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The Film Theorists

The Film Theorists

Published on 2 weeks ago

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Theorists, now that Comic Con happened and we got a peek into the newly expanded plans for the MCU, I think it's time for a little theory I've been kicking around. An... Ant-Man sized theory you might say. You see, I think I know what the big event of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is going to be. We already know that Kang is going to show up, so it has to be some thing BIG. I think our favorite multi-sized hero is going to DIE!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Brett Turley
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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OCD - Gaming And Tutorials OCD - Gaming And Tutorials . 38 minutes ago
Okay Cook Okay Cook . 7 hours ago
no one is getting ready to watch that wakanda movie
Trap Card Trap Card . 9 hours ago
Okay guys but hear me out… couldn’t ant man just beat him by crawling into his a$$?
brettdarrellpatrick brettdarrellpatrick . 13 hours ago
Of course he will die. Otherwise there won’t be a way to make a female the lead character.
KiraComments-CHCA KiraComments-CHCA . 16 hours ago
I still don't understand why ppl like butts... I'm a germaphobic person...
Megan Wildner Megan Wildner . 20 hours ago
Day 7 asking matpat to watch the owl house
John W John W . 21 hours ago
Hi MatPat! I have a great idea for a new theory. The lore of Peppa Pig. If you fo this theory will you shout me out?
TDI_Heather TDI_Heather . 23 hours ago
Day 6 of asking Matt to analyse Salad Fingers episode 12 :)
skitty gacha skitty gacha . 1 day ago
I am convinced that this will happen
Mitchell Bird Mitchell Bird . 1 day ago
Can master chief hold thors hamer
Trajonn Miller Trajonn Miller . 1 day ago
So I guess antman dise in avengers 5
Mini Ozzy Mini Ozzy . 1 day ago
Sure, let's just completely forget about M.O.D.O.K.
Drew Drew . 2 days ago
Matpat, can we please cut to the chase every time?
laughing jack laughing jack . 2 days ago
PKMN Trainer Mark PKMN Trainer Mark . 2 days ago
"Ant-Man: Quantumania?"
Rude, ignoring Wasp like that.
Jesmar Mendiola Guzman Jesmar Mendiola Guzman . 2 days ago
If I’m being completely honest, I don’t care about the young avengers. The young avengers movie would have to be one of the best movies marvels come out with for me to go to the theaters to go watch it. The young avengers just doesn’t amount any excitement for me
Hirandomperson Hirandomperson . 2 days ago
I’m sorry but I hate the young average for only one reason the name like ur gonna get pick a better name other wise I don’t really mind them
DG 2 DG 2 . 2 days ago
Dude, you're too good at this stuff. If it all DOESN'T play out like you've theorized, I'ma think it's wrong.
Clones Adventures Clones Adventures . 2 days ago
Right when the vid ends I see this vid “ant man’s marvels deadliest hero” made by film theory XD
Kiefsgv Kiefsgv . 2 days ago
finley 42 finley 42 . 2 days ago
"Up his. But hey..." LOL
6av 6av . 2 days ago
Love this theory. Would love also if you do a theory for Ms Marvel being a mutant which is different from the comics.
Orangi _MTG Orangi _MTG . 2 days ago
cant wait to come back to this video next year to tell matpat how right or wrong he is, this theory too good
David Fails David Fails . 2 days ago
So Kang kills Lang, Dang..
Vardesh Jagmohan Vardesh Jagmohan . 3 days ago
Theory idea: micky mouse is evil! Evidence how does he know when "surprise tools" will help them later?
PC_Pig PC_Pig . 3 days ago
Glad to see that part at 2:39 about the hero’s journey
SkyBlue SkyBlue . 3 days ago
I'm just afraid that one day marvel erases this channel.
mllop aeet mllop aeet . 3 days ago
This iron lad trying not to become kang is giving "Dark" vibes, on a good way. I am liking it. Really hope they do that.
Alexer the loger fan Alexer the loger fan . 3 days ago
Hey Mat, Quick question, is the game Toons universe and my EIOL or experiment and invise of legal projects factory are connected into the same universe, I really wanna know if they’re connected
Dem0n Dem0n . 3 days ago
Please do a theory on severance
Bug Eatens Bug Eatens . 3 days ago
pls no :((
Dr T Dr T . 3 days ago
Paul Rudd is immortal!
Kannan Hanvey Kannan Hanvey . 3 days ago
ngl kinda feel like the next 2 movies just got spoiled. thanks mattpatt
Rebecca Smith Rebecca Smith . 3 days ago
Me :watching Marvel films
Also me: This makes no sense
Also Also me: Watching Film Theory and being like 😐
Magna Skylands Magna Skylands . 4 days ago
Ant man die?????😔😔😔
Kenay Pena Kenay Pena . 4 days ago
hey matpat watch prey
Pizzarolls1997-2 Pizzarolls1997-2 . 4 days ago
That last theory is the most likely to happen
Stefan the Aspie Wolf Stefan the Aspie Wolf . 4 days ago
Ah. See the bottle of Raid finally worked.
Psycho Psycho . 4 days ago
Always wandered, do Stan Lee"s cameos actually form a story or ar they just random?
The Krazy Creeper The Krazy Creeper . 4 days ago
I think that obviously ant man will die but I don’t think the young avengers are going to show up ANYTIME soon
Pamela Benson Pamela Benson . 4 days ago
I'm going to hate you forever if your right
dggdvg0 dggdvg0 . 4 days ago
If antman dies I want there to be a reference to the antman can just crawl in him and expand. Maybe he does that to Kang. But since Kang can just transfer his conscience, it doesn't work.
Poshan Adhikari Poshan Adhikari . 4 days ago
Have you been enjoying MCU thus far, boy I haven't
Insane pyromaniac Insane pyromaniac . 4 days ago
Christmas theory: how strong is the grinch
Dimas Dimas . 4 days ago
Who is Patriot? I don’t remember Falcon+Bucky setting up any young heroes
Tanner Robeson Tanner Robeson . 4 days ago
Ant Man might be toast but Paul Rudd will live forever. Forever young
Lights Camera Ants Lights Camera Ants . 4 days ago
Bro if Ant Man actually unalives, I will be so sad 😭
JoshToMystic JoshToMystic . 4 days ago
Nema Nema . 4 days ago
Death of ant man will give birth to

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