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Sideserf Cake Studio

Sideserf Cake Studio

Published on 2 weeks ago

Sideserf Cake Studio Sideserf Cake Studio . 2 weeks ago
💚 Check out my brand new hyperrealistic cake:
Nishta Mittal Nishta Mittal . 3 hours ago
Wolfy and Pengy Wolfy and Pengy . 5 hours ago
- Lloyd Williams - Lloyd Williams . 9 hours ago
For me it start when the green butter gets laid down on the sponge
big Jim and friends big Jim and friends . 11 hours ago
I thought it was a banana at first 🍌
Holden Hawley Holden Hawley . 13 hours ago
Idk but can I hit you
farming potato farming potato . 14 hours ago
Never. Went from eggplant to cucumber
Bella H Bella H . 15 hours ago
When you started to paint the cake
Meelie Meelie . 16 hours ago
At the end
The Epic Gamer Jeremie The Epic Gamer Jeremie . 18 hours ago
Ruandi Pretorius Ruandi Pretorius . 21 hours ago
In the end
L-inkboi01 L-inkboi01 . 21 hours ago
I seen it at the painting part
rubylistic rubylistic . 21 hours ago
At the start I thought it was an avocado on toast lol
Jami Abdelhamid Jami Abdelhamid . 21 hours ago
":OO A PICKLE! It is a pickle or a cucumber"
*Few seconds later*
*"Looks around"* "Oh it's a pepper? A long pepper compared to small ones."
🌈KOTLC eDitS👏 #Roadto75! 🌈KOTLC eDitS👏 #Roadto75! . 21 hours ago
The painting or th slight green modeling chocolate part love ur vids!❤️❤️❤️
Al Parker Al Parker . 22 hours ago
The paint is when it hit me
HarryCPG HarryCPG . 22 hours ago
Have you ever done a cake where it looks real on the inside too?
Aryannah Aryannah . 23 hours ago
I thought it was a banana or pickle😅
Emppu T. Emppu T. . 24 hours ago
Im just imagining if you could make a cake sorta taste the thing you're making. That'd be so cool
dragon king dragon king . 1 day ago
Not when you were in putting the line on it
Yamella Nistores Yamella Nistores . 1 day ago
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Palak Jain Palak Jain . 1 day ago
First it looked like a banana
Oriana Malham Oriana Malham . 1 day ago
When you put color
Hasan Pro Hasan Pro . 1 day ago
Why you not going to show cake or fake?
Rajiv Ranjan Rajiv Ranjan . 1 day ago
You are so skilled
Abbey Dunn Abbey Dunn . 1 day ago
Epic if epic
🦈ꜱʜᴀʀᴋʏ🖤 🦈ꜱʜᴀʀᴋʏ🖤 . 1 day ago
I good see that it was a pepper when she did the stem but it actually LOOKED like a pepper when she said potential. Also I think the main problem for some people is that she usually does cakes that are the size of the real thing but since that wouldn’t be filling she had to enlarge the cake
Memtos & Moke Memtos & Moke . 1 day ago
Harry Studios Harry Studios . 1 day ago
For me it was when you said it might not
Scrap Scrap . 1 day ago
caylyn dog lover caylyn dog lover . 1 day ago
At first I thought you were putting avacoto on bread 😂💀
CodeBlue CodeBlue . 2 days ago
I’ve been a cake artist for 12 years and I still deny if it will look like what I’m trying to make
Miya Hawke Miya Hawke . 2 days ago
That’s not a pepper it’s a chilly
PurptaTheFurry! PurptaTheFurry! . 2 days ago
I thought about an eggplant first 😦
caveman9909 caveman9909 . 2 days ago
Painting it
EL l LOVE YOU EL l LOVE YOU . 2 days ago
Anita Baba Anita Baba . 2 days ago
Abg hrawang dah bangun
Angela T Angela T . 2 days ago
When u start coloring it.
Guy with a brain cell Guy with a brain cell . 2 days ago
It hit me when you told me
Boi Boi . 2 days ago
When the vid started I thought u were spreading avocado on the cake even tho i've seen what frosting u use lol
Universe of magic Universe of magic . 2 days ago
At the end💀
starbursted starbursted . 2 days ago
I'd puke because it isn't spicy
Jazmin Cooper Jazmin Cooper . 2 days ago
The pepper in the background gave it away for me straight away
NadiaPlays8371 NadiaPlays8371 . 2 days ago
I thought I was a banana at the start 💀
Matthew Papaj Matthew Papaj . 2 days ago
Funny I thought it was pickle Rick right away
Coffee N Cream Coffee N Cream . 2 days ago
Whenever I draw, it first looks like shapes(as it should). Whenever I put on the design on the aketch I'm like:
"Ahh, the masterpiece is showing"
Christina Melican Christina Melican . 2 days ago
Do a Simpsons cake
Queen Carter Queen Carter . 2 days ago
Thought she was making avocado toast st first 😂
Its..Lowkey..Gertie🤍💗 Its..Lowkey..Gertie🤍💗 . 2 days ago
my brother threw a picture frame at me👍🏼

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