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Dr. Glaucomflecken

Dr. Glaucomflecken

Published on 1 week ago

Flipalip Peentown Flipalip Peentown . 1 hour ago
This YouTube channel has replaced House
SemiRelated SemiRelated . 4 hours ago
Yup, so true...
Niffleah Niffleah . 10 hours ago
I have a sketch idea. The ER doctor consulting surgery for abdominal pain (quite sure a case for theater with severe pain and high lab results) and surgery asks what CT scan shows. ER "we have no CT yet. Radiology refuses to do it before you have seen the patient yourself" but surgery is in theatre already with another case and does not want to loose 3 more hours to initiate the scan and says "just tell radiology that I have seen the patient and want the scan."... But radiology knows... The rest is up to you 😂 unfortunately there is a lot of truth in this story..
Niffleah Niffleah . 10 hours ago
Our ER staff does it more subtle. They call and when you're done with your first consult and about to leave, 3 more doctors appear out of nowhere 😂 But I prefer it over the nights when you're done with a consult, go back to your office and right into bed and the same colleague calls for another consult for a patient already waiting for 4h.
Lord Of Spoons Lord Of Spoons . 22 hours ago
Is that a hardrive
Dominic K Savio Dominic K Savio . 1 day ago
Nailed the subtitles 👍
Ha Ku Ha Ku . 1 day ago
More infectious disease videos please!!
Cruznick06 Cruznick06 . 1 day ago
I feel bad for laughing, but this is what happened to Ultrasound at the ER I had to go to last week. They were called in for me, but 6 ambulances came in shortly after that and they were needed for 5 of them. I only know about this because I was triaged (rightfully so) for the other patients.
Sevinc Olcer Sevinc Olcer . 1 day ago
This is my everyday at real!🤪
random guy random guy . 2 days ago
Nice mirrored glasses
per-so-na user per-so-na user . 3 days ago
Well we're still waiting on the final read...😂😂😂
Shawn Royer Shawn Royer . 3 days ago
I love when we can see you holding The phone in their sunglasses 😎
Bruce Tomaszewski Bruce Tomaszewski . 3 days ago
PEDS ER doc. New genius character
Alice Watson Alice Watson . 3 days ago
Elias Shedd Elias Shedd . 3 days ago
And while you're at it could you line us up a psych eval for a guy that's pretending to talk into a phone. I think it's a spare battery.
Pudim de Cana Pudim de Cana . 4 days ago
Same thing with Nephrology. 😆 You go for 1 consult and end up “laying eyes” on 5 patients with 1.9 creat
randomisawesome randomisawesome . 4 days ago
Draw them in with the first patient and keep them there for the rest of the night
Hokays Hokays . 5 days ago
Haha it's like the scene in airplane! Calm down get a hold of yourself!! 🤣
Roberta Bray-Enhus Roberta Bray-Enhus . 5 days ago
I don’t get the bike guys?
(So the guys that cycle by my house each day dressed like Lance Armstrong are Docs on their day off?)
Benito Pedraza Benito Pedraza . 5 days ago
I love the “lay eyes on him”. Might as well do a full consult because your name is on that chart anyway.
Cats!🐈‍⬛ Cats!🐈‍⬛ . 5 days ago
You make me want to see a pediatrician. I'm totally not a kid. Your pediatric docs just look so fun. Lol
Miglė Sakalauskaitė Miglė Sakalauskaitė . 5 days ago
Hits too close to home 😔
Joan Hoffman Joan Hoffman . 5 days ago
This is where you hang up the phone, change your identity, and move to an undisclosed location. 🤣🤣🤣
Clan Of Kiriyaka Clan Of Kiriyaka . 5 days ago
Hahahaha wow can totally see this being a real problem which is not funny but this videos ending was great lol
Bri A Bri A . 5 days ago
Who are these biker looking doctors that easily make 6 figures
Kylie Dan Kylie Dan . 5 days ago
My dad is a pediatrician and he talks exactly like the one in this vid. XD
Daniel Grunter Daniel Grunter . 5 days ago
Almost makes me want to quite my job to become a doctor.
Roeliene Bos Roeliene Bos . 5 days ago
I love seeing the phone in the pediatrics sunglasses.
Country Girl Country Girl . 5 days ago
The ped doctors helmet sent me 🤣🤣🤣 love these videos!
GX GX . 5 days ago
Exploding pancreas 😂😂😂
Drew Forbush Drew Forbush . 6 days ago
This was the perfect opportunity for an infinite loop
Dr Anggelos Dr Anggelos . 6 days ago
This is too funny
Farabi Hussain Farabi Hussain . 6 days ago
This is spot on. Best is a tap on the shoulder while running a trauma.
Polygone Polygone . 6 days ago
I am a nurse on a post-op floor and last month the kidney transplant team got upset at me for not figuring out who to contact o na regular basis. When I call paging they give me the wrong name. I suggested to the attending that they clarify who is on call with paging. Did I overstep my bounds, yes. Did it feel good to vent and offer advice, yes!
Mary Beth Mabe Mary Beth Mabe . 6 days ago
Hahaha 🤣🤣😂😂
Michelle Peacock Michelle Peacock . 6 days ago
As a nurse, I have done this so many times to the cardiologist
Garrett Kajmowicz Garrett Kajmowicz . 6 days ago
"Exploded pancreas isn't a thing". Look - it's emergency medicine. People are developing new ways of hurting themselves faster than the Committees On Dead Languages can come up with billable names for the problems. If you don't like the description, come down and look at the patient yourself. Oh. Wait ...
robrosy robrosy . 6 days ago
As a general surgeon I literally did the exact same expression as him when I heard the ‘exploded pancreas’ - like that’s not a thing!

But then I could totally imagine emergency medicine saying things like that..
Paul Paul Paul Paul . 6 days ago
Youre such a talented dude
Lane W Lane W . 6 days ago
It's not Markiplier again is it?
Abdullah Baig Abdullah Baig . 6 days ago
Hey Doctor G! I'm currently studying to be a Health Administrator and every time I see your videos about administrator bros and their behavior it makes me cringe at how they act. As somebody who is studying to do the job, what tips from a doctors perspective would you have?
Meme Gaming Meme Gaming . 6 days ago
This is my first time watching a video on his channel and his subs are at 666k does this mean somthing?
Jess N. Jess N. . 6 days ago
When you encourage the conga line so you don’t get a million different pages
Harry Kopolovich Harry Kopolovich . 6 days ago
Damningly accurate. Except for the part where the surgeon remains mostly pleasant throughout this whole interaction and doesn’t use a single expletive.
Mosamania Mosamania . 6 days ago
Oh I see you are well versed in the surgical resident on call experience.

Basically when I was a resident an on call, my on call room was the ED'S break room, while yes the conventional wisdom stares that if you are in the ER you will be called a lot more than if you are not, it also means that the 5 to 7 minutes walk to and from the ED to the on call room is taken out, so overall I think k it balances out a little bit in the staying in the ED favor.
Fortalz Ferminz Fortalz Ferminz . 6 days ago
Will Will . 6 days ago
Love how you can hear the hopelessness in his voice when the surgery guy says “This is surgery, I was paged.”
Lal Lal . 6 days ago
the unicorn 🦄 helmet🤣
Kolwaski Kolwaski . 6 days ago
New series. When doctors go to hell
TIme Up TIme Up . 7 days ago
This guy is awesome!!

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