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H3 Podcast

H3 Podcast

Published on 1 week ago

Thank you to for sponsoring this episode!
And thanks to Ethan's BFF's @Jeff Wittek , @Tana Mongeau & @Mike Majlak Vlogs for coming on the show!

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Jeff Wittek Jeff Wittek . 1 week ago
Now I wanna see Ethan get a fboy fade on Jeff’s barbershop
kttacos kttacos . 3 minutes ago
I know I’m so late to this but omg I didn’t expect I’d like Mike so much!! He’s a really genuine guy and speaks about such important things!!!
I’ve become a fan, definitely gonna follow and support his content!
MissSweetieShortie MissSweetieShortie . 1 hour ago
Mel Rose Mel Rose . 1 hour ago
Not getting an ad right when they were finally about to let Mike talk 😭 😭
Miranda Duenas Miranda Duenas . 2 hours ago
Tana looking so miserable lmao
dani elle dani elle . 2 hours ago
i love mike i wanna see him back forsure
Nate Turner Nate Turner . 2 hours ago
Dude Ethan actually has problems lmao. He can’t even say sorry or accept that he hates on people way too hard and way too often to act like it didn’t happen or act like it’s not a big deal.
Dani Sixx Dani Sixx . 2 hours ago
Tana is so over it LMAO
Mcash33 Mcash33 . 2 hours ago
Can mike not touch his beard lol
Juliana Rey Juliana Rey . 3 hours ago
Can you 4 start a pod
Tońy Peña Tońy Peña . 3 hours ago
I agree this made them all look good. But it’s still funny seeing thousands of people in shock that 4 incredibly successful people who talk for a living can hold a conversation lol
nejc nejc . 3 hours ago
This would've been a much better podcast if they did the Joe Rogan thing and just talked
Caramel BunnyDCD Caramel BunnyDCD . 4 hours ago
This is definitely a big surprise 🤗
Alex Long Alex Long . 4 hours ago
I wouldn't say Ethan is always the best journalist or interviewer, but he always comes up with these wack combinations that are so interesting. Every person on this podcast is so gray morally that it's interesting to hear all of their points of view.
Kouzina Sophia Kouzina Sophia . 4 hours ago
Mike straight up TWEAKING off the ab is giving me LIFE 😂😂😂😂 love him
Timothy Rothberry Timothy Rothberry . 4 hours ago
Mike is great. Cool dude
MorganHope DeL MorganHope DeL . 5 hours ago
This is so boring im dying at tanas face shes like get me the fuck outta here
Kouzina Sophia Kouzina Sophia . 5 hours ago
Sorry I’m all for Jeff and tanas pod 1000%....but Tana being Trisha’s replacement for frenemies would be fuck!ng insaneee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Prankingaysion Prankingaysion . 6 hours ago
Shady Haterade Shady Haterade . 6 hours ago
Jeff with The Godfather music is ✨🍝🍷
Robert Wise Robert Wise . 6 hours ago
Ethan has always been pretty unlikable I’ve never understood why they have so many viewers. I’m guessing they just have a strangle hold on the incel community
Emilia Garcia Emilia Garcia . 7 hours ago
Love all these creators how did this become so unbelievably underwhelming…. Tana said a total of 2.5 words
Mario Arellano Mario Arellano . 7 hours ago
Jeff wittek is just a try hard. He wants people to feel bad for a grown criminal. We get it you got hurt but I don’t think they had a gun up to your head , he could have said no. 👎
Stephanie Trevizo Stephanie Trevizo . 7 hours ago
Caitie Wilson Caitie Wilson . 8 hours ago
I’m so bored for tana
Valentin Valentin . 8 hours ago
tana and ethan give frenemies 2.0 vibes :)
Ihave noname Ihave noname . 8 hours ago
I love tana 💕
Gabby G Gabby G . 9 hours ago
I was all for Jeff being your BFFF BUT after this I’m not too sure anymore , Mike is BFFF material all the way!!! And he seems to really listen to what Ethan has to say! But Jeff did say a lot of sweet things ❤ loved this episode
Ava Lou Ava Lou . 9 hours ago
More of this pls
BOMER 88 BOMER 88 . 9 hours ago
I wish TANA tore Ethan up like you clown you could never be with a woman like me you are a nerd who became popular for the first time in your life to other nerds . Who is he to judge her looks when he looks the way he does , and his internet nerd fan base latch on to every word he says because they too could never be with a woman who looks like her
Briana K Briana K . 9 hours ago
noodles420 noodles420 . 10 hours ago
my attention span is so bad i never watch a video longer than 15 mins but these guys have made me watch nearly 3 hrs of this shit.
David Brent David Brent . 11 hours ago
I found this wildly entertaining
M M M M . 11 hours ago
I really like Mike
Amy Chamberlain Amy Chamberlain . 11 hours ago
Mike is too much.
Briana K Briana K . 12 hours ago
Okay.. Ethan…. I like this mike guy now too… seems genuine and kind and hilarious
Mitzi Mitzi . 12 hours ago
'happiness is an illusion, its more about being content' that is an incredibly sad comment ethan. i hope one day u can get off the anti depressants
Mitzi Mitzi . 12 hours ago
anyone know what got blurred at 2.18? that ethan was talking about?
Madeline Fodor Madeline Fodor . 13 hours ago
if oliver really puts out a song with tate nobody is gonna listen to him lmao
sanukri uki sanukri uki . 14 hours ago
Tate is such alfa that the second hasan push him he stop his twitch media tour and hustle uni lost like 60k students. Top G(roomer)
Amanda Jockisch Amanda Jockisch . 15 hours ago
I love how Mike boo-boo-kitties "...fine I'll just never say this thing!" Cuz God forbid he doesn't get to speak the very second he wants to. Meanwhile, he's interupted EVERYONE on the pod @ least once. Hypocrite!
Amanda Jockisch Amanda Jockisch . 15 hours ago
Tana did u "forget about that?" OR, were u going to show up in a bikini to prove to everyone that u actually arent a Twinkie?"
Angel Gonzalez Angel Gonzalez . 16 hours ago
Ethan loves to talk sh*t, I wonder if he knows that?
Angel Gonzalez Angel Gonzalez . 16 hours ago
No this is definitely frienimies 2
Heather Jensen Heather Jensen . 16 hours ago
Id love this group again
Just one more time
Jenna Embers Jenna Embers . 16 hours ago
also jeff’s speech at the end legitimately made me emotional
Carman Dirda Carman Dirda . 16 hours ago
Them talking about Jeff's anger issues had me rolling!

Ethan, "You need to cool it sometimes, but I don't think you've actually hurt anybody."
Mike, "Uhhh, he might have."

Dead fucking silence.

Jeff, "Listen. I'm a public figure now-"
crazytechnogirl crazytechnogirl . 16 hours ago
Q Q . 17 hours ago
dink doink you’re my favorite coin
Jamie Jacobs Jamie Jacobs . 17 hours ago
tana was the funniest one for sure lmaoooo

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