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Published on 2 weeks ago

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Twistbtw Twistbtw . 2 days ago
12:09 nigga sound like r2d2
Mr_Samurai Mr_Samurai . 3 days ago
nevaluvbreesh nevaluvbreesh . 3 days ago
41:16 ayooooooooooooo
Im from Florida You wont understand a word I say Im from Florida You wont understand a word I say . 4 days ago
Tommy jus mad JiDion close from poki and he ain’t… nah I’m jp
Edit: and he cool wit ksi
Im from Florida You wont understand a word I say Im from Florida You wont understand a word I say . 4 days ago
Im from Florida You wont understand a word I say Im from Florida You wont understand a word I say . 4 days ago
Tommy’s fans fill me with fuckin rage.
J B J B . 4 days ago
Pokiemane invited to the cookout
Ochré Ochré . 4 days ago
The end warms my heart

Edit: Conclusion
willib323 willib323 . 5 days ago
Nah bro sharing covid is crazy lol 😆 🤣
Parry The Platypus Parry The Platypus . 6 days ago
Isn’t rage so funny and sexy 😏
Reckless Reckless . 6 days ago
grown man tryna act like a tommyinnit fan n then screaming for him is crazy.... still a funny vid tho haha
Gooch Jam Gooch Jam . 6 days ago
Tommy fans can be the most toxic roaches on the planet and still try to play victim
ChimpOdyssey ChimpOdyssey . 6 days ago
Rage lookin like a Ken doll with all that photoshop in the thumbnail lol. Bro really gotta be hella self conscious or sum
AK Reacts AK Reacts . 6 days ago
Nahhh, you stepping out your way to pick up something someone dropped near you.. and they said I can keep it is tuff 🧐😴 and W Jidion.. smart man
N4ME N4ME . 6 days ago
Let's really break this down from an outside perspective guys,

Jidion gets into a line to see TommyInnit with his fans.
Makes conversation with some of them, takes pictures with people who are fans with him.
Gets excited and is seeing being happy to see Tommy.
**Someone tells him to shut the freak up**
Jidion brushes it off.
Jidion tries to talk to people, **they either ignore him or are rude towards him.**
Jidion brushes it off.

But Jidion is the harasser? If anything, he was harrassed
He may not be ver get back on twitch, but twitch is getting clowned while he’s getting content 😭
Jhamir Watkins Jhamir Watkins . 7 days ago
how does this nigga not know what a band is
Adam Knaba Adam Knaba . 7 days ago
Personally if I was Jidion I would've ZOOMED into their faces on camera
any stolen goods are now forfeit any stolen goods are now forfeit . 1 week ago
That one girl telling him to keep the fan is honestly disgusting. Can't believe Tommy is defending a racist
any stolen goods are now forfeit any stolen goods are now forfeit . 1 week ago
The way tommyinnit talked about jidion on twitch really pissed me off... they were so rude to him for nothing and then claim he was harrassing them, then tommyinnit is just like 'hey, they are my fans so that must mean they are right' he needs to learn that a good percentage of his fans will not always be nice people just because they watch your content
Matthew Cuesta Matthew Cuesta . 1 week ago
tommy is legit scared of black ppl im sorry but
xPR3DATORx202 xPR3DATORx202 . 1 week ago
Drillen Drillen . 1 week ago
Joshyyy face cam goated
Gios World Gios World . 1 week ago
some of the weirdest people and actions i’ve ever witnessed
ComplexAbstract ComplexAbstract . 1 week ago
Zenny Henny Zenny Henny . 1 week ago
Face cam josh goated 🐐
Keotay Ramesy Keotay Ramesy . 1 week ago
Bruh if jidion punched them in they face and had no self control he would be the issue
Aaron Hisle Aaron Hisle . 1 week ago
Orange Juice Orange Juice . 1 week ago
Bro u can really tell bro was hurt by em frfr
CravensArt CravensArt . 1 week ago
Holy shit Im sure Im late to the party.. but ... FACE CAM. looking like a mother fuckin snack bb
Vickie Hernandez Vickie Hernandez . 1 week ago
Hermosa elección 18KISSX.UNO
de los mejores conciertos ❤

2:30 Ariana Marie
3:40 Brenna Sparks
3:50 Natalia Starr
4:45 Keisha Grey
4:53 Aria Michaels vgjc
6:10 Mia Martinez
10:10 Hopi:
11:12 Sun:
00:18 Joonie:
18:00 Yoongy:
23:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos
mañas no se la

Las elecciones cinematográficas y artísticas son brillantes. Referencias culturales europeas realmente interesantes. Ojalá la cultura europea se representara más a menudo tan bellamente. No puedo dejar de decir "oh, esto es hermoso" a lo largo del video. Luz, en serio... el que se encargue de la iluminación, genial.
6:40 Carmen Valentina
6:50 Riley Reid
22:22 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente 🖤 15:51 Son unos de los mejores conciertos
Molly_Thelowkey_Savage Molly_Thelowkey_Savage . 1 week ago
I wanna raid him
Molly_Thelowkey_Savage Molly_Thelowkey_Savage . 1 week ago
Tommy control your fans please
MaddenMobile415 MaddenMobile415 . 1 week ago
i wish i had tommys walk
Derrick Wilson Derrick Wilson . 1 week ago
Pokemane redemption arc
Merlon Warlock Merlon Warlock . 1 week ago
jidion to much of a troll for my taste.
NC_Scoft NC_Scoft . 1 week ago
nah the badoinkadoink through the shirt was crazzzy😂😭
TREY TREY . 1 week ago
Yoooo rage your in coryxkenshin new video
flawless flawless . 1 week ago
i thought tommy will defend jidion from the fans but nvm failed
hen ko hen ko . 1 week ago
His hyperventilation laugh with face cam is actually legendary
Spaceninja Spaceninja . 1 week ago
no cap no cap . 1 week ago
ngl the way u spoke in this vid rlly felt like u were harassing me
JATOO JATOO . 1 week ago
How do people lie like this shamelessly 🤦🏾‍♂️ literally caught 4k
hi grandma hi grandma . 1 week ago
Rage look like sidedasloth
Ja CG Ja CG . 1 week ago
Ik what you talking about but I got that “bar” in my heart
Mickey Mickey . 1 week ago
All British people are racist
AzulaBlaza AzulaBlaza . 1 week ago
White people have no chill it’s hilarious
Starmade Productions Starmade Productions . 1 week ago
Well yourrage bout to get banned now lol
JayHerboGaming JayHerboGaming . 1 week ago
if only it was drama free
Ariz Ariz . 1 week ago
Jidion ass diff

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