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Iconic Sound

Iconic Sound

Published on 1 year ago

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You never ain't not around, yeah
Don't matter what time, what town, I can't get you gone
Turn a party upside down, just looking for something that does it
I'll give them all my money
Ain't nobody selling nothing "you proof"
Something stronger than I'm used to
I’ve been pouring 90 to 100 feelin’ like nothings gonna cut it that’s the hard truth
I need something "you proof," I need something "you proof"

I've been mixing liquors trying to get you gone
But I guess I must be doing something wrong
'Cause I've been working hard to fade your memory
But the only thing faded is me

I need something "you proof," something stronger than I'm used to
I’ve been pouring 90 to 100 feelin’ like nothings gonna cut it that’s the hard truth
I need something "you proof," I need something "you proof"

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Iconic Sound Iconic Sound . 11 months ago
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Mikey Vee Mikey Vee . 3 months ago
Damn this song hits me to my core boy.. I need something you proof.. 🤙🏼
Clint Bowman Clint Bowman . 4 months ago
Clint Bowman Clint Bowman . 4 months ago
Trenton Allen Trenton Allen . 5 months ago
I need this song for my baseball walk up song
Laura VanDosen Laura VanDosen . 7 months ago
Not one bad song from this guy. Absolute favorite 🖤
JustAnother JustAnother . 7 months ago
Full body chills, Morgan stop playing when is this beautiful work of art…ugh I love your music sooooo much.
Kelly Jason Kelly Jason . 7 months ago
Pleassse for the love of God, release a full version this Summer!!
bryer warpool bryer warpool . 7 months ago
Fav singer
Emma Emma . 7 months ago
Still waiting for this is come out
Kendall Kendall . 7 months ago
He is so talented! No one can beat him I'm sorry but it's true
Connor Corwin Connor Corwin . 7 months ago
Yep this dudes not going to be a freaking legend, he already is and always will be
Bazan1122 Bazan1122 . 7 months ago
Any other songs you guys recommend of this genre I’m just getting into it and I absolutely love it
Lukas Darnley Lukas Darnley . 7 months ago
I really want this song to drop on Spotify
Spìrít gïrl Spìrít gïrl . 8 months ago
It cut off before it was over! 😭
Alyssa jubinville Alyssa jubinville . 8 months ago
When is this coming out I’ve been waiting for months
W S Duncan W S Duncan . 9 months ago
I’ll be so happy when he officially releases this! I need this in my playlist!
Whan Blake Whan Blake . 9 months ago
I need to hurry up and put his full song out
Amanda Maze Amanda Maze . 10 months ago
So beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gracie Gracie . 10 months ago
this song NEEDS TO BE RELEASED!!!! i’ve never wanted something so bad 😭
Jacinda Monceaux Jacinda Monceaux . 10 months ago
This is my favorite singer
Pilchard Pilchard . 10 months ago
is this song out yet ?
Coby Hanks Coby Hanks . 10 months ago
Morgan wallen is okay but CHRIS STAPLETON iS wHeRe ItS At!!!!!!
Jamie G. Jamie G. . 10 months ago
Thank you your lyrics are correct, he does say "pouring", every other YouTube has something different
James N. Colao James N. Colao . 11 months ago
This song is fire 🔥
Taytum Porter Taytum Porter . 11 months ago
Would he just released
•Harlie• •Harlie• . 11 months ago
I’m addicted to this song!!
Julian Julian . 11 months ago
I really think Morgan should release this song its unreleased dam good songs
Brittany Dorris Brittany Dorris . 11 months ago
I'm so ready for this to be out. I need the full song already
Ted Finkle Ted Finkle . 11 months ago
Morgan Wallen you are truly a legend you are my go to vacation an water an boating were In Michigan an would love 💘to meet you when will you b near Michigan for yer next concert? Love you man
Marysol Doss Marysol Doss . 11 months ago
Perfect in every way just like his music.
scarab heart scarab heart . 12 months ago
He needs to release it
Kelsey Cauley Kelsey Cauley . 12 months ago
He’s one of the best singers dog
kennedy dearing kennedy dearing . 12 months ago
Release already tired of the wait!!! You pissing people off 😂🤣🤣
A crazy girl named Adanna✨✌️ A crazy girl named Adanna✨✌️ . 12 months ago
Now it needs released 😗✌️
isaiah meadows isaiah meadows . 12 months ago
Something stronger than I’m used tooooo
nii clark nii clark . 12 months ago
You proof and show girl need to be released asap my boy!!!!
nii clark nii clark . 12 months ago
Morgan wallen the 🐐🐐🐐🔥🔥🔥
Ryan D Ryan D . 12 months ago
Please release the full song... this shit getting me thru so much in life rn.
Landon bates Landon bates . 12 months ago
I don’t care what anybody thinks, he’s gonna be an absolute legend. His name will be in history books.
Cameron Temple Cameron Temple . 12 months ago
All his music is so great! Never disappoints
Jami Goins Jami Goins . 12 months ago
He never disappoints!
John O'Brien John O'Brien . 12 months ago
cant wait tell the full song comes out one of my new favorite songs bye morgan wallen keep up the good music brother
Grace Silver Grace Silver . 12 months ago
I literally am already in love with it!!!
Kadance Smith Kadance Smith . 1 year ago
idk what kind of crack this man put in this song but oh my god it’s addicting
Shy Love Shy Love . 1 year ago
Oh my gosh I love it
Derrick Bradley Derrick Bradley . 1 year ago
Love it, is this the complete song?
Blakes 520 Forman Blakes 520 Forman . 1 year ago
Good song
Brenden Gouws Brenden Gouws . 1 year ago
When does this song drop
Sheri Raymond Sheri Raymond . 1 year ago
He never disappoints. I enjoy his unreleased music more than the music everyone else hears. Morgan has that extra something that's rare. Watch his career explode. I'm all in for it.

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