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Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman

Published on 4 weeks ago

Bailey Zimmerman - Rock and A Hard Place (Acoustic)

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Warner Music Nashville / Elektra Music Group breakout country artist Bailey Zimmerman is following an explosive trajectory after an unexpected, whirlwind rise. In just one year since releasing his viral sensation “Never Comin’ Home,” the first song he’d ever written or performed, the rising singer/songwriter has already earned more than 100 million global streams to date and charted his latest release, “Fall In Love,” on the Billboard Hot 100. Born and raised in the small town of Louisville, IL, he grew up listening to hour after hour of country radio on long hauls across state lines with his father, who owned a trucking business. Back at home his mom instilled in him a life-long appreciation for the power chords and edgy vocals of 80’s hair rock. From long hours on the gas pipeline, to late nights of backbreaking roadwork, Zimmerman embodies the old school American values of hard work and dependability and applies the same steadfast mentality to his music. Through his plainspoken charm, contagious enthusiasm and genuine portrayal of life on the back roads, the up-and-comer has already attracted a loyal and passionate fan base. With more new music on the horizon, featuring the grit and gravel of his unmistakably Southern drawl, Zimmerman will continue to showcase the straightforward authenticity for which he is known and loved.

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Frank D Frank D . 8 hours ago
this is so clearly copy and pasted over, why not just do a real acoustic?
Shawna B Shawna B . 15 hours ago
Pure BADASS! 🤙🏼
BRZRKR Brand BRZRKR Brand . 2 days ago
How come on Bailey Zimmerman’s acoustic video there is no capo and he appears to play a D major. What are the chords for this version? All of the tabs show capo on 1 and an A minor
Just. Thank you..Thank you... thank you
InDiGeNoUs NDN!! InDiGeNoUs NDN!! . 2 days ago
Scott Horn Scott Horn . 3 days ago
Awesome song!!!
Joel Stanfield Joel Stanfield . 3 days ago
Really wondering how this guitar is tuned
colton laflam colton laflam . 5 days ago
Sounds about right but wasn't fixable 6 years together down the drain due to shit not working out and me running her to a cheating on me
LennyG LennyG . 6 days ago
Charmaine Thomas Charmaine Thomas . 7 days ago
Love it! Love ur voice!
Joe Trevino Joe Trevino . 1 week ago
Stay on YouTube it's a heartbreak out there 💔 we don't need you to be a tool on belt used when they neednyou
jack carlson jack carlson . 1 week ago
Man a few years ago I had given up on havimg a fresh artist that was original and this song is it. Love it
Amanda Nelson Amanda Nelson . 1 week ago
I just cant get enough of you!
Michelle Michelle . 1 week ago
Keep watching .the songs are of love and pain. Amazing Artist on edge of fame and commercial life
Stay true Bailey. Don't let them mess with your art.
Kyyyyyyyyy Kyyyyyyyyy . 1 week ago
This is so incredible✨
Only Dabz Only Dabz . 1 week ago
i’m 23 and he sounds 40
Jasmine Chavez Jasmine Chavez . 1 week ago
Ramzi Omar Ramzi Omar . 1 week ago
I can be a little annoyed at times. If u couldn't tell with all the shit I've been put thru recently. So we can call it a fair trade. Or u can do what u want at this point. Doesn't really make a difference anymore. It's all completely pointless
Cambria Allen Cambria Allen . 1 week ago
The small town of Louisville
Raven Elder Raven Elder . 1 week ago
Country music h8r here. Don't drag me, I'm a metal head. Seriously, this song grabbed me and had me broken down in tears by the first chorus.
crazy chickx crazy chickx . 1 week ago
Amazing! <3
Michelle Michelle . 1 week ago
And you're writing your music? You embody your art in every respect. Please keep releasing all the songs and emotions coming through in your music.
Don't let them putvtoo much reverb though.
Michelle Michelle . 1 week ago
Your music is amazing. Been listening to quite a few of your songs.
Found you through Iconic Sounds channel
PBJ kids PBJ kids . 1 week ago
Omg me and my mom love this so much keep up the grate work! #baileyzimmerman
Hans Vos Hans Vos . 2 weeks ago
Dis sum gud shit man
jared tilliss jared tilliss . 2 weeks ago
Next Big Thing
Audra Leonardis Audra Leonardis . 2 weeks ago
I can't love this song any more than I do❤❤❤
Shiny Flakes Shiny Flakes . 2 weeks ago
Yo niggas and nigettes what kind of acoustic is that!???
Dustin Dustin . 2 weeks ago
Is that a Breedlove acoustic ? Sounds awesome
Jon Babiowski Jon Babiowski . 2 weeks ago
Just had my heart broke… never knew life could be this shitty on someone. Song fits my life story
Dana Danagavin Dana Danagavin . 2 weeks ago
I love this song I'm so a big fan of your songs
Onesty Nero Onesty Nero . 2 weeks ago
I love this song I just now herd it and fall in love with it
Sandy Menard Sandy Menard . 2 weeks ago
Rosario Natalia Duran Rosario Natalia Duran . 2 weeks ago
Amazing !!! Not to be a party pooper but I love you in this song better
Jâkælä Jâkælä . 2 weeks ago
Going through this with my best friend, been together almost 10 years since we were 13, and 14 🥺💔 breaks my heart sm man.
Kris Riggle Kris Riggle . 2 weeks ago
Such a beautiful voice 🖤
Dana Duane Good Dana Duane Good . 2 weeks ago
This is the new. Love it
Got to listen
Mike G Mike G . 2 weeks ago
Kab Kab . 2 weeks ago
All day
Sierra Hulon Sierra Hulon . 2 weeks ago
This song makes me want our Marriage to be completely healthy again
queenangela22 queenangela22 . 2 weeks ago
Mykala Cox Mykala Cox . 2 weeks ago
Angela Ledlow Angela Ledlow . 2 weeks ago
I'm a new fan... The Voice... Lord y'all got me in my feelings
ChristianFrish ChristianFrish . 2 weeks ago
He has a smokey whiskey voice an awesome country singer
D. Vincent D. Vincent . 2 weeks ago
This man should easily be in the million realm on subscribers.
Jas Perez Jas Perez . 2 weeks ago
Dam Bailey! 🥰
Alan Hilton Alan Hilton . 2 weeks ago
How’s bro gonna lip sync and say it’s acoustic
Rosa Lopez Rosa Lopez . 2 weeks ago
I've been waiting for this song to come out
Cory Cory . 3 weeks ago
Song is hard but your outfit look like somebody momma going out for saturdays dinner

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