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Published on 4 years ago

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Laine vlogs Laine vlogs . 5 days ago
I like sorry I’m mean I love your songs
Laine vlogs Laine vlogs . 5 days ago
Regular Guy In Carlsbad Regular Guy In Carlsbad . 1 week ago
This song is extremely beautiful! In a world of Karen’s these days be this Craig!
Kendal Johnson Kendal Johnson . 1 week ago
Stephani Stephani . 1 week ago
I love this so much! God works in such powerful ways! What a wonderful song! I have so much respect for Walker. I love hearing his testimony. Praise and Glory to God!
Craig Smith Craig Smith . 1 week ago
Cool song. Craig’s are good ppl.
Donald Gray Donald Gray . 3 weeks ago
Wow. Just blew me away when I needed it the most.
Sandy Taylor Sandy Taylor . 4 weeks ago
Wow, Walker, & Craig 💘video
Winner Walkin Winner Walkin . 1 month ago
Rays of hope come to each of us when we least expect them....but probably need them the most...even if we don't know it....Walker, you and Craigs story has been that for has watching your incredible, deliberate choice to be a family man and make your family a part of the journey. Props, Respect....and thanks for the Inspiration😉
70x7 Music 70x7 Music . 1 month ago
wierd beard wierd beard . 2 months ago
Didn't know many of Walker's songs until I saw him last week at the Boise Music Festival. He was the best performance of the night and his story about this song was amazing. I want to thank him for sharing his Faith even when he was at an event that many didn't want to hear it. I hope to see him in concert again sometime.
🎙️live 🎙️live . 2 months ago
Tayden Payne Tayden Payne . 2 months ago
Im beginning to think om about half of the views. Love this song
br vas br vas . 2 months ago
The first time I heard this was on the Bobby Bones show about 2-3 years ago and it made me cry. I listen to it all the time and I love it
Tayden Payne Tayden Payne . 2 months ago
Please play this when you come to hastings nebraska
Noneya McFarland Noneya McFarland . 2 months ago
This is without a doubt .... the best thing you've ever written

I play it constantly
B Brynn B Brynn . 3 months ago
Simple, honest and real, with a magical, yet reality based “turn of phrase”, that regular ppl relate to. Walker Hayes in a nutshell. I can’t get through this one w/o crying.
Lee-Lee Lee-Lee . 3 months ago
Visited thinking he was country
Sissy Walton Sissy Walton . 3 months ago
GuitarGoddess01 GuitarGoddess01 . 3 months ago
I saw Walker in Knoxville a few days ago. He sang this and explained the story behind it. I wish I could find a Craig here. This song really hit hard
Lenda Ayres Lenda Ayres . 3 months ago
It really feeds the soul....
tamara fields tamara fields . 3 months ago
It's just a huge understatement to just have a like 👍 when a great big hug on this would still not cover this amazing heartfelt song!
Cory Cory . 3 months ago
Love your book Walker. Such an inspirational story.
Tina Geer Tina Geer . 3 months ago
Can't love this enough!! Nothing better than seeing God move in peoples lives and to see the blessing that keep coming from doing God's will!! Bless you brother!! What a friend you have found in Craig, and now in Jesus!! Salvation at it's finest!!
C r C r . 3 months ago
This is a great song! Love everything about it. Thank you for writing it. I'm just one of the thousands that love your music, but you and your family are in my prayers that God will keep you all strong and close to each other.
Linda Rowell Linda Rowell . 3 months ago
this song is why I ordered ur book. can't wait and I DONT read alot. excited !!
Denni Miles Denni Miles . 3 months ago
Walker and Craig have a brand new book. "Glad you're here"
Mark Fitzer Mark Fitzer . 3 months ago
Gave me tons of hope. Love everything about it.
The Beach Lady The Beach Lady . 3 months ago
I just watched y’all on The Today Show…. And shared this on my community page 🤩🙏🏻🤗…. Oh and I subscribed to your channel
sashoe95 95 sashoe95 95 . 4 months ago
Good deeds and faith, 🙏 🤲
Dr. Gainzzz Dr. Gainzzz . 4 months ago
Dang the live version he did of this song was so different but what a great song.
June Bixby June Bixby . 4 months ago
I guess that is our be tight with the man that did.
chalupaCZECH chalupaCZECH . 4 months ago
I like the song, but it sounds like Christian Macklemore.
Twins Vs. Kids Twins Vs. Kids . 4 months ago
Love the song
Neal Scoggins Neal Scoggins . 4 months ago
Wow what a great song
Black sky Guy Black sky Guy . 4 months ago
Absolutely love all Walker's music / song's 🤠💛. 😍 Country music 💛 Southern Dixie love .
Tylr Bk Tylr Bk . 4 months ago
This is a dream for Christians. To have been a true light....enough that people who don't believe as you do, would feel the love that inspires ours.
Veronica Granato Veronica Granato . 4 months ago
You rock❤️‍🔥🤟✌️
Million dollar name Million dollar name . 5 months ago
That is such a good song
Kristin R Kristin R . 5 months ago
Still love it!
sling409 sling409 . 5 months ago
Every Craig I've met I've liked...
NotToClever xx NotToClever xx . 5 months ago
I get choked up every damn time 🥲
Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian . 5 months ago
i got to hug him #thiswiilmakemychildhood
Susanne Gabrieli Susanne Gabrieli . 5 months ago
I met Craig at a church called Redeeming Grace

It's like he understood my "I don't want to be here" face

I felt out of place and I smelled like beer

But he just shook my hand, said "I'm glad you're here"

He says "we'll all be judged"

But he was never judgemental

And even though my songs don't belong in no hymna

He'd quote me my lyrics, slap me on the back

Said "Man you've got a gift! How you write like that?"

Yeah I know, he sounds cool right?

Not your typical kid from Sunday School, right?

I still ain't figured out church yet

But Craig, I get

Nah he can't walk on water, turn the Napa Valley red

But he just might be tight with a man that did

Now he's not the light of the world

But I wish that mine was bright as his

Yeah he just might be tight with a man that is

When you lose a record deal, yeah all the perks fade fast

Dealership said, "We're going to need to get that mini-van back"

So we were down to one car

And broke as I felt

My wife and six kids and only five seat belts

I needed help but couldn't admit I was struggling

Said, "Craig, it's all good"

But he knew it all wasn't

A "Hey man I'm praying for you" would've been sufficient but nah

He took roadside assistance to a whole other level

To sacrificial heights

Showed up at the ballpark after my son's game one night

In two cars, with his wife Laura watching from the other

I said "What in the world are y'all doing here, brother?"

He just laughed inside that old Chrysler Town and Country van

With the keys, and a title, and a pen in his hand

Said "Man, all you got to do is sign and it's yours"

I said "No, no way"

But he wouldn't take "no" for an answer

He said "Please do

Somebody did this for me once, just let me do this for you"

We argued about it for a little while

Then I teared up, and Craig smiled

Yeah I know, he sounds cool right?

Not your typical kid from Sunday school, right?

Nah he can't walk on water, or turn the Napa Valley red

But he just might be tight with a man that did

Now he's not the light of the world

But I wish that mine was bright as his

Yeah he just might be tight with a man that is

My pride was way too ashamed to be adequately grateful at the moment

But I signed the dotted line, and I drove the kids home

And when the cop pulled up beside us

At the light, they didn't have to duck

Because thanks to Craig

They were all buckled up

Songwriters: Walker Hayes

From: LyricFind(Google)
Tracey Tuggle Tracey Tuggle . 5 months ago
Love this song just came across it. Very real and true. People don’t need judgement they just need a true example of Jesus. Be kind and helpful. Don’t judge you might be there one day.
Carmen Varcoe Carmen Varcoe . 5 months ago
this song is beautiful 🥰🥰🥰
T Rpuffnstuff T Rpuffnstuff . 6 months ago
The music for this song is so moving
koolGems koolGems . 6 months ago
🙏 this touched my heart ❤
Fart Explosion Fart Explosion . 6 months ago
The beat makes it sound like he's trying to have sex with Craig
Eric Phillips Eric Phillips . 6 months ago
I just wanted to say thank you. I recently found your songs on YouTube and they really hit home for me. I struggled with a drug and alcohol addiction for 15 years starting when I was 13. I was sober 2 years without going to AA or a NA meeting and started wanting to use again then your song Craig showed up on YouTube and it stopped me in my tracks about using agian. Now I play that song atleast 3 times a day to keep me straight. Weather you realize it or not man your helping people through a difficult time even when they don't have the power to ask for help themselves. So from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you. That song saved me my wife and 5 children from going down the road I stuggled so hard to get past on my own.

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