to do with this cup?
SUBZERO SUBZERO . 2 days ago
I'm calling the police I'm under aged and you gave me alcohol

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