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Published on 2 weeks ago

Rajeev Swaminathan Rajeev Swaminathan . 31 minutes ago
Who randomly started watching shorts and now it’s just an everyday thing?

Broke_af Broke_af . 54 minutes ago
How fake do you want it be?

Them: Yes
Kylie Escanilla Kylie Escanilla . 56 minutes ago
Oh my gosh that is my favorite tiktoker to what omg sima we should be best teas i like you so much we should play together sorry swell that is my favorite tik tok er ok i love you SIMA bye
Malia Young Malia Young . 1 hour ago
I'm a bts army and my brother is getting someone to make a bts cake for me, and last year I got a cup with all their signatures on, and more merch this year,
Brothers are amazing
sophheartstvdu sophheartstvdu . 1 hour ago
Astrid bellatrix Tuale Astrid bellatrix Tuale . 1 hour ago
Theree sus. Sususususususssssss
Astrid bellatrix Tuale Astrid bellatrix Tuale . 1 hour ago
TT Yay TT Yay . 3 hours ago
Yeah I got to be joking you know when I know how to do it right Ha Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah that’s funny she literally swing her room she didn’t know how to do it right no hate though
Naruto_Uchiha Naruto_Uchiha . 4 hours ago
Sushi animals Sushi animals . 4 hours ago
The cameraman run d d d d d d d
Lopezdelicia2022 Lopezdelicia2022 . 4 hours ago
Him in end : Slay dancin together slay
Cupcake Cupcake . 5 hours ago
Michael Humphreys Michael Humphreys . 5 hours ago
Kuesean Malone Kuesean Malone . 5 hours ago
Hi He is my favorite YouTuber so can you get him to come to my house I live in Chicago
Van Ban Van Ban . 5 hours ago
Jacob Payseno Jacob Payseno . 6 hours ago
I hate this generation so much
Boba Fanatic Boba Fanatic . 6 hours ago
This is funny and cringe and the same time!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
Sunnyβ€’edits Sunnyβ€’edits . 6 hours ago
Mollie Rix Mollie Rix . 6 hours ago
He’s my TikToker
Sherena Greer Sherena Greer . 6 hours ago
Best Big brother Ever that was very sweet ! She looks like she's having the best time. ❀️
ItzDaraRoblox ItzDaraRoblox . 7 hours ago
its funny but cute
Marco The Donkey Marco The Donkey . 9 hours ago
Carmen Garcia Carmen Garcia . 9 hours ago
Wow 😯 I don’t know πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ him
axolotl fan axolotl fan . 9 hours ago
What's this TikToker name I forgot
Veshremy Veshremy . 10 hours ago
Bro wth
Jose Juarez Jose Juarez . 10 hours ago
StarGazerGirl StarGazerGirl . 11 hours ago
I wish I could do stuff like this for my sis it makes me happy to see her smile
Diaz Diaz . 11 hours ago
suki suki . 11 hours ago
Him: Dance if your a npc πŸ‘½
Jacob Moreno Jacob Moreno . 11 hours ago
OMG he’s not my door
Fxded Fxded . 11 hours ago
Esther Austin Esther Austin . 12 hours ago
He looks like my cousin
Vaxidoz Vaxidoz . 12 hours ago
The npc guy
Scotts game Scotts game . 12 hours ago
No one is 🀒
Kiki Keke Kyky Kiki Keke Kyky . 12 hours ago
Gaming Lord 🐻 Gaming Lord 🐻 . 12 hours ago
Does he have a yt if so what is it?
Gerald Dela Cruz Gerald Dela Cruz . 13 hours ago
Yes sir
CALEB! CALEB! . 13 hours ago
How many times did you watch this? Me, β€œyes”
Lindsey Rennebu Lindsey Rennebu . 13 hours ago
Nayicha Jn louis Nayicha Jn louis . 13 hours ago
When I still down it is the same video she is watching
Quinella Coleman Quinella Coleman . 13 hours ago
I no that song it liv and Maddy
Liv_dylangun Liv_dylangun . 13 hours ago
That kinda sus
PamPam & Ice Bear PamPam & Ice Bear . 13 hours ago
is it me or is Sima taller than him πŸ’€
Natasha Tuttle Natasha Tuttle . 13 hours ago
That's me big kid
Natasha Tuttle Natasha Tuttle . 14 hours ago
Boys this is her kid
Natasha Tuttle Natasha Tuttle . 14 hours ago
I wish I could meet you in real life you're almost my favorite YouTuber

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